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What Is Demand Sensing and Why Supply Chain Executives Need to Know More


Understanding more about the needs and wants of customers can help supply chain leaders make informed decisions, improve inventory management, and increase profitability.

6 Signs You're Ready for a New Supply Chain Execution Solution


Roadmap for Material Handling and Logistics lists e-commerce and relentless competition as key drivers of change in supply chain execution. Operations require integrated RF and/or voice technologies to improve data capture accuracy and reduce product touches in the supply chain.

Don’t Take a Holiday from Inventory Management

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The Importance of Inventory Management. When it comes to inventory management, new trends are demonstrating that less is more. Having less inventory on-hand increases liquidation, allowing for a more agile response to shifting consumer trends. Companies that have too much inventory on-hand right now are struggling to clear out space ahead of the season, slashing prices and concerning stakeholders as profit margins creep downward.

Supply Chain Risk Blog Series#4: Ensuring Continuity During a Disruption

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In the last post in our blog series on Supply Chain Risk, we focused the role of regulatory requirements and legislation in supply chain risk planning. Now our attentions turn to continuity - more specifically ensuring supply chains remain in motion when factors outside of your control impact on the multimodal transportation process, creating potential delays. So what is the best way to ensure supply chain continuity during a disruption?

Why Supply Chain Businesses Risk Getting Left Behind With Outdated Technology

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After a near freeze on spending during the global financial crisis, businesses are increasingly looking to invest in their supply chain systems going into 2015, and with good reason. So how can supply chain businesses get the visibility they need, and fast?

The Role of the Internet of Things in Managing Supply Chain Risk

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Gartner believes it will “impact the information available to supply chain leaders and how the supply chain operates, depending on industry.” . Of course IoT is already in widespread use within the supply chain, for example through the use of telematics in road forwarding to drive efficiency in route management and vehicle handling. Another major potential benefit of IoT is tracking exactly what happens to goods under transportation or storage.

The War Against Returns – Is the Retail Supply Chain Winning?

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After another record-breaking festive season, with double-digit ecommerce growth and mobile commerce growth into three digits for developed economies, and even higher where ecommerce is less established, it’s easy to forget about the impact of returns on the retail supply chain. Returns complicate logistics processes, disrupt inventory management, make revenue forecasting difficult and eat into profit margins.

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Shippers: One Action Could Save You Millions on Inbound Transportation Management Costs

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Continuous scrutiny of supply chain processes has become the norm as companies look for ways to drive down operating costs through business process improvements. But even in doing so, one area that is overrun with inefficiency is often overlooked – inbound transportation management.

What Are the Top Warehouse Management KPIs Every Supply Chain Exec Should Measure


These challenges can be overwhelming, but supply chain executives and managers can simplify the process by tracking these top warehouse management KPIs (key performance indicators). of the digital supply chain. Inventory Accuracy. Supply Chain Warehouse

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What Supply Chain Risks Must Supply Chain Execs Keep Top of Mind?


Risk permeates supply chains. The best-laid plans to avoid as many risks as possible often fall on deaf ears in supply chain management, but supply chain executives who take the time to understand the greatest threats can successfully position their companies to overcome such risks. While there are thousands of possible supply chain risks in various supply chains, supply chain execs should keep these risks top of mind.

IoT Speeds Over-the-Road Shipment Tracking

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If you’re a global supply chain executive, you’ve got a challenging job. According to a 2017 Michigan State University Supply Chain Management study , “supply chain and product complexity possess a number of sources that vex supply chain operations…customer accommodation is the first,” including the demand for speed and visibility into shipments. Data is the fuel that powers the modern supply chain.

[PODCAST] The State of the Food & Grocery Supply Chain & The Impact of the “The Whole Foods” Effect


State of, Challenges, and Solutions in the Food & Grocery Supply Chain In this episode of “The Freight Project Podcast” we have Greg back on as C3 Solutions is launching an information campaign to highlight challenges and solutions for those supply chain professionals in the food & grocery industries as they deal with the encroachment of Amazon’s purchase of grocery retailer “Whole Foods” causing what we call the “Whole Foods Effect.”

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Dispelling Three Common Myths about Global TMS Deployment

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For the last couple of decades transportation management systems (TMS) have revolutionized supply chains, helping companies streamline their logistics processes, achieve greater visibility into their operations and save significant dollars on transportation. You go from Europe to the Americas to Latin America to APAC with your transportation needs and there are all sorts of very specific requirements, whether tactical, operational or strategic.

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Blockchain & Supply Chain Visibility: Will Blockchain Finally Eliminate Supply Chain Black Swans?


Supply chain risk is at the forefront of supply chain executives’ minds. Proper risk management can help supply chains navigate the complexities of post-hurricane recovery and increase productivity. Unfortunately, not all supply chain leaders take the time to consider what may happen and how it will adversely affect productivity and the flow of products. Supply chain black swans occur without warning, and recovery can last months.

5 Best Logistics Books for Beginners

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However, most logistics/supply chain managers will have to spend some years in various functions to gain the cross-functional knowledge. Logistics books listed here share the same characteristics, it provides basic information that is practical enough to read and understand. This logistics book will show you have to plan and execute procurement strategy in a step-by-step manner. When it comes to transportation, people often think about trucking or land transportation.

Top Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2018

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The numbers speak for themselves: 49 episodes produced in 2018, totaling more than 1,200 minutes of conversations with thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry. logistics executive at manufacturing company. “I

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Supply Chain Planning in Emerging Markets: Four Points to Remember


Supply chain planning in emerging markets is different. Now supply chain professionals have another different set of challenges on how to get product to the entire country where consumer-oriented outlets (i.e. Difficulty gathering information.

Supply Chain Risks: Which Are Top of Mind Today?

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If you were to add a subtitle to every supply chain professional’s job description it would be Risk Manager or Risk Mitigator. The reality is that supply chain management is not just about managing orders and transportation and inventory — it’s about doing all those things while also navigating through the many risks that could disrupt your supply chain or bring it to a halt. The post Supply Chain Risks: Which Are Top of Mind Today?

The Business Case For a Modern Warehouse Management System


Warehouse managers can work to gain executive-level support by making the right business case for a modern warehouse management system. The Problem: Warehouse Managers Are Stuck in an Age of Antiquated Systems With Mountains of Data That Could Be Lost Warehouse managers have grown accustomed to older systems containing enormous stores of consumer, supplier, and supply chain partner information. Improving network-wide inventory visibility. Supply Chain Warehous

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7 Benefits Realized Utilizing Big Data to Optimize Supply Chains


Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post from end-to- end global supply chain services company, Flash Global. We are excited to feature this company as they deal in the fast moving world of complex global supply chain solutions.

The Pressure is Rising for CPG Companies to Improve Order Delivery Performance

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by Arnaud Morvan, Senior Engagement Director at Aera Technology Walmart’s announcement last year that it would toughen up its on-time, in-full (OTIF) delivery requirements sent a chill through supply chain executives at CPG companies doing business with the world’s largest retailer.

Logistics Industry’s Slow Economic Comeback Continues in Spite of Challenges

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The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) released its 22nd “Annual State of Logistics Report®,” presented by Penske Logistics, today at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Authored by transportation consultant Rosalyn Wilson of Delcan, Inc., supply chain since 1988. Inventory carrying costs increased 10.3 Transportation costs were up 10.3

Supply Chain Analytics: A Continued & Renewed Focus on Using Data for Improvement


The digital business landscape for a shipper, such as the use of an ERP, TMS, and other digital aspects, such as The Internet of Things , provides unparalleled insight into how an organization in the supply chain can improve efficiency, visibility, and productivity.

In Case You Missed It: Coverage from CEO Bob Farrell in

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Recently, our CEO Bob Farrell talked with Bridget Bergin of on the importance of supply chain network tracking. In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the article, ‘Revamping Supply Chain Intelligence’, and the main points discussed.

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5 Reasons to Synchronize Your WMS and TMS

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Leveraging the capabilities from your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS), while synchronizing pre-built adaptable workflows can help reduce costs, improve throughput and enhance the customer experience. Establishing Effective Interoperability Between Planning and Execution in Transportation. There’s always been an inherent separation between planning and actual execution within the realm of the supply chain.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Companies of all sizes have been capturing the value from Global Supply Chain to increase the economies of scale and scope for years. In this article, we will show you tips from worldwide experts that you can use to streamline your global supply chain operations.

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2017 Top 10 Yard Management Challenges


Yards are the intersection between warehouses and transportation. They are a critical linkage in logistics management practices and have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of the supply chain. Errors and inaccurate information ripple throughout the supply chain.

Blockchain has Potential

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For example, Hailey Lynne McKeefry ( @HaileyMcK ) writes, “Supply chain professionals are talking a lot about blockchain, and how it can be applied to address the increasingly global and complex nature of the supply chain. They are: Tracking products moving through the supply chain. Sharing information with suppliers. Tracking payment information, such as purchase orders. Sharing information with customers. Managing inventory.

Pharma Supply Chain Management: The Key to Solving Pain Points


With a maze of regulations across global jurisdictions and even more complex, temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare product requirements, the life sciences supply chain is under pressure to adapt. serialization, the next phase of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), goes into effect next year for pharmaceutical manufacturers. How are supply chain leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries coping?

Demand Driven: Can We Sidestep Religious Arguments?

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Today’s processes are supply driven. The base definitions of the SCOR model are inside-out, and supply-centric. The Definition of the Supply Chain Long Tail. In the 1990’s demand latency in a regional supply chain was weeks.

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Is a Lack of Integration Holding the Supply Chain Back?

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So, why has something as basic as data integration not been adopted throughout the supply chain ? . Accurate receipt information for inventory systems. Inventory Systems and Product Tracking. Transportation and Logistics.

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The State of Supply Chain Trends Part III: Circular Supply Chains, Collaboration, and Risk


Supply chains have traditionally followed a linear path, manufacturing products and sending them through warehouses and distribution centers to consumers. However, the age of the internet and omnichannel sales has created vast opportunities to change how the supply chain functions, creating more cohesive, collaborative, and circular supply chains. More companies were taking steps before 2016 to improve collaboration across entire supply chains.

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26 warehouse pros reveal the most important factors to consider when moving to an automated warehouse

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As warehouses embrace technology to optimize the supply chain and reduce fulfillment costs , many companies are considering making the move to an automated warehouse. Paul Trudgian owns and manages Paul Trudgian Ltd , a leading supply chain and logistics consultancy based in the UK.

Kewill Named a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for Eighth Consecutive Year

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Inbound Logistics recognizes Kewill’s innovative transportation and compliance solutions. April 19, 2016 – Manchester, UK and Chelmsford, MA, USA – Kewill , a leading provider of innovative software for supply chain execution, has been selected as an Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for the eighth consecutive year. More information about demand-driven logistics practices is available at

Supply Chain Transformation in the Digital Age

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Company executives are increasingly aware of the importance of supply chains in making companies successful. A couple of years ago, however, a McKinsey study concluded companies weren’t investing enough in supply chain transformation technologies. Only 2% of companies are applying digital strategies to the supply chain.”[1] Technology and supply chain transformation. … Supply chain managers can’t stand still.