KPI Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain & Logistics

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Supply Chain KPIs are Essential – The Right Ones! Many people get really confused about KPIs or Key Performance Indicators in Logistics and Supply Chain operations. Supply Chain KPI Tips. All you need to know about Supply Chain KPIs.

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Do We Really Need a New Smart Phone Every Two Years?

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However, as brand companies make consumers believe they need a new smart phone every two years, today’s global supply chains are responsible for incredibly large amounts of electronic waste. million metric tonnes (Mt) and it is forecasted to increase to 50 Mt in 2018. kg), Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Practice Closed-Loop System Globalization Report Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability

Let’s Embrace New Ways of Working

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On Thursday, I am speak on the future of supply chain technologies at an Eyeon conference in Rotterdam. Last week, I visited a local supply chain team and spoke on Supply Chain 2020. I spoke of my experience during the Icelandic ash issue.