Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


I had an opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects this past year, and in the process, spent a lot of time talking about digital supply chains with a lot of really informed people. This is how innovation ultimately occurs.

Talent Management in Logistics: Why It’s More Important than Ever

Talking Logistics

We often talk about the importance of people, process, and technology in Supply Chain Management, but many times the people dimension gets the short end of the stick, especially when most of the headlines today are about cool technology trends like blockchain, artificial intelligence and driverless trucks. Talent management is more important than ever, however. What are some of the key factors companies need to consider in talent management?

What Recruiters are Looking For in Supply Chain Students….

Supply Chain View from the Field

This is a guest post from Director Clyde Crider of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, based on an MBA panel he sat in on yesterday at NC State’s Poole College of Management. Question: What key attributes are you looking for in graduates being recruited to become future supply chain leaders in your company? (In A passion for supply chain, a passion to win. Creative, innovative thinker with a bias for action.

The Digital Supply Chain Will Change Everything… Ask Gary Kasparov!


A lot of blogs and writers are discussing the role of machines vs. humans and their relationship, especially in the context of supply chain management. These insights suggest that change management is not just option, but truly imperative in a period when so many new technologies are coming on-line. How to reward people who go the extra mile, and using smart contracts through emerging technologies such as block chain?

Procurement Leaders Blog Post: Cross-Functional Teaming is Easier Said Then Done


In particular, management will often say “Oh yeah – we use cross-functional teams.” Then this becomes a great forum for innovation.”

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Review of “Procurement Value Proposition” misses the point…ISO “Mr. Impossible”!

Supply Chain View from the Field

If we are not up to the task, and can’t bring the best talent into a role that has responsibility for over 50% of an organizations costs (in most modern enterprises), then perhaps the leadership team doesn’t have their priorities in the right place! In my mind, they need to invest in a talent management strategy, beginning by partnering with targeted universities to help shape and develop the people that they need to fulfill these roles.