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Toyota and USPS See Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

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Imagine a bitcoin being a unit of inventory and a digital wallet (“bitcoin address”) being an inventory-keeping location, such as a store, distribution center, or truck trailer.

The Transportation Supply Chain: Transportation’s Role in Supply Chain Management to Lower Total Costs


One of the often missing links, however, in supply chain visibility, is transportation management. We call this the transportation supply chain. What is the Transportation Supply Chain? Transportation refers to the movement of product from one location to another as it makes its way from the beginning of a supply chain to the customer’s handle. Any supply chain’s success is closely linked to the appropriate use of transportation.

Preventing 3 Common Inventory Control Issues


For large corporations or SMEs, correctly managing your inventory stock is imperative to achieving an efficient, sustainable and profitable business. Inventory control , however, brings with it many issues but with the right tools, some of the common ones are easily managed. Problems include product stockouts that result in lost sales opportunities and unhappy customers and product spoilage or dead inventory stock which will incur unnecessary costs and tie up storage space.

Complex costs of transportation

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To anticipate and respond to high customer demand, a modern Transportation Management System (TMS) needs to optimize inventory allocation. A TMS with inventory allocation enables shippers to monitor shipments down to the package level. Holy See (Vatican City State).

Combat Rising Transportation Costs and Driver Shortage With Supply Chain Analytics


Today’s driver shortage is helping to drive transportation costs higher. Numerous aspects involving shipping information create longer wait times at plants and distribution centers. As the chart indicates, truck transport costs rose sharply in 2017 and aren’t slowing down.

Emerging Options for Omni-Commerce Logistics Strategy

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To do this you need to ensure that at ALL locations where stock is held or displayed for retail sale, that ACCURATE and TIMELY inventory information is available. Thought is to leverage existing building assets, people and inventory to support the online business.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 7 Benefits of Made in USA Driven by Reshoring Movement, Technology, and Better Transportation Costs


You can prepare by investing staff, inventory and equipment to meet increasing demand for domestic-made products. offers lower labor, natural gas and electricity costs than some other developed countries in Europe and Asia, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan.

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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more near-shoring and larger, less frequent shipments to minimize transportation costs). How will transportation, inventory, and sourcing policy decisions change in light of this cheap oil environment? Interest Rates : The Federal Reserve in the United States is expected to raise interest rates this week , the first increase since cutting the rate to near zero following the Great Recession in 2008. percent in Q3 2015 compared to Q3 2014 in the United States).

This Week in Logistics News (January 4-8, 2016)

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INTTRA Collaborates with JDA Software for Streamlined Transportation Management. Here in the United States, FedEx experienced significant delays again this year , with many employees volunteering to work on Christmas to deliver delayed packages.

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Walmart: 3 Keys to Successful Supply Chain Management any Business Can Follow


Walmart would not have the ability to provide such low prices and have consistent inventory in the over 5,000 stores in the United States and over 1.3 ” Walmart states early on. The Walmart Distribution Center Network in the United States.”

Bucking the 80/20 Trend: 4 Key Benefits of Adopting a Digital Yard

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Also known as “the 80/20 rule,” the Pareto Principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. million trailers in the United States, which on average make 500 million moves a year.

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Emerging Options for Omni-Commerce Logistics Strategy

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To do this you need to ensure that at ALL locations where stock is held or displayed for retail sale, that ACCURATE and TIMELY inventory information is available. Specifically the elimination of regional DCs means much higher amounts of outbound transportation in the logistics network which is where the carbon is generated. Thought is to leverage existing building assets, people and inventory to support the online business.

7 Steps To Manage Your Chemical Inventory With Software


If you’re dealing with chemicals in your business, you have an obligation to store and transport these chemicals safely. Here, we’ll cover how you can use off-the-shelf inventory management software to manage your chemical inventory. United States.

This Week in Logistics News (April 28 – May 2, 2014)

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DOT Secretary Foxx sends transportation bill to Congress (Logistics Management). Enterprise-wide inventory visibility to inventory and orders, coupled with profitable order promising logic to help achieve customer satisfaction without sacrificing margin. .

[INFOGRAPHIC] Effective Supply Chain Management In Manufacturing Key to Revival of Industry in U.S.


Supply chain management in manufacturing is by no means a simple process, but the United States is learning from past mistakes and they're poised to start playing a little catch-up in the manufacturing world due to their expertise.

Nearshoring & Reshoring Will Continue to Increase Thanks to these Main Benefits


It was cheaper than producing products in the US, manufacturers could produce large inventories with little capital up front, and consumers did not really have a public voice. Take a moment to think about offshoring.

5 Best Logistics Books for Beginners

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In the United States, the median wages for a Logistics Manager is around $90,000 annually. Logistics books listed here share the same characteristics, it provides basic information that is practical enough to read and understand. World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling Warehouse management and inventory control is the center point of integrated logistics management that tries to balance supply and demand.

Whitman School Collaborates with Staples to Analyze Supply Chain Management Opportunities Sparking Millennial Interest


In the first project, Whitman faculty and students will analyze fulfillment operations and make recommendations regarding how Staples can further improve its inventory and distribution decisions.

This Week in Logistics News (June 3-7, 2013)

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3Gtms and Tompkins International Partner to Provide Transportation Management Systems Solutions to Strengthen Supply Chain Management. percent is the magic number in the transportation industry these days, especially in the LTL sector. percent for non-contractual shipments in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The bottom line, as I see it, is that the transportation market is near equilibrium for shippers and carriers at the moment. Welcome to June.

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


Inventory measurement is critical and it is money after all in that it took a capital expense to procure. The goal is to keep inventory levels at a minimum to meet customer needs. Review Inventory turns and Return on Assets.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?


states, obvious disruptions to supply chains and supply chain risk management were a given. Many of the states affected contained key ports and supply destinations, as well as transportation and logistics hubs. Up to date inventory status.

Mindmap for Global Logistics Integration

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Goods have to be transported across the globe and across the neighbourhood. Holy See (Vatican City State). Micronesia, Federated States of. Tanzania, United Republic of. United Arab Emirates. United Kingdom. United States.

Drones in Distribution: Thinking Inside the Box

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Certainly, in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration is taking a very cautious approach to allowing commercial drones into its skies. Update: The State of Warehouse Drone Technology in 2018. Articles Distribution Network Design Technology Transport

Top Supply Chain Articles of 2015


As we head into 2016, we are featuring our most read articles of 2015 in our five main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight. The new year will then bring series on trends and on the state of some of the business functions and technology used in proper transportation and logistics management. As always our goal is to educate and inform. The Benefits of Evolved Vendor Managed Inventory Model Led by Web-Based VMI.

Reshoring Or Not, What is Manufacturing? 4 Questions to Ponder with Real American Manufacturers


But regardless of whether reshoring is increasing or not, we are still seeing world class manufacturing companies reshore their operations back to the United States. Question number three : Inventory on hand, both finished goods and individual parts, and Inventory Records Accuracy.

Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning


For example, a “Best-Fit” forecasting algorithm automatically switches to the most appropriate forecasting method based on the latest demand information, ensuring you create the best forecast for every product at every stage of its life cycle. Are we ready?

A Baker’s Dozen of Killer Blog Posts

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Kewill Transport TMS Gets Cozy with Trucking Industry Titans. One of the things that sets Kewill Transport apart in the transportation management system [TMS] space is its built-in carrier network – the largest in the United States with 16,000+ carriers and growing.

Road to Nowhere: The Dire Status of U.S. Infrastructure


The bridge, built in 1967, had been labeled “functionally obsolete” by the National Bridge Inventory in 2014. Fourteen percent of bridges in the United States have similar designations. For more information on what's wrong with our infrastructure, check out our whiteboard video.

Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Information about Apple Supply Chain is a bit here, there and everywhere, its kinda tough to find the actual case study. Information from the annual report is also used to produce the Apple Supply Chain Map. Inventories can become obsolete or exceed the anticipated demand.

I Will Be Wrong Again: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2017

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Other examples: The United States Postal Service (USPS) published a report in May titled Blockchain Technology: Possibilities for the U.S. Like oil prices, interest rates impact supply chain policies and decisions, especially with regards to inventory.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Rise of Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing


Manufacturers whose business models rely on rapid inventory turns, tight production schedules and thin margins are the leading early adopters of mobile technologies for logistics and supply chain coordination.

Los Angeles and Long Beach Terminal Congestions

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We believe it is important for everyone to truly understand the cause of the problem; what the situation looks like in the current state; what is being done to address the situation; and what we can expect in the near future. CURRENT STATE. FUTURE STATE.

This Week in Logistics News (January 5-9, 2015)

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ABF Logistics Acquires Smart Lines Transportation Group. In a press release after Christmas, UPS announced that by the end of the first full week in January, it anticipates transporting 4 million return packages in the United States. Happy New Year!

6 Questions To Ask 3rd Party Logistics Companies for 2015 and Beyond


Companies based on assets have had years of experience in purchasing trucks and managing warehouse inventories. For example, a shipper may want to take advantage of transportation management systems (TMS), which enhance visibility and improve transportation management. The ever-changing demands of the market and consumers result in a forecast for determining inventory needs.

Top Logistics Articles of 2015


We write to five main categories on the Cerasis blog: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight. Each of these five include several sub categories for more specific articles, such as the TMS category under Transportation Management. State of Logistics Outsourcing: Plenty of Room for Growth as Shipper Dissatisfaction & Technology Expectations Increase. The State of Third Party Logistics: The Future is Already Here.

Alternatives to Blockchain in Supply Chain

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Processes need to become more collaborative and information needs to be shared across the supply chain to connect all network partners. However, all this data must be transformed into usable information to create action.

Impact of Macro Trends on Supply Chains: Diversification of Sales Channels

Supply Chain @ MIT

Will the splintering of sales channels redefine supply chains in the United States? At the 2013 MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Annual Crossroads conference*, UPS’s Randy Strang described this evolution from single-channel (traditional brick & mortar) to multi-channel (siloed operations) to cross-channel (where some integration of inventory occurs) and finally to omni-channel (where the consumer experience is a blend of all channels). Hard sell.

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