3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


3 Key Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance Beyond Cost Reduction. 10 Soft Metric Considerations in Measuring Supply Chain Performance. The average Supply Chain management professional measures their Supply Chain by reviewing cost reduction.

Customer Experience Driving Innovation for High-Performing Companies

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt of a research report published last week , “Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation.” Customer Experience: A Bigger Focus for High-Performing and Innovator Companies.

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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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In that spirit, we’ve combed the MH&L archives for the most innovative supply chain developments of the past year, as reported in our print magazine, on our website, in our e-newsletters, or our various social media channels.

[PODCAST] Why Logistics Execs Who Glean Insights from Transportation Management Data Collaborate More & Reduce Shipping Costs


Transportation Management Data Insights Lead to Collaboration, Reduced Shipping Costs, & Beating the Capacity Crunch In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear : The value to a business to have an executive in charge of driving change and innovation. Why collaboration between all entities in the shipping process is really the key to success in effective transportation management.

Removing the 3 Barriers to Building a Predictive Supply Chain

resources each year guessing important operational metrics such as booking allocations or. The total cost to the shipping. Innovation barriers: There has been technology innovation in areas. An analog approach in a digital world: While the shipping industry has.

23 Reasons the Ideal TMS is best for LTL Freight Shipping


Using less-than-truckload for medium-sized shipments is one of the great innovations in shipping. It produces results at a fraction of the cost of full truckload (FT) or small package shipping. However, the needs of the modern shipping industry have reached an optimal point, and the only way to further push the envelope is by using a dedicated transportation management system (TMS). Contract negotiation is becoming a major factor in shipping.

5 Strategies for Successfully Outsourcing Shipping Logistics

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This is particularly important for companies that rely on IT staff to lead the innovation process. Be prepared to discuss your desired metrics and future expansion plans. The post 5 Strategies for Successfully Outsourcing Shipping Logistics appeared first on Transportfolio.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 3PLs

The Logistics of Logistics

Innovation and new technology are obviously important, but when evaluating a 3PL, go with the one that excels at blocking and tackling. A KPI is an indicator (a metric) that you have chosen, and agreed with your partners and or customers, that will determine whether you are meeting your critical success factors. White Paper: The Essential Guide to LTL Shipping Improvement: Action Plan and Metrics for Rapid Transformation.

The Better Goal: More Fuel Efficient Trucks or Using Fewer Trucks?

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According to the press release : The proposed standards are expected to lower CO2 emissions by approximately 1 billion metric tons, cut fuel costs by about $170 billion, and reduce oil consumption by up to 1.8 Our network efficiency improvement equates to avoiding nearly 41,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of taking about 7,900 cars off the road. Robinson and TMC earned second place in CSCMP’s Supply Chain Innovation Award. Last Friday, the U.S.

This Week in Logistics News (May 13-17, 2013)

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Chainalytics Creates New Metrics for Demand Planning Consortium. In related news, Maersk downgraded its forecast for ocean shipping demand. This Week in News Chainalytics cloud computing container shipping Descartes Systems Group HighJump Software Maersk NetSuite UPS

SCRC Meeting: Advanced Auto Parts is investing in Advanced Analytics to drive competition


Right part- right place” is a key metric for availability that is at the core of AAP’s digital transformation. There are over 2M catalog lookups per week, over 6500 stocking locations, 100M store-sku combinations, 10M units shipped per week, and 1M professional deliveries per week.

Supply Chain Management:Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the.

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« Oil operators and Oil services firms - time to dissolve internal walls | Main | Enabling individual item picking in tomorrows warehouses » Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the Future of Retail Industry. Online providers are disrupting the retail industry because of innovation, in the true spirit of the Clayton M. Christensen book, The Innovators Dilemma. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries.

Omni-Channel Supply Chains Are Changing Everything You Ever Learned in School…

Supply Chain View from the Field

To give you an idea of what this is doing, the classic retail metrics, “same store sales” and “sales per square foot”, are no longer being reported by Macy’s department stores. But the sales person tells you, “I can find you a small at the store in Phoenix Arizona, and will have them ship it to you free of charge…you should get it in two days.” Sales people like to be working with customers, not shipping stuff in boxes.

Best Practice: Creating a Governance Mechanism for Analytical Learning in Organizations


It also considers leading indicators that provide clues as to what customers are planning to ship, interesting correlations that have been developed, and hypotheses and their implications for internal capital investment and capacity planning. This is broken down into more minute analyses of what could happen with a smaller range of capital, and what could be delivered with different product health indicators including yield or other operational metrics.

Five Things to Know about Bimodal before Going Bimodal


To run a bimodal supply chain, the room to innovate or test new solutions is a direct result of optimizing Mode 1 operations. Establish what process improvements and innovations will augment your go-to-market strategy and find partners to help you achieve those goals. Metrics May Vary.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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No metric should be measured in isolation, and functional metrics should be replaced with the balanced scorecard metrics shown in Figure 2. To maximize value—price to tangible book, functional metrics need to be reset to focus on reliability. It has been awhile.

Getting the Full Value Add from 3PL Services by Avoiding Commoditization or Transactionalism


Thus, selecting a 3PL that has an innovative, holistic approach to supply chain management will enhance your strategic goals and promote the core value of your company through continuous improvements, deep understanding of your business and the ability to add value to the 3PL services.

3PL 290

SCRC Meeting Insights Part II: Management Principles for Executing Visibility Strategies


Will digitization change the way we measure things and monitor metrics? Customers change the quantity they ship inside of lead times set by the supply base, and the quantities double. Big Data Customer Relationship Management Design for Supply Chain Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Innovation in the Supply Chain Organizing for Supply Chain Social Media in Supply Chains Supply chain analytics

Tips for Maximizing Warehouse Space


Online and mobile innovations are at the heart of increased traceability and visibility, and products must be delivered at break-neck speeds. Use metrics and Big Data analytics for performance measurement and improvement, explains Inbound Logistics.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

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Based on a heritage of quality and innovation, the designs earned the trust in generations of families. Shipping approximately 400 million selling units consisting of 700 million manufactured units per year, Carter’s employs about 4,000 employees at its peak.

The Top Logistics Blogs of 2016 …So Far


It was also evident that many folks wanted more information around KPIs and Metrics, as our top 5 included two posts from this sub-category. e-Book] The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight Metrics & KPIs. Take a look at how a business can use technology, metrics, and services to improve transportation processes, which range from supplier shipping to route optimization.

The Top 5 Transportation Management Blogs of 2016 …So Far


Maintaining the best possible fleet for your shipping needs requires vigilance and the tracking of specific measures across their performance. Yet, all metrics and scorecards are not equal, and you need to know what metrics should be included in your carrier scorecard. The Top 10 Most Common LTL Shipping Mistakes Made by Shippers. According to Joe Lynch , shippers face many challenges and problems in LTL shipping.

5 Tried and True Supply Chain Optimization Methods That Still Work


Technology and innovations play an undeniable role when it comes to supply chain efficiency, but that doesn't mean there's no room for the "old ways" in your current workflow. Keeping an Eye on Metrics.

How Slotting Optimization Technology Fosters Strategic Improvement for Distribution Centers


Customers now expect free, fast shipping from retailers, and regardless of where your distribution center is located, your customers want what they order as soon as possible. Innovative Slotting Optimization Practices Enable Waveless Picking Too.

Why a network model makes sense for today’s automotive suppliers

The Network Effect

Executing these strategies requires manufacturers to fully leverage the potential of today’s innovative network-based supply chain systems and processes. Ship according to a latest set of transportation routing instructions.

The “Rights” and “Mores” of Supply Chain Execution

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There is much more involved now than the perfect order metric.”. Now, if the price isn’t right, the quality isn’t there or the product isn’t innovative, the bottom line will suffer,” notes Gary. “To Shipping times have gone from weeks to days [and eventually hours],” he says. And more agile planning, production and shipping processes to keep up with the ebb and flow of demand.

50 warehouse automation stats you should know

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Less than one in ten DCs handle only full pallets for outbound shipping. ’ When employees are repeatedly performing manual tasks which require perfect precision – such as entering shipping addresses or SKUs – they will inevitably make mistakes,” explains Stitch Labs.

Kimberly-Clark: A Demand-driven Leader

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2) Bias to Innovate. Six years ago, the Kimberly-Clark team was an innovator in the use of RFID. In the Supply Chain Metrics that Matter table, we can clearly see that “operating margin” and “inventory turns” matter to public financial performance.

Takeaways from the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference


Fostering innovation through employee engagement. Ana Dzura of Unilever talked about how her organization established a “Digifund” to drive innovation at the grassroots level. Direct to consumer online shop launched with fully functioning billing, payment, shipping capabilities.

This Week in Logistics News (January 7-11, 2019)

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Finds a Faulty Shipping Safety Net for Brexit (WSJ – sub. In five years, which technologies will have delivered the most supply chain innovation benefits? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2019? Are you’re still looking for a personal challenge this year?

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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Most companies cannot get to data by customer on orders shipped incomplete to understand root cause analysis. Technology change is moving faster than process innovation. July is my birthday month. In the middle of busy travel, I made time for the annual physical. The reason?

Themes from the 2018 SCM World Leaders Forum


One of the executives in attendance hypothesized that it could be that most CEOs are focused either on demand creation or new product innovations, and that for them supply chain is perhaps the level of detail that they need not be bothered with. by Dr. Madhav Durbha.

SCM 130

This Week in Logistics News (August 13-17, 2018)

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Here are the ones that caught my attention: Maersk and IBM Introduce TradeLens Blockchain Shipping Solution. Customer Experience is Driving Supply Chain Innovation, Says Report from BluJay Solutions and Adelante SCM. I’m back from vacation. Well, back physically.

The Top 10 Manufacturing Blog Posts from 2014


Secondly, technology, such as 3D Printing and Innovation, made it to this year’s list. Finally, the top 10 list was rounded out safety and metrics. Although we are a 3PL who supports manufacturers who ship, the more information we provide, the better off we all are.

Transforming Consumer Value Chains: Navigating The Power Shift to the Shopper

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Amazon’s innovation is redefining eCommerce faster than Wal-Mart can keep up. Traditional supply chains ship cases, pallets and trucks; but not the EACH. With the dawn of eCommerce, companies must now ship the EACH.

Go Boldly Together: Takeaways from Nulogy xChange 2018

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According to Tham, both brands and suppliers need to build up the courage to move away from the status quo and go boldly together toward new ways of working, enabled by enhanced trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Four Ways a TMS Solution Leverages Predictive Analytics

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Avoiding the Pain of Seasonal “Swings” | Peaks and valleys in shipping volume are nothing new. However, being prepared well in advance leveraging the historical data captured in your TMS is an innovation with significant benefits to high volume shippers. TMS users in transportation logistics organizations are sitting atop a gold mine of actionable data captured by their TMS solutions.