Transportation Procurement in India


By Linsa Godwin Sathiamoses | Consultant, Transportation, Chainalytics | Procuring transportation services is an important activity on the supply chain calendar. It is also one area where every procurement manager thinks he or she is doing a good job, until proven otherwise. The post Transportation Procurement in India appeared first on Chainalytics.

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Procurement Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Through the Pandemic


From early on in the Covid-19 pandemic , and for pretty obvious reasons , procurement in healthcare and pharmaceuticals has been in the spotlight like never before. The post Procurement Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Through the Pandemic appeared first on Jaggaer.

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Unrest in India and the Impact on Global Supply Chains

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Recent protests in Northern India states resulted in the mass blockade of key roadways, national highways, and the railway system. The area most significantly impacted has been India’s National Capital Region (NCR)—which includes Delhi and the neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan—with millions of people affected. Movement of containers to and from Northern India have been affected and will likely remain that way for the next couple of weeks.

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Procurement Experiences, Trends and the Future!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Check out What is Virtual Procurement and Why Should You Care? Where is procurement, outsourcing, sourcing, supply chain, and purchasing going? We have worked in hundreds of different industries and spend areas over many years in thousands of procurement projects.



IS INDIA HEADED FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN PROCUREMENT? This truly applies to procurement. It’s imperative to ask the question then, “In the ever-evolving spectrum, what are the next steps for procurement?”. One substantial change over the years has been the shift from traditional procurement methods to eProcurement. On this global platform, India is already making strides towards digitising the nation. By Deepa Mordani.

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Ethics in Procurement – Simple, but Not Always Easy

Logistics Bureau

If you have not yet tackled the question of ethics in procurement, now is a great time to start. It does not matter whether you are a procurement professional, internal customer, external customer, senior executive, or supplier. Ethical Procurement: Some Scenarios to Consider.

5 Procurement Strategies For Small Medium Enterprises


Subsequently, procurement tends to be an afterthought, when it should be approached strategically! Small businesses spend between 40% – 65% of sales revenue on procurement of inputs. Improved Internal Procurement Processes. Outsource Procurement Needs.

Supply Chain Management:Challenges Faced By E-Retailers in India

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. Main | Increase in Operational Efficiency through Voice Technology » Challenges Faced By E-Retailers in India. In my previous blog , I highlighted the factors which helped e-commerce retailing develop in India. There are some of the major challenges which e-retailers face in India to be competitive in their business. Procurement Blog.

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Procurement Edge Summit, ITC Maurya, New Delhi, September 5 2019


Ivalua is proud to be the Title Sponsor for Procurement Edge Summit in ITC Maurya, New Delhi on 5 September 2019. Procurement Edge Summit is the key opportunity for procurement leaders across all industry sectors to examine issues and share insights and best practices. The Summit will feature insightful & high-level presentations and keynote from influential leaders in procurement and supply chain space. Website: [link] index.php/event/procurement- edge-summit/.

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Supply Chain Planning Challenges: Exciting Times Ahead


My team and I had just gotten back from the India Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit & Awards 2016 at Mumbai. For 2 days some of the best Supply Chain Practitioners and Solution providers from India discussed under one roof the supply chain planning challenges they face, such as the future of Manufacturing supply chains, and how best to work as a team to tackle the expected manufacturing boom in India. Procurement.

Sustainable Supply Chains: A Country Comparison

SCM Research

The report also shows that Brazil, Canada and India must do more to encourage supplier to report emission reduction initiatives. Practice Globalization Procurement Report Supply Chain Management Supply Chain SustainabilityThe global not-for-profit organization CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) has published a report: Supply Chain Sustainability Revealed: A Country Comparison. The report was written by Accenture Strategy.

Port Congestion Update


Shipping Lines & Port : C ontainers handled at state-owned Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), India’s top container port, plunged 37 per cent in April to 2,83,802 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) from a year ago as the pandemic cut demand. How the Covid-19 Crisis is Moving the Shipping Industry Towards a Spot Driven Rate Procurement Model and Reduce Cost through Shipsy’s Inquiry Module.

The Top 6 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2017

PLS Logistics

Industry Week reports that by 2025, global companies will have procurement managers based in China to source materials and services not only for their operations in that country, but for their entire organization. Brazil, Russia and India are predicted to become sources of supply and demand for global companies. Globalization.

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Supply Chain Management:Factors which helped e-commerce.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. « Make your Assets Green, as Dollar is Green | Main | Get,Set,Go-Agile Implementation of Multi Channel Commerce Solution » Factors which helped e-commerce retailing develop in India. After the downfall and internet bubble burst in year 2000, this time e-commerce sites in India have come with a full swing. Ecommerce is really picking up in India.

Optimising M&M Spares Supply Chain – LogiSYM August 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Using manual Excel spreadsheets to create demand and supply plans was not adequate for the India-based enterprise, as the complexity and scale of business exceeded the capabilities of this method. 10% increase in both forecast accuracy and revenue. 15% decrease in inventory.

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SCRC Research on Drug Shortages: Lawsuits, Low Cost Countries, and Litigation


Consider the following: Since this summer, several batches of three generic drugs used to treat high blood pressure (produced in China and India) have been recalled because they were tainted with chemicals listed as probable human carcinogens — first N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, and later N-nitrosodiethylamine, or NDEA. You really don’t have control over what’s going on, particularly when you go to low-cost countries like China and India.

The Politics of Global Oil

Supply Chain View from the Field

Rather, their worry is more on the state of the global economy, and the fact that China and India’s GDP continues to drop. It will certainly be interesting to see which way this will go… Oil and Gas Procurement Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Management Oil prices continued to plummet last week to below $60, and experts predict that it could continue to drop.

Supply Chain Management:SAP acquired Ariba, what does it mean.

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Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. » SAP acquired Ariba, what does it mean for the on-demand, procurement and SAP world? When a colleague forwarded the news of SAP (finally) buying Ariba past midnight India time on Wednesday ( [link] ), my first response was roughly on the lines of "better late to the dance than allow Oracle to steal your partner". Procurement Blog. About Us.

Supply Chain Management:How to make Preventive Maintenance a.

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Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. I started my career as a maintenance engineer in a leading paint manufacturing company in India. Procurement Blog. Sourcing,Procurement,Contract & Spend Management (38). About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Automotive. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods.

So Your Supply Chain is Banning Bangladesh….and Going to Cambodia?: “The Ugliest Race to the Bottom”

Supply Chain View from the Field

Sanjiv Pandita, executive director of the Asia Monitor, called it “the ugliest race to the bottom, because the financial crisis in America and Europe means that people are scared of buying expensive things” But as any buying agent who has visited these countries knows, things aren’t much better when you visit factories in other parts of Asia, including Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, or India.

Supply Chain Management:The 'Cash on Delivery' Payment Option!

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Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. Cash on Delivery (COD) as a payment option has existed for a long time, but is fast becoming a popular payment option in some countries such as India. Compare this with India where as per the Reserve Bank of India, the number of credit card users is less than 1% of the total population. Procurement Blog. About Us. Contact Us.

CG Consus


Established in 2006 and privately held, Consus is a global procurement solutions integrator and services provider. With offices across Malaysia, Philippines, India, Singapore, London, USA and Canada, Consus collaborates with customers to implement source to pay (S2P) solutions and services required for rapid adoption, and realize the return on investment envisaged from such procurement initiatives. [link].

YP@Airbus – International event 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Young Professionals should begin as early as possible to gain knowledge in the fields of possibilities for procurement and logistics. Therefore the Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) invites Young Professionals to an international top event on 6 September 2016 at Airbus in Hamburg. Date: September 6, 2016. Venue: Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg (D). Organisation: BME. URL: yp@airbus. Innovation meets Global Sourcing.

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Trade War: Can Tensions Between the U.S. and China Lead to Changes in the Global Supply Chain?

BluJay Solutions

multinationals are looking to alternative sourcing in countries such as India and Mexico. While the final negotiation and ratification of the “New NAFTA” have companies hesitating to make any sudden production moves to Mexico, careful consideration of the complex trade environment in India should not be overlooked. . As of June 16, 2019, India has enacted retaliatory tariffs on some U.S.

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$1.9 Trillion warehouse market growing strongly driven by emerging markets


The global market for warehousing is currently growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6 – 8%, according to Beroe Inc, a procurement intelligence firm. India and China are expected to be the projected growth driving markets for the warehousing industry mainly due to the anticipated increase in manufacturing facilities and the growth in the e-commerce sector.

Beroe Founder Vel Dhinagaravel speaks at NC State on Origins of Company


Listening to him reminded me of the fun we had starting up the first ever company to produce supply market intelligence focused on the procurement space. Today, Beroe is the most successful procurement intelligence company, and continues to lead the pack in this space. I started at GM India after my undergraduate degree was completed in mechanical engineering. What we found was that in the top ten things companies wanted, a procurement ERP system was NOT in their top 10.

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The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


According to PLS Logistics , global companies will install procurement managers in China for entire organizations by 2025. Meanwhile, Brazil, Russia and India will become major suppliers as companies access the remaining untapped resources of the world. The election is over, but the race is just starting for logistics providers. Although rate volatility is expected to stabilize in 2017, organizations must do more with fewer resources to survive.

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Flipkart-Walmart Deal and What It Means for the Indian Online Retail Sector


Despite entering India way back in 2007, Walmart till now, operated only 21 stores catering to B2B segment across the country. The acquisition will provide Walmart with the much-needed opportunity to expand its service offerings across India. The Walmart-Flipkart deal is likely to have far-reaching consequences when it comes to the overall retail market in India. Despite huge potential, the farm-to-fork sector has failed to make an impact in India.

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The rise of contingent workers is shaking up the 21st-century economy


According to the survey, 62% of Canadian executives surveyed rated the trend towards a more flexible workforce as “important” or “very important,” with that number going even higher in some rapid-growth markets such as India and Brazil. At Argentus, we specialize in finding companies contingent workers for high-skilled, project-based strategic work in Procurement and Supply Chain. Many have been recruited through the Procurement office rather than HR systems.”.

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Supply Chain Outlook 2015: Looking to the Future

Supply Chain View from the Field

The growth of a rising middle class in China, India, and other countries in Asia was identified as a major source of revenue growth for many US companies. I had a chance to engage with the audience on a spirited discussion of how procurement needs to seize the opportunity to expand its role through increased business value drivers to the business. I presented at Supply Chain Outlook 2015, an event hosted by the Supply Chain Management Review in Chicago on Monday morning.

Unleashing your potential: outsourcing strategic processes

KEPLER Consulting

Many procurement departments do not dedicate enough expertise and time to scope for new, qualified suppliers and insure comprehensiveness and robustness of supplier market screening. When procurement is challenged to meet production demands, finding new suppliers as plug and play as possible is a long and painful task. Procurement Outsourcing.

Bristlecone Flash – February 2019


It took a mere 18 weeks for Bristlecone to lead a Middle Eastern steel manufacturing client on a transformation journey that took them from manual processes to a powerful new procurement solution. By automating everyday tasks and increasing visibility into the procurement process, the company is now positioned to enrich its supplier relationships, generate significant savings through better sourcing decisions, and improve contract monitoring and compliance.

State of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Key Takeaways from LogiPharma US 2016


Higher tender activity by governments procuring drugs on behalf of consumers, is also leading to irregular sales spikes that are harder to predict. I ncreasing supply chain complexity: One generic drug manufacturing executive stated that they are running a virtual supply chain wherein over 95% of their manufacturing is outsourced to Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO’s) in India and Europe. by Dr. Madhav Durbha Part of what makes my job very exciting is attending conferences.

The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


Low-cost country sourcing is a procurement strategy that falls under a broad category of procurement efforts called global sourcing. It’s easy to oversimplify the differences between sourcing for parts locally or internationally.

Logipharma 2014

Supply Chain Movement

Ryan Viegas, VP Supply Chain & Procurement, Watson Pharmaceuticals, India. Logipharma 2014. Date: 07-10 April 2014. Venue: Congress Center Basel (CH). Organiser: WBResearch. URL: The Leading End-To-End Supply Chain Management Event For The Life Science Industry. LogiPharma is the ONLY VP-level, end-to-end supply chain event for life science professionals, focusing on strategic and tactical improvements for Europe & the rest of the world.