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Compliance in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Through Integration

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The passage of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has re-energized the importance of compliance in pharmaceutical supply chains. Compliance Challenges in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains The top challenges of pharmaceutical supply chains exist due to problems throughout all supply chains, including: Poor coordination and collaboration between suppliers and supply chain networks. Inaccurate inventory management. Temperature-controlled storage and transportation.

Preventing 3 Common Inventory Control Issues


For large corporations or SMEs, correctly managing your inventory stock is imperative to achieving an efficient, sustainable and profitable business. Inventory control , however, brings with it many issues but with the right tools, some of the common ones are easily managed. Problems include product stockouts that result in lost sales opportunities and unhappy customers and product spoilage or dead inventory stock which will incur unnecessary costs and tie up storage space.

Five Benefits of Upgrading Your Transportation Management Software

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Delaying Upgrades Is Holding Back Your Transportation Company. Waste would be a thing of the past, inventory and financial management systems would work to perfection, and revenues would flow in. Many supply chain and transportation management problems begin at the warehouse.

Intelleflex Announces Cellular, GPS-equipped RFID Reader & Cloud-based ZEST™ Data Services Platform

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Intelleflex ZEST™ Data Services, a cloud-based repository for aggregating, warehousing and sharing information across the supply chain, facilitates on-demand access to actionable data for improved supply chain operations to provide a complete picture of data spanning the entire supply chain.

Pharma Supply Chain Management: The Key to Solving Pain Points


With a maze of regulations across global jurisdictions and even more complex, temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare product requirements, the life sciences supply chain is under pressure to adapt. serialization, the next phase of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), goes into effect next year for pharmaceutical manufacturers. How are supply chain leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries coping?

Product Labels and Barcode Labels can Benefit Manufacturers


While everyday consumers give little thought to the simple barcode label affixed to their purchases, businesses involved in moving inventory stock and assets understand their importance and are increasingly investing in custom barcode labels for their organisations. The product labels that once scanned will provide you with all the stored product information from type, size, colour, dimensions and price. Business Tips barcode inventory control manufacturers manufacturing

10 Ways IoT Can Improve Supply Chains


By 2020, Discrete Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Utilities industries are projected to spend $40B each on IoT platforms, systems, and services. Improving track-and-trace reduces the need for buffer stock by providing real-time visibility of inventory levels and shipments.

Supply Chain Planning in Emerging Markets: Four Points to Remember


These include road and rail networks, utilities like electricity and water, as well as technology infrastructure for information exchange and payments. Difficulty gathering information. Not knowing how much inventory is at each location.

7 Reasons ERP Systems Can Increase the Productivity of Your Manufacturing Industry


The Manufacturing Industry Faces a Number of Challenges in its Daily Functioning ERP systems can augment smooth workflow and speed up inventory management, manage market fluctuations and supply chain issues.

The Transformation of Supply Chain Management – IoT, AI, & Blockchain

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IoT has massive implications for supply chain management, including manufacturing, inventory management, and logistics. For Inventory – supply chain organizations have the ability to instantly look up the supply levels across the planet of every SKU and its precise location.

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Reducing Working Capital in Supply Chains

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Current assets include inventory and accounts receivable, i.e. payments you are waiting to receive, notably from your customers. A ratio of more than 2 may be a sign that inventory is increasing too much or that the company is slow in collecting payments.

Six Steps to successful Supply Chain Benchmarking

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The quest for data is critical, and can help answer questions like “what is the average and best-in-class forecast accuracy in high tech,” or “how much inventory do pharmaceutical companies hold,” or “what are typical transportation costs as a percentage of sales in consumer packaged goods (CPG)?”.

The Digital Transformation in Logistics: Technologies, Barriers and Predictions!

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With supply chain being a goldmine of structured and unstructured data, it seems only natural that the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain are considered the key drivers of Digital Transformation in logistics, supply chain management, warehousing and transportation.

A perfect supply chain?


What If I was to also constrain the resources you had at your disposal and said you only had 5000 transportation vehicles and your delivery slot was just 1 hour and that your delivery window was always 12pm until 1pm? The common themes we are hearing are: Inventory cost reduction.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?


Many of the states affected contained key ports and supply destinations, as well as transportation and logistics hubs. of east coast and Gulf of Mexico imports in September, according to an article from the Business Information Industry Association. Up to date inventory status.

For Every Tom, Dick, and Harry

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I asked Tom to measure Forecast Value-Added (FVA) , and inform the organization on the progress of the planning group in forecasting. He is an active leader in defining/driving the autonomous supply chain at a major pharmaceutical company.

3D Printing Changes the Supply Chain


The drug manufacturer, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, uses 3D printing to create a more porous pill. Printers can be a vast source of digital information based on the memory they possess.

Bringing Augmented Reality to Supply Chain


Some examples include head-up displays for the automotive industry to enhance driver safety and easier IV injection delivery and viewing of a patient’s organs instead of viewing a static image on a screen for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


When you choose a company to transport your freight or to supply you with the materials you need to manufacture a product, you are putting your hard work and reputation in their hands. We hope these posts keep you on top of your game and informed. . This is a critical metric in regulated industries such as medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverages.

Solving the Emerging Market Packaging Puzzle

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Packaging shields products from damage and theft, differentiates the brand, and is a source of information for consumers. Picture, for example, a pallet loaded with pharmaceutical product. Various inventory carrying costs associated with packaging also have to be allowed for. Armed with this information, the researchers built the first optimization model.

26 warehouse pros reveal the most important factors to consider when moving to an automated warehouse

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Warehousing effectiveness depends upon the accuracy of the physical inventory in the warehouse with the respect to the inventory indicated in the computer system. This discrepancy between the physical and electronic inventories is dependent on the reliability of the warehouse processes.

Transformation Technology: An Interview with Rich Sherman, Part III

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We’re capturing the genealogy and/or pedigree of foods and pharmaceuticals because the Food Safety Act, FDA rules, and other regulatory bodies require us to comply with those temperature controls and quality requirements for traceability. Retail Supply Chain supply chain transportation

Bringing Augmented Reality to Supply Chain


In medicine these can be used to facilitate easier IV injection delivery, and for real-time viewing of a patient’s organs — for the pharmaceutical industry , a helpful alternative to viewing a static image on a screen.

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How the Supply Chain Can Thrive in the Face of Natural Disasters

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In a similar fashion, when Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Maria last year, the supply chain of two of the island’s most important industries—pharmaceuticals and medical devices—ground to a complete halt.

Warehousing, the Rise of IT, Automation, and Now… Robotics

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Transport optimisation considerations dictate that warehousing is used at the end-point of a transport system to amass enough products for a full load for the subsequent transport system. Products that are best transported in high volume (like agricultural products) will need to be warehoused in locations that make access easy for large vehicles, and so on. Information technology allows the WMS to talk to other systems in the organisation.

Automated Versus Manual: Logistics Equipment Solutions


Automation is becoming an enormous part of a host of different industries, from automotive and manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and everything in between. Inventory Management: Automated Vs. Manual Logistics Equipment Solutions. With the size of many current warehouses, keeping up with inventory on an old school paper inventory sheets, or even in manual Excel spreadsheets, can be a logistical nightmare.

Visibility the Key to Keeping Pace with Increasing Supply Chain Complexity

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With more controlled or regulated and high-value items such as pharmaceuticals, dual use, and electronics being shipped around the world, shippers are now more accountable than ever and need to know the exact location of each item – down to the individual device.

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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2017

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And here’s to hoping that 2018 results in even more significant advancements in the state of warehousing and transportation technology. Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2014 : hybrid DCs, 3-D prototypes, location-based inventory system, and more. Ocean Transportation.

Reducing Supply Chain Costs

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Depending on how your systems are set up, this may be information you can rapidly pull out of other data bases. In particular, they found: Pharmaceutical: best in class <5.3% industry average 6.3%. Holding inventory costs money in more ways than one.

Guide to warehouse robots: types of warehouse robots, uses, navigation & more

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We’ve created this guide to provide an overview of the warehouse robotics market, the types of warehouse robots, their functions, use cases and other information warehouse operators need to know to make informed technology investments.

How to Get the Benefit of GDPR for Your Supply Chain

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Your US based fashion firm works with a French chain of retail outlets that collects customer loyalty information on your behalf. The amount of information they hold can be considerable and dispersed. Access to information. Information correction (rectification).

Supply Chain and the Internet of Things – Towards New Paradigms

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The more devices can talk to each other, the more information they can share. Perishables like food and pharmaceuticals must be kept from spoiling, both in storage and in transit. Data can be turned into information. Good information can make any supply chain run better.

The India supply chain revolution

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We spoke to Raj Reddy, supply chain VP at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Reddy estimates that this increased transit time by about 50% on a high volume transport lane like Mumbai-Delhi. These long delays for transport run straight into the very localized and demand distribution market. They were receiving notices from local tax authorities demanding information that they could not provide, and it was leading to legal proceedings.”. ADJUSTING TO A NEW TAX REGIME.

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How close a match to my industry requirements can an ERP system get?


Traditionally, Horizontal solutions were little more than accounting systems with inventory management added on. Process manufacturers also has many broad segments: Food, Beverage, Chemicals, Coatings, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical.

20 Manufacturers Describe ERP Software Benefits in their Own Words


As a 3PL who offers a transportation management system we’ve integrated to many ERP software, we view the use of technology as an enablement tool for shippers to cut out unneeded waste and thus add more to the bottom line by saving money from such efficiency.

Visibility the Key to Keeping Pace with Increasing Supply Chain Complexity

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In the past, it was sufficient just to have visibility into the pallet or case level, but shippers are now faced with the issue of “eaches” or “Single line Orders” as it becomes increasingly imperative to be able to work with multiple carriers, diverse networks, modes of transport and fulfillment models. Next steps: Subscribe to our blog to receive the full blog series via email and stay informed about the latest global logistics news and insight.

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As Europe Rebounds Supply Chain Continues to Shine

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This cluster of graduates works in the pharmaceutical industry (for more information see the news story ZLC Alumni Organize Industry Workshop ). Companies turn to supply chain professionals to help them cut costs and streamline processes in key areas such as inventory management.