The India supply chain revolution

Supply Chain Movement

India is on the cusp of a supply chain transformation that may end up being nothing short of a major game changer. At IMD, we often discuss the distribution footprint of L’Oréal which had an outsized 15% of distribution centers located in India. This usually leads to a lively discussion as to why companies in India have surprising supply chain configurations. The India tax system is a series of complex state taxes based on origin of goods and a central, federal tax.

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Is it Advantage Organized Retail in India?

Logistics Trends and Insights

Guest post by a former UPS colleague and now independent consultant with a particular specialty in India, e-commerce and retail. Organized retail is 7% of the total retail market in India – compared to upwards of 85% in the US – and is expected to grow to 10% in 2020. Online retail – which picked up speed the past 5 years is already 20 per cent of organized retail market in India and expected to grow at a faster pace (40%) the next 3 years. India retail Retail

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How GST (Goods and Services Tax) Has Affected Logistics in India!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Right after demonetization, another big thing that came to India was the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax). Over time it was understood that this was much needed and it actually helped in organizing and setting up different logistics and transport sectors to speed up their overall processes. The logistics sector in India is worth $130 million and the number is gradually increasing with a passing day. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Key considerations for brands and e-tailers in India who are gearing up for festive bonanza


In the 2020 festive season alone, online retailers in India are expected to generate about $6.5 Inventory management in real-time. The post Key considerations for brands and e-tailers in India who are gearing up for festive bonanza appeared first on Vinculum Group.

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Is Walmart Really Ready to Take on Logistics In India?

Supply Chain View from the Field

Today’s Wall Street Journal printed a great story on the challenges that Walmart faces as it grows its logistics network in India. The article notes how India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, but that one-third of the produce rots because of its horrendous logistics infrastructure. Middlemen, tiny farming plots, and bad road conditions aren’t unique to India.

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Moving Auto Components in India: More Complex than You’d Expect

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The new “Make in India” initiative is a major factor in the growing trend to move automotive manufacturing to India. On their way to becoming a preferred destination to source auto components by major OEMs and tier-1 manufacturers, India’s workforce has the knowledge and skills to deliver quality products. With a large mix of modern paved highways and narrow, unpaved trails, India’s road network is challenging at best when trying to build a consistent, reliable supply chain.

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How Does Transportation Affect Logistics?


Transportation is an inseparable component of logistics. While the sights of trucks and trains carrying products of a company or parked at a business facility are common, few people understand how much the economy depends on economic and reliable transport. What is transportation? Transportation is one of the largest industries in the world. Transportation is a key element in the logistic chain. Image Source) There are different modes of transportation.

Federal medical stockpile still rebuilding inventory as pandemic subsides

The Supply Chain Journal

However, the stockpile still hasn’t met its inventory goals for surgical masks, gowns and gloves. . SNS is also asking for a 28% increase in its budget for managing its inventory, which includes things like transportation, maintenance and disposal. .

Complex costs of transportation

Supply Chain Movement

To anticipate and respond to high customer demand, a modern Transportation Management System (TMS) needs to optimize inventory allocation. A TMS with inventory allocation enables shippers to monitor shipments down to the package level. The location of any package that is part of an order can be traced; status information about time, quality, and relevant financial aspects all need to be recorded and monitored during transportation execution. India.

Keeping Inventory Cool: Challenges of Temperature Control


Proper temperature prevents certain inventory from becoming unusable and keeps consumables safe for customers. As markets emerge in India, China and South America, U.S. Keeping pharmaceutical and other medical inventory at proper temperatures ensures products don’t lose potency.

April Class 8 truck orders: Too much of a good thing?

The Supply Chain Journal

Last year, the industry was faced with all the negative challenges of the pandemic,” said Don Ake, vice president of commercial vehicles at FTR Transportation Intelligence. “We Class 8 tractor inventories are at about 1.9 COVID-ravaged India is the world’s No.

Mounting evidence that container crunch will persist until 2022

The Supply Chain Journal

Inventory-to-sales ratios remain stubbornly low — so low that it looks inconceivable that they can revert to normal this year. Inventory-to-sales ratio historically low. You would not, under normal conditions, run your inventories this low on purpose,” said Bingham.

Trusted partners key to supply chain for humanitarian aid

The Supply Chain Journal

The task: The recent surge of COVID-19 cases in India led to shortages of drugs, personal protective equipment and oxygen. Daily COVID-19 cases in India peaked at about 400,000 in early May. Oxygen concentrators await transportation at Direct Relief’s California headquarters.

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We Are In Trouble. Raise the Red Flag. Be Proactive.

Supply Chain Shaman

China is at 74%, the United States tracks at 73%, Australia at 70%, and India at 42%. 70% of global supply chain shipments are by sea, 18% move by road transport, 9% go by rail, 2% by inland waterways and less than 0.25% by air. Redesign to orchestrate transportation market-to-market.

Companies in desperate hunt for aircraft to move cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

Logistics professionals and analysts say capacity is rapidly tightening as more shippers turn to air for cross-border transport, sending air cargo rates sharply higher. Inventory levels are at their lowest level since 1997 and the inventory-to-sales ratio is near all-time lows.

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What You Need to Know About the State of eCommerce Logistics


Meanwhile, eCommerce is catalyzing significant changes in retail real estate as more companies vie for warehouse space and transportation services to meet a growing number of online orders, explains Alexander Frei and John Morris of Area Development. Warehouses Renew Focus on Inventory Control. The simplest way of making a warehouse run efficiently is by managing inventory better. However, actual transportation represents a small portion of areas that need to be analyzed.

Companies in desperate hunt for aircraft to move cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

Logistics professionals and analysts say capacity is rapidly tightening as more shippers turn to air for cross-border transport, sending air cargo rates sharply higher. Inventory levels are at their lowest level since 1997 and the inventory-to-sales ratio is near all-time lows.

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The Most Reliable Supply Chain…Without Technology?


Do you carry too much inventory? Read on to learn about Dabbawala, a lunch box carrier company based in India, who has their system down to a science. Dabbawala’s are lunch box carriers in India, most commonly found in Mumbai. They are then transported via bicycle to the train station. Editor’s Note: This is a blog post about remembering the fundamentals in order to achieve success.

The Beginning of the Beginning: A Progress Report on the Digitisation of Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Inventory tracking enables flexible e-Commerce fulfillment models and allows for managing shocks caused by shop closures. All parties along the transport chain need to be well joined up. OVERVIEW. We hear it everywhere: Covid-19 has accelerated digitization—but I have several questions!

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The 7 Benefits of Made in USA Driven by Reshoring Movement, Technology, and Better Transportation Costs


You can prepare by investing staff, inventory and equipment to meet increasing demand for domestic-made products. Those manufacturing companies, when looking at total landed cost as they think about moving warehouses back to the United States, are starting to see the benefits of shipping and transportation costs. Other countries, including China and India, are making huge carbon footprints today that will harm the environment for many years.

Supply Chain Planning in Emerging Markets: Four Points to Remember


Gartner analyst Debashis Tarafdar says that the large size of a country (like India, China or Indonesia) can mean “significant polarization of population between urban and rural with distinctly different buying capabilities and purchasing preferences. Not knowing how much inventory is at each location. These large distances between demand centers increase the inventory exposure to maintain a consistent service level. Supply chain planning in emerging markets is different.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

I also worked with a team of leading thinkers in developing the Future of Procurement Report (published by KPMG) , as well as publish the BVL International Global Logistics Trends and Strategies report with a team of leading academics and executives in Europe, China, North and South America, Russia, and India. Such providers understand domestic transportation issues, and can plan to develop long-term solutions to complex local distribution challenges.

Global Supply Chains — A Source of Strength

Enterra Insights

The varied goods in the containers illustrate the far-flung nature of modern supply chains and show how transportation problems on one side of the world can affect the production of goods and store inventories thousands of miles away.”[5]

Reimagining the Food Supply Chain with Eric Ristow and Luis Pajares

The Logistics of Logistics

This includes identifying discrete business problems within the temperature-controlled logistics space and developing the requisite applications to enable the safe and efficient storage and transportation of food. Reimagining the Food Supply Chain with Eric Ristow and Luis Pajares.

Mindmap for Global Logistics Integration

Supply Chain Movement

Goods have to be transported across the globe and across the neighbourhood. India. Goods have to be transported across the globe and delivered to different destinations – from congested cities to remote, rural areas. The main challenge in logistics is an increasing complexity of trade-offs in transport planning. To maintain control of transportation budget consumption, the entire logistics process must be evaluated: Check.

State of Logistics Outsourcing: Plenty of Room for Growth as Shipper Dissatisfaction & Technology Expectations Increase


The costs of logistics and inventory are decreasing, contract renewal rate for logistics outsourcing remains good, and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, drone delivery and augmented reality is opening up a wide vista of opportunities. After China, other regions that have growth potential, according to 3PL and supply chain executives, are North America, Asia (not including China and India) and Western Europe, in that order.

Know the kinds of cross docking

20Cube Logistics

In our previous article, we learned about cross-docking (add link), and the benefits it offers to the warehousing companies in India. In this way the factory unit doesn’t have to maintain inventory but can receive it from the manufacturing plant through cross docking.

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Turkish Special Supply Chain Movement

Supply Chain Movement

As Vice President Supply and Inventory Planning Europe and Asia, Jeroen van Weesep is helping to safeguard and sustain that transition in the supply chain. 34 | Mindmap for strategic transport optimisation. Companies are increasingly realising that transport can have a major influence, not only on customer satisfaction but also on cost patterns, flexibility and sustainability. And transport optimisation offers unique opportunities for innovation in these areas.

A perfect supply chain?


What If I was to also constrain the resources you had at your disposal and said you only had 5000 transportation vehicles and your delivery slot was just 1 hour and that your delivery window was always 12pm until 1pm? What if I was then to say that you had no technology at your disposal to manage it and your only transportation methods were bicycles, trains and feet and you had to do it on a budget of 33 cents per delivery?

$1.9 Trillion warehouse market growing strongly driven by emerging markets


India and China are expected to be the projected growth driving markets for the warehousing industry mainly due to the anticipated increase in manufacturing facilities and the growth in the e-commerce sector. Emerging countries such as Brazil, India, China, and Japan show low to medium maturity due to lower 3PL rates and lower adoption of warehouse technology.

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The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


Meanwhile, Brazil, Russia and India will become major suppliers as companies access the remaining untapped resources of the world. To meet this increased demands, more manufacturing and logistics partners are looking for ways to shorten product lifecycles through improving inventory management systems, changing shipping strategies and altering the fundamental ways products move from point A to point B. The election is over, but the race is just starting for logistics providers.

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Vanguard Voice – Issue 102

Vanguard Software

Supply Chain Dive – Inventory accuracy is a must-have to cut waste in supply chains. Analytics India Magazine – What Role Can AI Play In Drug Supply Chain Management? Modern Solutions vs. Excel for Inventory Management. The Latest Supply Chain News.

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Join BVL International at the North American chapter kickoff on August 12, 2013

Supply Chain View from the Field

Two out of three respondents stated that their company’s logistics capability is negatively influenced by poor transportation infrastructure, which is a problem particularly in emerging markets. In sum, globalization clearly amplifies other trends and leads to an increase in complexity, particularly in regions of growth such as Russia, Eastern Europe, India, and Africa.

E-Commerce Takes Off in Developing Countries


Smartphone use in countries like India and Kenya is growing rapidly as companies like Xiaomi offer more affordable models aimed at users in developing countries. Smartphone users in India doubled from 2013-2014, from 51 million to 104 million. Even though just 10 percent of the population in India uses the internet, that number is expected to grow rapidly in coming years. E-commerce is expanding at lightning speed. Consumers around the world are expected to spend around U.S.

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31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats


Those changes, along with high costs of transporting materials and finished goods to and from overseas locations, make the value of reshoring likely to become a compelling financial reality for many manufacturers. Many were eager to secure market share in regions of India, China, and other countries where they expected to stimulate demand for their products. Transportation and freight costs are reduced. Obsolete and excess inventory carriage are more preventable.