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How to Reduce Product Damage During Shipping


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from Cindy Banker with ProCorr Display and Packaging who is bringing us some great insight on how to reduce product damage. If you are a product manufacturer, you know all too well the perils of shipping products from your factory or warehouse to a DC or retailer. Packaging and product damage during shipping is extremely common. In this article, we have highlighted the most common, but often overlooked elements to consider.

How to Improve Your Shipping Performance


In survey after survey, consumers say that their experience with shipping is a key factor in their shopping satisfaction. A majority want detailed information at every point of the shipping process. They are more likely to buy a product when shipping costs are low and shipping speed is fast. Nearly half of all online shoppers say that they have abandoned shopping carts when shipping speeds were too slow. Work with multiple shipping services.

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How to build an automated warehouse system: which new technologies do you need and why?

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Many warehouses are seeking ways to leverage automation for better efficiency, but building an efficient automated warehouse system requires careful selection of the right technologies. Achieving efficiency requires choosing technologies that integrate well and work seamlessly together to fully optimize your processes. Without interoperability, data remains siloed and you can’t benefit from a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of your warehouse operations.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Companies of all sizes have been capturing the value from Global Supply Chain to increase the economies of scale and scope for years. Due to the rapid change in global business environment, managers find it difficult to gain the edge over competitors. In this article, we will show you tips from worldwide experts that you can use to streamline your global supply chain operations. Keep it Simple : It’s important to not over complicate things.

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Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


You can’t just turn around a giant cargo ship. And when shipping to volatile countries, it becomes even harder. companies with global operations, one of the most effective ways to mitigate risk is to ship smarter. companies should be looking to partner with more stable countries where tariff changes aren’t expected. Once cargo has shipped, there are no “backsies.” goods is more complex than it used to be. Shipping Overseas.

Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations. You can’t just turn around a giant cargo ship. And when shipping to volatile countries, it becomes even harder. companies with global operations, one of the most effective ways to mitigate risk is to ship smarter. companies should be looking to partner with more stable countries where tariff changes aren’t expected. goods is more complex than it used to be.

How to boost relationships between shippers and 3PLs

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This increases the urgency for 3PLs to leverage on the best market trends to increase logistics flexibility. This is due to the diversification in the production schemes of manufacturers. On the other hand, there is always the demand to deliver on the highest level of quality possible. So, a lot of manufacturers require 3PLs to agree to service levels that are challenging for large operations. How would that impact their current operations?

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50 expert warehouse optimization tips and techniques

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Optimizing your warehouse means examining every corner of your infrastructure and every facet of your workflows and processes to identify and correct inefficiencies. Not only does warehouse optimization result in a healthier bottom line, but it also improves key warehouse metrics like accurate orders and on-time delivery. Implementing the right technologies, such as collaborative mobile robots , can help to optimize resource management and improve productivity.

24 supply chain experts & business leaders reveal the #1 challenge of supply chain management (and how to solve it)

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The COVID-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear that effective supply chain management is crucial to the success of a business. Moreover, it’s vital to the health of the global economy. The pandemic crisis had global ramifications felt throughout the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products, and for many companies, building the resiliency needed to weather such storms has become the #1 challenge of supply chain management. How to solve it?

Incoterms 2010 the Right Way - SupplyChainOpz

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In global supply chain , most companies try to take an advantage of low-cost country sourcing to drive material costs down. The complexity of this practice is how to divide the responsibilities of each trading partner effectively. In 1936, the first revision of Incoterms or International Commercial Terms was released to help trading partners to determine costs, risks and responsibilities in international trade transactions. NAVIGATE. Basics.

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Warehousing and Logistics


Warehousing and Logistics – Quality at the Source. In warehousing and logistics the goal is minimizing cost and fulfillment times, and initiating quality at the source is key to fulfill these goals. How to begin is the first question that must be answered. To develop a quality at the source implementation map, draw from the “perfect order” in logistics management. Improving Improvement Skills in Warehousing and Logistics.

How to Expand Your Global Shipping to Meet Growing Indian Markets

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But there is another country that’s making a strong case to join that elite group. If projections and recent rhetoric are to be believed, India will join China as the only non-North American countries in the $500 billion club by 2025. That forecast is impactful to companies currently conducting business in India, but it’s also meaningful to all companies that do international trade —especially those that have the potential to conduct business in India in the future.

How To Start Your Brewery On The Path To Success


billion by 2024, according to Business Wire. Knocked back just 7% in sales volumes during the height of 2020 lockdowns, according to Unleashed Software’s own data, the beer industry overall has shown remarkable resilience – for somewhat obvious reasons – and appears likely to continue its expansion. We’ll also break down the specific details of what it takes to build and grow a successful craft brewery business. Areas to seek expert input.

Ecommerce COVID-19 Advice: How to Manage Online Sales During COVID-19 [New Tips Updated Weekly]


We’re seeing large brick-and-mortar retailers frantically trying to figure out how to stay alive. And the bigger they are, the more costs they have and employees to lay off. It’s an opportunity for brands to get COVID-19 ecommerce advice from one another on how to run a long-term business at a time filled with uncertainty. COVID-19 ecommerce shipping and fulfillment FAQs. All the rules are out the window and you need to react.

23 warehouse pros reveal the best ways for warehouses to control & reduce fulfillment costs

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Every warehouse strives for efficient order fulfillment. But without an effective fulfillment strategy, it’s difficult to control fulfillment costs, which can have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line. There are many factors that can impact costs, from warehouse replenishment practices to the warehouse equipment deployed to support the fulfillment process. ” Meet Our Panel of Warehouse Pros: Nate Masterson.

Greener Pastures: How to Build a Sustainable Supply Chain


Do you want to create a sustainable supply chain? In the past, supply chains were often harmful, with high carbon footprints due to shipping and packaging processes that focused more on the bottom line rather than sustainability. A supply chain doesn't have to be unsustainable. There are methods you can employ to make it green. You want to reduce as much waste as possible. But how do you reduce waste? Try to use less energy when possible.

What the “New Normal” in Shipping, Logistics, and Transportation May Look Like


Seemingly everything has been shaken up by COVID-19, and the shipping, logistics, and transportation industry is no different. Now, all of those norms are long gone, and it has left the shipping, logistics, and transportation industry wondering what lies ahead once COVID-19 begins to decline. So how might the industry look in the wake of COVID-19? It is too soon to say with certainty, but here are a few moves that we can expect the industry to adopt.

Retail Shipping Perfection is a Costly Reality

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One of the most consistent ways to find savings in transportation is through flexibility. But in the world of retail transportation, very few shippers have the ability to be flexible with their deliveries. However, as the retail industry evolves and changes to meet the demands for the modern consumer, that is exactly what retailers look for from their suppliers. What Does that Mean for Your Retail Shipping Efforts? There are many moving parts in retail shipping.

50 expert tips on improving warehouse efficiency & productivity

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Most warehouses are on an ongoing mission to maximize productivity by optimizing workflows, automating processes and reducing waste (both time and resources). Warehouses are complex operations with many moving parts and functions happening simultaneously, so while there are plenty of areas to improve productivity, it’s not always easy to determine where your efforts will pay off. More than 50% of your warehouse labor is in pick and pack, so start there.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide for Managers & Executives to Know


When it comes to the state of working in America, warehouses have seen a huge increase of workers with over 1,000,000 total since the start of 2018. With this trend looking to continue into the next couple of years, it’s time to examine the state of the industry, especially when it comes to safety with all of these new employees entering the field. So how can you help make sure that your warehousing work environment is safe for you? Warehouse

How to Build, Grow and Control Your Wholesale Brand Image


At first sight, developing your wholesale brand seems to contradict everything that your wholesaling and distribution business stands for. You’ve been dutifully supplying products to your retail customers for years. Now you want to break out of your anonymity and stand on your own with a brand identity. Well, your retail customers aren’t going to take kindly to it! Are you going to compete with them and sell directly to individual consumers?

[How to] Overcome the Impact of Covid-19 and Scale Your Retail Business


From living without going outdoors to practicing social distancing to wearing a mask to washing/cleaning hands frequently, we live in fear of Covid-19 every day. Not only has it impacted our lives, Coronavirus Pandemic has forced businesses across the world to suspend operations. For the rest of this year and into 2021, consumers are going to have different expectations for their shopping experience, particularly when it comes to health and safety precautions.

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How Adding Ship-from-Store to an Omni-channel Strategy Changes the Retail Network

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Omni-channel retailers today require agility in order to compete and thrive. When it comes to adapting the retail network for an omni-channel approach, a focus on the customer is essential. Integrating a ship-from-store strategy can enhance customer service and serve as an important competitive differentiator. Ship from store has gained traction based on changing shopper expectations and buying trends. Shoppers expect to receive purchases within days – if not hours.

Why OmniChannel Solutions are Needed in Shipping & Logistics to Meet Consumer Demand


When the Internet first arrived, the idea of waiting for an extended period to receive a product was great, asserts Gordon Hellberg of Material Handling and Logistics. It opened up doors and gave millions access to products that were never available in local areas, regions, or other countries. However, Amazon is shaking up the mix by seeking to make today’s e-commerce practices obsolete, and shipping and logistics providers need to understand why.

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations


The topics of discussion covered a wide spectrum of issues associated with the current state of the challenging job market, including the current landscape, key criteria for consideration of labor outsourcing options, alternate models of employment, dealing with seasonality, variability, the emerging Gig economy for labor, new ways of hiring workers, and how to motivate and engage young people in the millennial generation. Those skills led him to a part-time job at a FedEx Corp.

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How to be Productive during the Global Lockdown: The ThroughPut Playbook to Maintain your Output Levels


Schools have been postponed or outright cancelled until further notice, with restaurants being encouraged to only offer take-out, pick-up or delivery. It’s a strange feeling for many to see the world’s economic engines come to a halt, especially here at ThroughPut, a company whose name is associated with speed and flow. These are uncertain times for businesses that are used to having cash flow, steady top lines, and predictable bottom lines. Don’t know how?

Warehouse Cost Reductions: 3 Understandings Driven By Inventory Management & Lean Principles


This is the second part of my series on various ways to reduce overall costs as it relates to logistics and warehouse cost reductions. In the first part I put forth 6 areas of focus in order to reduce logistics costs. Today, I will now address how a focus on inventory will allow for warehouse cost reductions as well. If you need help, feel free to contact me or visit my website at Source: [link].

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How to Target Cycle Times for Working Capital Reduction

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Cycle times in the supply chain have a large part to play in your company’s working capital. The ability to reduce inventory levels is only one of a number of reasons to target cycle times as a way to reduce your working capital needs. Moreover, improving cycle time performance can have other positive effects on your supply chain operation in addition to working capital reduction–improved profitability being an important example.

How to Start a DTC Cosmetic Line in 6 Steps


Renowned brick-and-mortar retailers like Sephora and Ulta aren’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean there is a huge opportunity and a lot of space for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in the beauty space to make their mark and build a strong customer base.

How to reduce Return to Origin (RTO) rate in logistics?


The prime aim of a business’s logistics and transportation is to ensure safe and timely delivery of goods from the warehouse to the customer’s place. While the truth is, reverse logistics is closely related to customer satisfaction. What would you expect a customer to do?

23 logistics professionals share the #1 way to reduce logistics costs

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According to the 30th Annual State of Logistics Report by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), companies spent $1.64 Rising costs mean that companies must continue to innovate and implement strategies that can help reduce logistics costs and boost the bottom line.

How to Save 20% on Freight Invoice Processing Costs This Year

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Freight processing is often a source of hidden costs – and most shippers have no good mechanism in place to identify and address the inaccuracies that lead to these costs. For that reason, gaining access to freight invoice reconciliation technology can be the secret to unlocking over 20% recurring savings on freight invoice processing. So how can you get past this roadblock? One strategy for success is to start small.

21 logistics experts share the most important ingredients in developing an effective logistics strategy

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There are several elements in an effective logistics strategy, with the ultimate goal of identifying the most cost-effective service levels and developing plans and processes that enable the company to operate as close to those optimal service levels as possible. Warehouse Operations

How to prepare your logistics for Christmas and New Year season


Why do companies need to prepare for Holiday season? The Holiday season is almost upon us, and it’s normal to feel the pressure of the volume spikes and tight deadlines because it is a time when consumer demand can make or break a business. If you are a business-owner, you know that now is the time to start preparing for the winter holiday shopping season. According to a survey conducted by Retail News in Asia, Alibaba racked up $30.8

What is Drayage – Meaning, Definition & How to Reduce Drayage Costs


Once you’ve sourced your unique products, you need to rub elbows and start exhibiting at booths around the country. After all, there’s no better way to announce your presence in a very crowded market of wholesale and distribution businesses. If you don’t understand or comprehend drayage then you’re likely to incur substantial costs with every booth. It is part of a longer overall move, such as from a ship to a warehouse.