Deadstock – Meaning, Causes, Prevention and Remedies


It happens when your inventory doesn’t move for various reasons. And they’re adding to the holding cost of inventory. Deadstock is the inventory product that never gets sold and now occupies the store shelves way longer than expected. Jennifer Rosenberg, president of Indianapolis based Acorn Distributors Inc. Excess inventory invades the space of new products and thus the opportunity to purchase more of your top sellers is lost. Introduction.

Is Your Freight Spilling Millions Across the Interstate?

Supply Chain Collaborator

A Brinks armored truck traveling down Interstate 70 outside Indianapolis this week had its rear doors open sending more than $600,000 in twenty-dollar bills exploding across all 8 lanes of rush hour traffic. Although not as dramatic a spectacle, many shippers are wasting similar sums of cash across the nation’s freeways each year by operating with weak and inefficient controls over transportation logistics.