Guest Post from Tim Barnes: Navigating Trump’s 35% import tax, and how US companies can utilize “Parallel Manufacturing” to grow globally


Given our latest discussions on the impact of the Trump presidency on the supply chain, Tim Barnes’ excellent article shown below is exceptionally timely! This could significantly change the design of current production supply chains for major industrials and pharmaceutical companies. As supply chain leaders, we all know that CEOs and COOs make their manufacturing decisions based on a balance of lowest cost and customer accepted quality.

Top 10 Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment


Indianapolis, Indiana. With scalable, on-demand capacity, it’s easier to procure space when volumes peak and there’s a strain on your infrastructure. Indianapolis, Indiana: Indianapolis is a staple in supply chain operations because of its central location and proximity to Chicago. Best practice Blog e-commerce Infographic Supply chain distribution centers eCommerce Fulfillment eCommerce Retailers FLEXE Fulfillment Fulfillment network Next-Day Delivery