Continuous delivery drives continued supply chain innovation


I’m not referring to order changes, SKU changes or capacity changes, but rather, the processes and functionality that drive your day-to-day decision making. If it’s been too long to remember, you’re likely lagging behind when it comes to supply chain innovation. by Alexa Cheater.

Supply Chain Innovation: Responding to Change While Keeping An Eye On Fundamentals


Supply chain innovation and change are the driving forces behind today's modern supply chain, and, according to Nye Longman of Supply Chain Management , the rate of change isn't going too slow. Defining Supply Chain Innovation. Where does the future of the supply chain innovation rest?

What’s Driving Disruptive Innovation in Supply Chain Planning?


Disruptive innovation is changing the supply chain planning vendor space. Writing in The Wall Street Journal , Christopher Mims offers a broader explanation as to what causes this sort of industry disruption, popularized by Clayton Christenson in his seminal book “ The Innovators Dilemma ”.

Innovating Through Mistakes

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Of course, there will be less frequent visits to life’s casualty department if you can prepare (at least some of the time) in the sand-pit rather than through the more bruising real-life encounters we euphemistically refer to as “learning experiences.”. Innovation Supply Chain innovation JDA FocusConnect JDA Labs machine learning supply chain“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is the advice we often get at life’s difficult moments.

Creating an Innovative Supply Chain

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An oft-heard business battle cry is: Innovate or die! David Weaver, a supply chain optimization expert, refers to another common phrase: “Don’t rest on your laurels.”[1] Weaver observes, “We have seen many businesses over the past several years run into problems due to a lack of supply chain innovation, slow reaction to changing market conditions and a resistance to change.” ” What drives supply chain innovation? Innovation Tools.

Supply Chain Innovation: The Path to Success!

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Innovation is a team effort requiring collaboration and buy-in from all levels within an organization, and it’s especially true when it comes to bringing innovation to the supply chain. A Blueprint for Successful Supply Chain Innovation. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Next Generation of Excellence: Agility, Culture, Innovation


Innovation as Excellence. While better-faster-cheaper is an incremental improvement philosophy, “innovation” changes the game. Innovators might ask a totally different and heretical question: “Are the things we do in supply chain adding any value?”

The Next Generation of Excellence: Agility, Culture, Innovation


Innovation as Excellence. While better-faster-cheaper is an incremental improvement philosophy, “innovation” changes the game. Innovators might ask a totally different and heretical question: “Are the things we do in supply chain adding any value?”

Shipping Freight Isn’t Tactical Anymore: 3 Areas That Require Strategic, Collaborative, & Innovative Thinking


In today's ever more complex supply chain riddled with thousands upon thousands of processes, shipping freight has moved beyond tactical prowess for those who execute well and has evolved to now include strategic, innovative, and collaborative efforts to maintain not only a competitive edge but reduce overall transportation cost footprint. Data capture refers to the ability to gather all information about a given subject.

A Detailed Look at What's Driving Disruptive Innovation in Supply Chain Planning


Last week offered an overview of how disruptive innovation is changing the supply chain planning vendor landscape. We mentioned that Gartner said that this significant disruption was driven by end users’ changing priorities and needs.

Eyes on Innovation: 3 Supply Chain Innovation Themes to Watch

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Innovation is all about thinking creatively and developing new solutions to universal challenges. Innovations in technology and processes can impact your supply chain in many ways, like gaining visibility into your in-transit network or the reducing supply chain spend.

Innovation in the Digital Age

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Many a pundit has predicted that companies failing to innovate and/or transform into digital enterprises will end up failing. That begs the question: How has innovation changed in the digital age? AI and innovation. They are: Creating Space For Innovation.

Transformational Tech in Retail, Part 2: Innovation That’s Changing How We Shop

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the details of innovative shopping technologies you might have heard of, but might not fully understand, so you can grasp the benefits these technologies could bring you in terms of new shopping and buying experiences. “Wearables” refers to any electronic technologies that are worn on the body, either incorporated into clothing or as an accessory, such as activity trackers.

Three Cool Technologies

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I see the best success with E2Open (previously Terra Technology) and ToolsGroup, but I do not have enough client references to judge OM Partners’ product.) I like best-of-breed innovators especially those with deep math and a passion for what they do. Oh my!

Want to Innovate? Focus on Corporate Culture.

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In years past, articles about innovation primarily focused on techniques to help people unleash their creativity and/or how to put together innovation teams. More recently, I’ve been reading articles about the importance of having a culture of innovation that permeates an entire organization. Kumar Mehta ( @mehtakumar ), founder of Bridges Insight, asks, “Does your corporate culture support or hinder innovation?”[1] Creating a culture of innovation.

Innovating to Create Your Future

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Other futurists simply refer to this activity as “what if” thinking or scenario analysis. ” Cognitive technologies can play a significant role in helping business leaders innovate. Chad Steelberg ( @ChadSteelberg ), Founder and CEO of Veritone, explains, “For the first time in history, the innovation equation is about to change, for it is no longer solely dependent on human cerebral capacity and population growth.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

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Over the years I’ve read a number of articles touting the benefits of corporate culture as it relates to innovation. From Investopedia: “Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. From Inc.: “Corporate culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature.

Road Report: Purposeful Innovation Proves Powerful


During the conference, leaders in the industry offered innovative ideas, compelling insights, and effective strategies to improve operations. One of the speaker sessions that I attended was by Dr. Srinivas Veeramasuneni, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of USG Corporation.

Consumer Products Supply Chain Disruptor: 3D Printing


3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing is a process of creating objects or things by layering materials. The use of advanced technologies is significantly transforming the manufacturing of all products and having a tremendous impact on the supply chain.

Innovation: Breaking Down Silos and Broadening Perspectives

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For decades, innovation gurus have suggested companies dump their “not invented here” mentality that rejects the embrace of ideas generated outside of company circles. Saul Kaplan, founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory, believes many organizations fail to innovate because of silos. Who hasn’t suffered a severe case of innovator’s envy, coveting access to information and capabilities that seem so tantalizingly close?

How can innovative Manufacturers utilize Route Optimization Software?


Route optimization software help companies deliver or move goods and services with tracking capability of GPS and innovative reporting features which will assist dispatchers to reduce mileage expenses, avoid unplanned stops and adopt more fuel-efficient routes. References 1.

Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

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… a group of energized innovators. In retrospect, the 1990s were an exceptional time of innovation impacts on productivity. Embrace innovation. So as I think about the future and the need to embrace new forms of innovation, I want to share some thank-you notes today. (I

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Innovation: The Value of being Cheap in the Information Age

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Money is just one resource that can constrain innovation efforts and force people to think more creatively. Even if an organization is blessed with resources, some pundits believe innovation teams ought to be given constraints under which to work in order to ensure they think more creatively. Some of those solutions have found their way into developed economies in a process known as reverse innovation. Innovation and affordability.

Probabilistic Forecasting: Right Fit for Your Business?

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Reference the video.) Demand Global Supply Chains innovation Inventory Management Anthony Narozza probabilistic forecasting Spairliners. In the design of planning systems, it is important to think through the elements.

Blockchain: Reflections on a Webinar

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Yesterday, I spoke at the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Leaders Forum on innovation. As a result, there is very little time to focus on innovation. The singular focus on IT standardization and ERP migration hijacked supply chain innovation.

How Will Motoring Innovation Impact on the Fuel Retail Sector?

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The question many fuel providers are asking as these new innovations come into the fore is; how will these changes affect the fuel retail sector? While these developments are set to be revolutionary for car manufacturers and drivers as well as hugely beneficial for the environment, many retailers are concerned that some of these innovations will lead to declining sales in petrol and convenience retail. References.

Sustain 2019: Exponential Progress in Responsible Purchasing, Perseverance and Innovation


And the answer, regardless of the sector, is through perseverance, innovation and exponential thinking. . Innovation. Interestingly, though unsurprisingly, perseverance goes hand in hand with a growth mindset and innovation.

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #4

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The S&OP Pulse Check 2015 suggests S&OP practitioners are left behind in confusion: 62% of respondents think there is not enough innovation in S&OP systems. 64% think there is not enough coordinated innovation in S&OP processes. Capture S&OP innovation.

S&OP 125

October Logistics Snapshot from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics


We just received the October edition of the monthly Logistics Market Snapshot from our friends at the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics. As always, below are some encouraging statistics: October is also what many in the logistics industry refer to as near the end of “peak season” in preparation for the holidays. For more information, visit the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics website.

The Future of Energy for Manufacturing!

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As society contends with climate change, manufacturing will be at the forefront of their organization’s social and environmental initiatives, fostering innovation, and providing greener choices for their customers. Energy #Innovation #Technology. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Transforming, innovating, and leading the future of automotive with AI-powered indirect procurement


Innovate. In this case, thinking differently refers to multiple facets of your organization. If you’re not using innovative technology, you’re already behind. Are you ready to transform, innovate, and lead your automotive organization?

Debunking the 6 most common myths about industrial 3D printing and its impact on supply chains


But to this day, the benefits of 3D printing, also referred to as Additive Manufacturing, remain elusive to most supply chain executives. Business efficiency, customization and innovation are the big driving forces behind this transition.

Multiply your skills, or be left behind

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Innovation in supply and demand networks is happening so quickly, that just learning the ‘new thing’ and going back to business is no longer sufficient. In the day-to-day environment, you need real-time, just-in-time performance support which includes quick reference on how to perform tasks.

So what exactly is Supplier Relationship Management, anyway?

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They all seem to refer to some form of “touchy-feely”, kumbaya-type of relationship between buyers and sellers, that in the end doesn’t mean a whole lot or provide a lot of direction for specific actions to be taken.

Is the FAR getting in the way of Early Supplier Involvement in defense projects?


This approach has been used for many years, and tends to limit the opportunity for innovation, cost savings suggestions, and introduction of new technologies into the process, as noted by Anne Rung in her memo during her time at the Office of Management and Budget.

The Growing Digital Connection Between Businesses and Consumers

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This is one of the premier conferences in the development and application of emerging technologies, and it does an excellent job of bringing together academic research and industrial innovation in one forum. While this conference was not focused on supply chain, hearing the impact of digital on human learning, health technologies, smart cities, manufacturing, cybersecurity, video capture and more reinforced the importance of JDA’s work on our Digital Edge innovations.

Effective supply chain management through social networking: Guest Blog by Nicholas Moores

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However, social media in industry is not just outward facing, but is being used increasingly within business to help manage supply chains, creating what Adrian Gonzales, founder and president of Adelante SCM refers to as “social business networks”. Coordinating via Socialtext from across the warehouse was a quick and easy innovation, that allowed IMM to use its workforce effectively. Today’s blog is a guest post by Nick Moores on social networking for supply chains.