3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


The average Supply Chain management professional measures their Supply Chain by reviewing cost reduction. Is cost reduction all that there is in measuring Supply Chain performance? What about measuring working capital in the Supply Chain?

Changing Your Perspective to Measure Supply Chain Performance

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Why measure the performance of a supply chain? Because a supply chain is increasingly the sole competitive differentiator for an enterprise, and measuring its performance helps to improve it and detect and solve any problems.

3 Technology Trends That Will Improve Your Supply Chain Performance [Video]

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In today’s competitive markets, it takes more than the ability to quickly respond to urgent supply chain disruptions after they start. Instead, your supply chain must predict disruptions and proactively resolve them before they negatively impact your business. Ready to take innovation, productivity, and efficiency to the next level? The post 3 Technology Trends That Will Improve Your Supply Chain Performance [Video] appeared first on Supply Chain Nation Blog.

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Supply Chains Made Simple: 4 Tips to Improve Your Business’ Supply Chain Performance


When it comes to improving a business’ inventory performance, interrogating the supply chain can be an intimidating prospect. Supply chains are complicated and difficult, and the prospect of change typically provokes a reflexive ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ response. Looking ahead into the future and allocating adequate resources to improve the supply chain can pay off remarkably quickly.

Improving Traceability for Better Supply Chain Performance

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Many companies are striving to improve supply chain traceability in response to increasing demand from customers and government regulators for more information on product flows. Researchers at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI), Shah […].

Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

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The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning. As companies prepare for Supply Chain 2030, we think that it is time to rethink the basics. The consensus is process innovation.

Customer Experience Driving Innovation for High-Performing Companies

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt of a research report published last week , “Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation.” Customer Experience: A Bigger Focus for High-Performing and Innovator Companies.

The Fight of the Titans

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Supply chain leaders are competitive. The field of supply chain management–combining source, make and deliver–into a common process started in 1982. Yet, the Titans, the first generation of supply chain super powers, continue to battle competitors.

BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Over the last two decades the company successfully leveraged global scale to define supply chain leadership. With 12,000 supply chain employees operating in 80 countries with 2400 storage facilities, supply chain excellence and innovation are the foundation of corporate performance.

Does Your Supply Chain Self-Optimize?


They have also influenced the way we make decisions in supply chain planning. As a result we are now in a position to have a supply chain planning system that may have enough intelligence to grow and change with the organization on its own!

Measuring Up?

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The average manufacturing company’s supply chain organization is 15 years old. Historically, the traditional supply chain focused on improving costs. Today, more mature supply chain teams focus on delivering value.

The Official Planning System of Record, Differentiation, and Innovation

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Supply chain performance relies on forward-thinking SCP and business forecasting, a coveted place where executives can solve for future problems – today. Supply Chain Demand Planning Demand Sensing MEIO Sales & Operations Planning

Apprentice Systems with Attribute Based Planning


Attributes are essential elements to define every aspect of a supply chain in as much granularity as needed. As it can be seen, attributes can define the supply chain in great detail making digitalization a reality.

Time for a Mea Culpa?

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For most companies today there is great room for improvement in the supply chain. Companies want a supply chain that is more aligned and agile. Current State of Supply Chains. Supply chain matters more, but it is understood less and less.

Supply Chain Digital Blueprint—Path to Stage 5 Maturity


If you are still using spreadsheets to run your supply chain you are in good company. Where in the latter, the highest stage of maturity, you can perform digital and touchless planning. Read more on touchless-supply-chain-planning. Learn more at Innovations.

Halo Redefines Demand Sensing to Boost Supply Chain Performance


Halo, the supply chain advanced analytics platform of Logility, Inc., today announced the release of Halo Demand Sensing, an innovative solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and multiple data streams to create an accurate sense-and-respond forecast to increase margins and optimize inventory deployment. The post Halo Redefines Demand Sensing to Boost Supply Chain Performance appeared first on Halo.

New Research from BluJay Solutions Finds Customer Experience Overtakes Cost as Top Supply Chain Differentiator and Innovation Driver

BluJay Solutions

Report explores the driving forces behind supply chain innovation and priorities. 10, 2019 – BluJay Solutions , a leading provider of supply chain software and services, today released the findings from its second annual research study in the report, “ Focus on Customer Experience: Research on Supply Chain Priorities and Investments.” Average or Below Average Performers, and Innovators/Early Adopters v.

Your Supply Chain Digital Blueprint© to Stage 5 Maturity


If you are still using spreadsheets to run your supply chain you are in good company. Where in the latter, the highest stage of maturity, you can perform digital and touchless planning. Read more on touchless-supply-chain-planning. Learn more at Innovations.

FOCUS 2015: On Track for Innovation

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When I was asked to organize the Innovation and Thought Leadership track at FOCUS 2015 , I recognized that I would need to assemble some high-impact speakers who would get attendees thinking about the radical changes they need to make in their supply chains.

Visibility for All: Getting Control of the Modern Supply Chain

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In supply chain, leaders and innovators are, and it shows (favorably) in their performance. The modern-day supply chain begs for visibility throughout the entire chain, from point of order, to packaging, shipping, and delivery.

QAD Supplier Portal: An Introduction


Manufacturers are realizing the benefits of tightening relationships with suppliers to better manage the procurement of goods and lower supply costs. This builds a more effective manufacturer-supplier partnership that lowers inbound supply costs and improves supplier performance.

Dyson selects Kinaxis to manage global supply chain


has selected Kinaxis to enhance its supply chain agility to achieve a greater competitive advantage. Creating a hyper-agile supply chain. by Jay Muelhoefer One of the most exciting consumer products companies in the world, Dyson Inc.,

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Health Check Your Supply Chain for Inefficiencies

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Even in 2019 many companies still underestimate the importance of their global supply chain and above all, how their logistics and supply chain performance can beneficially impact their marketing, ultimately leading to healthier financial results.

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics


Demand planning plays a crucial role in supply chain management as it has a pervasive impact on all three levels of decision making: strategic, tactical and operational decisions. To ensure sustainability in an ever-changing and competitive domain, companies must constantly adapt and readapt supply chain technology and processes. A key success factor for companies lies in the capability to leverage such data efficiently to the supply chain advantage.

Ensuring Reliability in Supply Chain


” Infineum, a world leader in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of additives for the fuel and lubricant industry, embarked on a supply chain transformation initiative and shared their advice on three components of success—people, process and tools.

Using Managed Analytics to Build a Next-Generation Supply Chain

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For years, supply chain leaders have struggled to achieve a sophisticated level of supply chain visibility that would drive continuous improvement, optimize spend and reduce risk. How well is my transportation routing guide performance? Performance Optimization.

Aligning Your Supply Chain Planning Message with Your CEO


I advised supply chain leaders to ensure that their initiatives were seen by chief executives as engines for growth. Gartner recommends that Chief Supply Chain Officers take on dual roles — operational caretaker and growth partner. Supply Chain Planning

“Curve Shifting” on the Efficient Frontier


Regarding supply chain trade-off curves: trade-off, shmade-off…if you don’t like your current frontier, change it. SC Digest covered the presentation recently here: Understanding the Supply Chain Efficient Frontier.

Supply Chain Consulting


Supply Chain Consulting: Distribution Network Design Case Study. The client turned to LeanCor to conduct a supply chain consulting project that developed an optimized logistics network. RASCI to show which facilities should perform which functions.

End to End Supply Chain


A Future State for Your End to End Supply Chain. It may seem like wishful thinking to successfully implement and sustain a supply chain that delivers the highest possible value to the customer at the lowest possible total cost.

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Gartner Study Identifies Supply Chain User Wants and Needs


Source: 2017 Gartner Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs Study, Dwight Klappich. The annual Gartner Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs Study, now its tenth year, is one of this industry's most comprehensive studies of supply chain users.

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The Best Part of My Job


As we wrapped up our 2019 Velocity Conference in Orlando last week, I was reminded how lucky we are to be in supply chain. At the 2019 Velocity Conference we recognized several companies for their digital supply chain transformations. Innovations in Supply Chain.

The Top 5 Supply Chain Blogs of 2016 …So Far


We continue our series on the top 5 blogs in our 4 main categories ( Freight , Manufacturing , Logistics , and Supply Chain ). Today's post will cover the top 5 supply chain blogs from 2016 so far. Top Supply Chain Blogs from the First Half of 2016 So Far. The supply chain blogs category most top viewed blog posts from the first half of 2016 included several elements of the supply chain. Supply Chain blogs supply chain

Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains (Guest Post by Wolfgang Lehmacher, WEF)

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The report, titled Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains , provides preliminary considerations for Fourth Industrial Revolution-driven supply chains. The Fourth Industrial Revolution changes the way in which we produce and manage the supply chain, and paves the way for the creation of new value chains. Wolfgang Lehmacher is Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum.

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5 Easy-to-Use Ways to Monitor Supply Chain Health

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Is the current performance of your supply chain network optimal? How do you gauge network performance, which numbers are important to you and what do they mean? Here are five supply chain basics that every manager can analyse on an ongoing basis to keep tabs on the health of their supply chain networks. Metrics show how your supply chain is performing – providing they are the right ones to do the job.

Supply Chain Consulting


Warehouse Layout and Transfer Management: A Supply Chain Consulting Case Study. LeanCor’s supply chain consulting team was requested to develop a strategy for improving material flow and processes at the new distribution center location, without impacting head count. Overall results for the supply chain consulting project included: Unloading and putaway cycle times reduced by up to 66% . About LeanCor’s Supply Chain Consulting Services .

Blockchain and Supply Chain Analytics: Impact of Small to Large Supply Chains


The value of blockchain and supply chain Analytics is Undisputed, and the capabilities of blockchain Technology are starting to become available two small and midsize businesses, as well as large corporations, such as Walmart. Blockchain Data Supply Chain Technology