Supply Chain Disruption: How Stronger Collaboration Will Have a Big Impact on the Future of Logistics Management


Asset Tracking Provides Cross-Departmental Knowledge. On the tracking side of things , it’s no longer necessary to take meticulous notes and manually document dates, actions, and status information. Instead, a quick scan of a barcode label or asset inventory ID tag streamlines the data collection process, making all available information relevant to an asset immediately available company-wide with the use of cloud-based asset tracking system.

What Are the Most Common Walmart Deductions Codes?


Second, run an inventory received report in the Decision Support System (DSS) inside Retail Link. Fill in all of the information required for a dispute, then attach the evidence you gathered from the research step showing that the deduction is invalid. What is a deduction?

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A Quick Guide to Perfecting Your Ecommerce Customer Service Strategy


Some live chat software is pretty sophisticated, allowing you to send automated live chat campaigns based on the web page the visitor’s on. Knowledge bases. An online knowledge base is a library of self-help resources that customers can use to find their own solutions.

Digital Transformation Facilitates On-Time Delivery

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Legacy applications use static, rule-based calculations to determine a reasonable promise date for a particular drug or customer. The cloud enables data exchange across stakeholders, so that information can be securely shared and made available for analysis.

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!

Supply Chain Game Changer

But is that enough of a far-reaching vision to offer much more than an incremental view of what we see today based on existing technology? Any view of the near future is more likely to describe incremental changes and incremental advancements based on the current knowledge base.

World War 3.0: Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence

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“It allows us to really create a knowledge-based economy and leverage that to create better automation for a better form of life. For more information on managing your business processes more efficiently and effectively, visit or ###.

Insights from the C-Suite: Supply Chain People Are Making a Difference in the World

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Whereas APICS itself once was focused largely on production and inventory control, since its acquisition of the Supply Chain Council in 2014 the organization has reestablished itself with a focus on helping its members achieve supply chain excellence.