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Transportation Sourcing in an Omni-channel World

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Unfortunately, many retailers are jumping in without a plan — that is, they are taking a short-term, silo’ed approach to transportation sourcing and execution, and as a result, are failing to meet their desired outcomes. And, what are some of the key factors retailers need to consider when developing their transportation plans? Also, is multi-functional engagement important and, how does omni-channel impact transportation sourcing?

How to Use Big Data to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

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According to a July 2014 supply chain research study from Accenture focused on Big Data and supply chain risk management, most organizations have high hopes for using big data analytics in their supply chain but many have had challenges in deploying it. There are a number of challenges when adopting and deploying a data analytics solution, and it’s important for organizations to clearly define their goals and objectives before embarking on this endeavor. to P.O.D).

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How to Build Better Supply Chain Finance Goals With Analytics


Few events carry the notoriety of black swans, and the COVID-19 pandemic is the most unprecedented and disruptive event to affect supply chains in decades. Nothing comes close to the level of turmoil it has caused, and for supply chain leaders, the severe disruption, and changes to freight rates—not to mention limited capacity—contribute to more uncertainty. Everyone has access to some form of data, and every process generates more of it.

Navigate Shipping Landscape with Proactive Analytics

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While we live in an age where same-day delivery and free shipping have become customer expectations, we also live in an age where dimensional weighting and quarterly accessorial increases have become a reality from the carrier. Relying on proactive rather than reactive analytics, and the ability to make specific actionable callouts from these data sets, will be key to navigating the ever-changing shipping landscape both now and in the future. Use the Correct Metrics.

6 Common Supply Chain Mistakes and How to Resolve Them


Successful supply chain management requires a company to recover from disruptions, which are a normal part of any business. The cost of recovery from a disruption in procurement management depends on factors such as supply source, volume, manufacturing location and inventory. Recent changes in supply chain solutions include building to order and obtaining supplies just before they're needed, resulting in a greater dependence on lead times.

21 Vendor Metrics Your Supplier Scorecard Might be Missing

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Giving your vendors feedback through a supplier scorecard is one of the best ways to improve their performance. But is your scorecard missing key metrics? The goal of a supplier scorecard is to measure things that are important to you and your customer. By measuring and keeping score, you can encourage your suppliers to improve. It includes a free Excel template that you can modify to match exactly what metrics you want to measure.

Selling on Shopify for Beginners: Sourcing, Designing, and More


In 2004, three business founders attempted to build an online snowboarding equipment store, but they ended up being dissatisfied with the platforms available on the market. Shopify gained popularity fast due to its ease of use, robust functionality, and affordable pricing.

How to Become a Lean, Green Manufacturing Machine


However, since both concepts have been saddled with a lot of hype, manufacturers have tended to shy away from pursuing these goals. In reality, one of the core tenets of the Toyota Production System on which lean manufacturing is based is “produce only what you need to satisfy the customer and nothing more.”. To satisfy this most basic principle of lean, some manufacturers will have to change the way they measure success.

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Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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I liked the classes, and would spend hours talking to my professors about the design of the factory. The placement of equipment and personnel was carefully crafted through revision-after-revision as the factories moved from design to operation. I worked at union and non-union plants and being a no-nonsense gal, that loved to argue, I ended up negotiating third and fourth-step grievances. I helped to implement early versions of Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP). (I

4 Long Term Ways to Save with Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping


So, your organization has decided to explore the benefits and perks of less than truckload freight shipping. You may have to learn how to navigate a new software, or your organization may simply need additional training on a new transportation management system (TMS). Let’s take a look at how the TMS impacts the costs of shipping over the long term in four critical areas. Overall Costs of Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping.

Walmart Sales Analytics – Inside the Insights


Therefore, each retailer tends to use similar sales metrics with a few exceptions. Those new to retail metrics may not know what critical sales or metrics are or why they are so critical for Walmart sales analytics. These metrics represent the sum of dollars sold at the register and the sum of units sold at the register, respectively. Necessarily, these metrics inform every part of Walmart sales analytics- from the simple to the advanced.

Reimagine Supply Chain of the Future – agile, resilient, and balanced – LogiSYM July 2020

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When the world changes around you, and when it changes against you, what used to be a tailwind is now a headwind — you need to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy.”. Create a culture of flexibility in manufacturing/ sourcing strategy.

Defining Your Own Logistics Competitive Weapon

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Today, however, cost management is a given — it’s what every supply chain executive is expected to do. Therefore, how do you differentiate and make a larger impact on the organization? You have to think and act beyond cost manage and find ways to leverage supply chain and logistics as a competitive weapon — that is, look for ways to leverage supply chain management to drive top-line growth, increase market share, and enhance customer loyalty.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

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To drive global scale, companies need to design the supply chain to buy globally and execute locally. The design of the supply chain is fundamental to making this happen. In our interview of the Supply Chains to Admire Winners, we found a unique approach at Carter’s. To satisfy demand, Carter’s operates out of five domestic and international distribution centers handling approximately 31,000 items at a location (SKUs). Price to Tangible Book Value (PTBV).

6 Steps to Viable Supply Chain Reality

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While your company undoubtedly has sustainability on its supply chain agenda, creating momentum can be tricky in what is after all, a fairly new way to approach performance improvement. How to Develop a Sustainable Supply Chain. Connect audits and assessments to suppliers.

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management


Naturally, to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need a well-functioning supply chain, which you happen to have. That new market is kind of tricky and many companies like yours have failed to make it profitable. That’s when it all gets extremely complicated, but one thing remains crystal clear: supply chain risk management is profoundly important for businesses to grow and expand.

6 Steps to Sustainable Supply Chain Reality

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While your company undoubtedly has sustainability on its supply chain agenda, creating momentum can be tricky in what is after all, a fairly new way to approach performance improvement. How to Develop a Sustainable Supply Chain. Connect audits and assessments to suppliers.

7 Easy Steps to Create an Inbound Vendor Routing Guide


It manages inbound freight, not unlike the incoming blood supply from the lungs, and pumps it out to the remainder of your supply chain. Unlike the heart, however, your routing guide needs to be continually updated to reflect the most relevant changes in carrier preferences, stipulations for compliance violations and detailed instructions on how to handle different shipping circumstances. 151 to 5,000 pounds. 5,001 to 12,000 pounds.

Welcome Puff, The Magic Dragon, to Your Team

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While there is a raging debate on song intent— Was the goal of the song to celebrate a children’s story from Oliver Wilde about the loss of innocence or is it a statement about the use of drugs? —in in this blog, I am going to rely on the account of the songwriter, that the song is a childhood story about a dragon that lived in Honalee. How do we harness the power of data with new forms of analytics? How do we slay the dragon and kill bad processes? Steps to Take.

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The Flexibility Test

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Whatever we assumed were next steps yesterday often get migrated to the back burner as new challenges come forward today – in ways and at speeds that are unprecedented. Coupled with “stay at home orders,” the lack of shipping over the road saw fuel prices and consumption plummet.

Counterfeit products are exploding on Amazon


Too cheap means too good to be true. Among those items, at least 2,000 listings for toys and medications lacked warnings about health risks to children. Our study, funded by the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies, explored how this is likely just the tip of the iceberg, as counterfeiting is pervading multiple sectors. The outer wrapping and tax stamps on these products are professional and look like the real things to the untrained eye. How big is the problem?

Guest Commentary: P.O. Management Programs – Know Pain, Know Gain!

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What is this going to cost? Is it worse to suffer because you can’t answer queries from internal and external customers? Besides providing fast, thorough answers to customers, today’s ERP, cloud-based SaaS, or 3PL-operated systems enable companies to manage the order lifecycle, control information and cargo flows, and reduce the total cost of goods. It’s hard enough for people to change without springing change on them. Commit to systems and process training.

Top 5 Trends to Know to Compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain


While supply chain entities struggle to stay competitive with the e-commerce giant, more organizations will look for ways to eliminate inefficiencies and boost operations. Top 5 Trends to Know to Compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain. However, new companies are being created and developed to fill the void. The robotics company, Starship, released a robot that delivers meals and groceries to people in Euro metro markets.

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Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Information about Apple Supply Chain is a bit here, there and everywhere, its kinda tough to find the actual case study. To the best of my knowledge, many business schools still use the case study " Apple Computers Supplier Hubs: A Tale of Three Cities " from Stanford University (1996). To get a closer look at the modern day supply chain at Apple Inc, this case study utilizes content analysis technique. The whole process looks very similar to that of other industries.

Data is Essential for CPG Success

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From demand planning to manufacturing to trade promotion optimization, data is essential for almost every aspect of consumer packaged goods (CPG) company operations. Amidst store closures and stay-at-home advisories, consumers have rapidly adapted to new, tech-forward ways of shopping, which has created immense demand for the CPG industry. … With an ever-complex consumer purchasing path, it can be difficult for a brand to know where exactly to adjust their efforts.

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21 logistics experts share the most important ingredients in developing an effective logistics strategy

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There are several elements in an effective logistics strategy, with the ultimate goal of identifying the most cost-effective service levels and developing plans and processes that enable the company to operate as close to those optimal service levels as possible.

Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics


According to the American Trucking Association, in the USA trucks move 11 billion tons of freight each year; deliver 100 percent of all consumer products and 70 percent of all freight tonnage; and deliver to the 80 percent of U.S. The carbon footprint of trucking is a bit harder to quantify because of volume and inconsistency in how emissions are calculated for truckloads. LTL gets even trickier according to a report by C.H.

50 expert warehouse optimization tips and techniques

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Optimizing your warehouse means examining every corner of your infrastructure and every facet of your workflows and processes to identify and correct inefficiencies. Not only does warehouse optimization result in a healthier bottom line, but it also improves key warehouse metrics like accurate orders and on-time delivery. Implementing the right technologies, such as collaborative mobile robots , can help to optimize resource management and improve productivity.

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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Source: During the year, I go to a lot of conferences. In the process, I get to hear the views of many thought leaders. As I sit on the back row, I hear platitudes (A number of concepts positioned at a high level without clarity on how to execute). How do they buy from you? What are you trying to accomplish through the execution of a customer segmentation strategy? Why does it matter to you? How will the policy be executed?

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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I know that early detection is the key to wellness. While most consultants and technologists want to sell technology, and are eager to slap in a new piece of software, my caution is to slow down and better understand root issues before having a technology discussion. Here I share insights on how to get started using a four-step process. When a company contacts me to help them with their supply chain, the pain is usually a gap in customer service.

Ecommerce Venture Capital Trends: Which VCs & Seed Investors are Investing in Ecommerce?


Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have been disrupting their traditional incumbent counterparts for some time now. But you can’t expect to get similar results by just replicating what’s emerged as attractive investment opportunities to date. Product sourcing.

Are You Up to Speed with Supply Chain Digitization?

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As with most complex business challenges, the ability to accommodate increasingly complicated supply chains is heavily dependent on technology. Yet, a surprising number of shippers are still performing their day-to-day functions without the assistance of any supply chain digitization software solution (or with antiquated processes). Time is running out to adopt the technology your organization will need to remain competitive.

Why A Successful Transportation Management Program Is Empowered By Data


Today we continue our long series and look at teaching shippers how to remain strategic when it comes to logistics and their transportation management program. This is the 7th post in this series that first started by giving an overview of the 10 areas shippers can turn to stay strategic. The first 5 were as follows: 6 Strategic and Proactive Tips to Stay Ahead of Distressed Shipments. The Use of Data to Create a Successful Transportation Management Program.

We Need Supply Chain Immunity, not Resiliency: A Position Paper


The paper is an attempt to create some logic in the fact of the chaotic healthcare supply chain events currently underway. Resilience is often one of the first things to emerge in any debate on how we arrived at the point we are today in the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as it applies to supply chain management. Supply chain resilience generally means the ability to manage risk and be best positioned to respond and even gain advantage from disruptions (Sheffi, 2007).

The Beginner's Guide to Inventory Control and Management

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Here we will try to answer most common questions about Inventory Control and also provide additional resources you can use. It makes decisions for policies, activities and procedures to make sure the right amount of each item is held in stock at any time.” - from Inventory Control and Management by Donald Waters According to the same author, inventory control is the function and it's also known as Inventory Management or Stock Control. How to Reduce Forecast Error?