15 Improvements by the Deployment of The Internet of Things in the Supply Chain


The list of relevant applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) era technology across multiple industries and market segments continues to grow. Current and future applications have the potential to provide new methods of value creation and sources of revenue streams for companies in the digital age. 11 Improvements by the Deployment of the Internet of Things in the Supply Chain.

Supply Chain and the Internet of Things – Towards New Paradigms

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Internet plays a key role in connecting native digital items like PCs, IT servers, smartphones, and software applications. However, the things to hook up now include physical assets from an analogue world. Machinery, vehicles, mechanical devices, actuators, gauges, sensors, and other things are non-digital. They cannot connect directly to the all-digital Internet. That’s where the Internet of Things or IoT comes in.


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IoT Inspired Smart Warehouses Are Reinventing Inventory Management


Everything is connected to the internet, including consumer and industrial devices and systems. The internet allows for unlimited scalability and boosted efficiency in warehouse inventory management. The so-called “smart warehouse” takes advantage of these defining factors by connecting systems to streamline inventory management and overall productivity. Share information, to increase visibility and responsiveness of all parties involved.

Supply Chain Predictions!

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Check out Procurement Experiences, Trends and the Future! In the book, The Living Supply Chain , the authors argue that, “Speeding up the supply chain is at the root of everything that is good: improved revenue, reduced working capital, higher profitability, and less obsolete inventory. Conversely, slowing down the supply chain is at the root of everything that is bad: working capital write-offs, reduced profitability, and slowing revenues.”. Subscribe Here!

Augmented Reality (AR) is the Future of the Supply Chain!

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I found this out during my first job out of college. I started my industrial engineering career in a hot Southeastern ambient distribution center (DC) where innovation consisted of adding conveyor and sorters at several hundred dollars per FOOT! I will go into more detail about some of his past experiences with engineers coming in to support operations at a later time. Later in the week, the shifts were so action packed you had to be mindful of where you walked.

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Open Letter to the Chief Financial Officer

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For most, it is the end of the quarter. While for others, the end of the fiscal year is looming. The end of any fiscal period is a good time to take stock, and reflect. I walked into the event early before my speaking slot and sat down to listen to the CFO of Samsung Europe wrap-up his speech about his supply chain. After his presentation, there was a facilitated networking session on the role of the CFO in supply chain. Rethink the Role of the Budget.

Data is the Real Gold At the End of the Rainbow for Contract and Spend Management Systems


Contract management analytics are critical for tracking transactional compliance with contract pricing, terms and conditions, but also as a vehicle for workflow management around negotiation of contract renewals, and aggregation of supplier performance data on service level agreements, delivery, quality, and service performance. When spend analysis is combined with insights about contracts that are outstanding, another layer of insight can be created.

Day 3: Lenovo Goes About Creating the End to End Transparent Supply Chain


On the third day the team visited the Lenovo “Green Data Center”, and learned of how Lenovo is working to create their “converged” network servers that are on the leading edge of being focused on sustainable high speed efficient performance. Lenovo is $45B in sales, with 55,000 employees in over 160 countries, and was named one of the top 100 best global brands. Managing inventory cost is always an issue, and it is often driven by a number of factors.

It’s About Time for a new “World Class Supply Chain” Paradigm


As a young assistant professor at Michigan State University in 1992, I was part of a group called the Global Procurement Benchmarking Initiative. This initiative benchmarked over 300 global companies, and set forth many of the principles for what we called “World Class Supply Chains”. Many of these principles became the foundation for consulting practices at Accenture, Deloitte, Booz Allen, and others. Leveraging and strategic sourcing has gotten in the way of that.

Reflections on the LIVING Supply Chain SCRC Meeting


I led off the discussion and took this opportunity to share some of the highlights of my new book, The LIVING Supply Chain, (with Tom Linton as co-author), and try out some of these new ideas on an unsuspecting group of people! The SCRC meeting featured a group of executives, students, and faculty participating at the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative meeting yesterday in Raleigh, held at the new Talley Student Center on the NC State campus.

Learning to Work with Machines That Learn What the Experts Know


It is no secret that future generations of managers are being asked to learn all about the different processes in the end-to-end supply chain, and be able to come together with others in a fast action plan when a disruption strikes. And people are often hesitant to bother these experts, or in many cases don’t know who they are, nor how to ask the right question that helps to access the specific gray matter between the ears of these experts for help with a specific problem!

Best Practice: Creating a Governance Mechanism for Analytical Learning in Organizations


There are systems directors in both the procurement and logistics/planning teams. The linkages between the enterprise and local teams are very tight, to ensure that functionally unique applications are inventoried centrally so all parties can leverage these tools. All of these groups (supply chain IT, systems, supply chain analytics, planning and logistics analytics) participate in the Supply Chain Director’s Council.

Our Top 10 Blog Posts … So Far!

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The number of categories has continued to grow. In that time [link] was also selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs on the Internet. So we thought that this would be a good point at which to share a list of the Top 10 Most Viewed Blog posts that we have published so far. World Class Inventory Turnover Breakthrough (Infographic). Inventory Management is a critical element in running an efficient Supply Chain. Subscribe Here!

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The State of Supply Chain Trends Part II: AI, Procurement, & the New Lean


This unwavering drive represents the continued interest in advancing today’s capabilities with state-of-the-art technology and adaptability. From artificial intelligence to refocusing on procurement, the state of supply chain continued to explode throughout 2016, and you need to understand why. The State of Supply Chain 2016 Trends. In other words, the use of AI may help to improve patient outcomes and reduce delays from misdiagnoses or laboratory testing.

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Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?

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As such it was many years before I actually heard of the term “Supply Chain Management” Regardless I pursued my interests and took on an increasingly diverse set of progressive jobs as time went on. Now as I look back on my career virtually everything I did falls under the banner of Supply Chain management. Some people want physical activity, some want something more intellectual or analytical, and still others want some combination of both. Subscribe Here!

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Top 6 Predictions for Supply Chain Planning in 2021 and Beyond


Just when things couldn’t possibly get any crazier, 2020 finally came to a close. Among other uses, companies can use this to assess the impact of changes in supply parameters (e.g. Best-of-breed solutions will be at the forefront. applications of the future.

Our 2017 Top 10 Blog Posts … So Far!

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The number of categories has continued to grow. In that time [link] was also selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs on the Internet. So we thought that this would be a good point at which to share a list of the 2017 Top 10 Blog posts that we have published so far. World Class Inventory Turnover Breakthrough (Infographic). Inventory Management is a critical element in running an efficient Supply Chain. Subscribe Here!

Is Your Supply Chain A Cost Centre or a Value Creator?

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Check out Brand Protection – The Definitive Role of the Supply Chain! From planning to negotiating to buying, from moving goods to processing goods, and from managing data to managing inventory. These responsibilities are at the core of making your company run. And how do you increase the value of Supply Chain in the eyes of your Executives and other functions? Now the role of Supply Chain is certainly different from one industry to the next.

Manufacturing success: how procurement can leverage Industry 4.0 to manage MRO spend


lights-out manufacturing”, a hallmark of Industry 4.0). There are innovative ways for manufacturing and procurement teams to gain visibility into MRO spend and collaborate with each other and their supplier base to better predict service needs. up/down times, “bug reports,” life expectancy of parts, etc.). They can also help procurement forecast expected MRO costs. In the age of Industry 4.0, Procurement

Why Real-Time Visibility Should be Core to Your Supply Chain Strategy

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Using technology to drive strategy and improve performance—and ultimately create financial value—is top of mind for shippers today managing complex global supply chains. A key component of this technology trend is the need for a supply chain visibility platform. According to Gartner, “By 2023, 50% of global leading enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility solutions.” Is the lack of real-time visibility holding back your supply chain?

The Three “Habits” for Successful IoT Implementations


In Lora Cecere’s Supply Chain 2020 study, the Internet of Things (IoT) was considered one of two disruptive technologies with the greatest potential impact on supply chain effectiveness, above technologies such as 3D printing and robotics. They recently published their findings in a paper called What it takes to get an edge in the Internet of Things. Editor’s note: Due to the upcoming holidays, this will be our last blog for 2018.

10 Vital Supply Chain Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic!

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With accelerating rates of virus transmission and deaths the global response for containment has increased as well. Every aspect of our lives has been disrupted: our health, freedom of movement, employment, the economy, our ability to buy goods, and virtually every Supply Chain. We started to hear about shortages of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, foods and household goods. Now we are starting to hear about shortages of ventilators, masks, and medical equipment.

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The IoT Reality Check

C3 Solutions

This article is part of our Retail Program. As with many new technologies the IoT has been the subject of much hype, lots of grand ideas and, inevitably, somewhat less return than initially promised. Retail has the lowest margins of any sector, at.5

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


Sure, supply chain cost reduction is important in reducing the cost of goods sold (COGS) and increasing profit, but there are other measurements which should not be forgotten. If cost reduction is not the only thing to measuring supply chain performance, that begs the questions: "Maybe we should be measuring other Supply Chain Management activities and what would they be?". Inventory measurement is critical and it is money after all in that it took a capital expense to procure.

Digital Supply Chain Predictions!

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The Digital Supply Chain Road is Full of Potholes, Construction and Accidents! The focus is definitely on the efficiency of operations relating to technological applications. Internet of Things. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

Surviving Disruptions – an opportunity for supply chains to thrive with people and technology – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

“Managing supply chain and logistics has never been more significant and challenging since the outbreak of COVID-19 that created a new norm with high uncertainty and enforced an inevitable shift”. Dr Shereen Nassar, the Global Director of Logistics Studies and Director of the M.Sc.

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Inspirational Supply Chain Quotes

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If you think of standardization as the best that you know today, but which is to be improved tomorrow; you get somewhere.” ~ Henry Ford, founder Ford Motor Company. Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.” ~ W. Good is the enemy of great. That’s why so few things become great.” ~ James C.

The View from Houston: DHL Global Energy Conference 2015

Supply Chain View from the Field

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of oil and gas executives at the DHL Global Energy conference this week, held in the Petroleum Club. I was joined by one of my former NC State students, Scott Frahm, who sat in on a few of the presentations. The conference was a great opportunity to interact with logistics and procurement executives in an environment of open dialogue and discussion.

Navigating the Supply Chain Management Fault Line

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In parallel, I am also seeing market consolidation of traditional applications. There are five fundamental shifts: Redefinition of Decision Support Software. There is a lot of noise in this market. Decision support includes all forms of planning: demand, supply, revenue, manufacturing and transportation planning. The inclusion of cognitive computing in decision support will make the traditional applications in the advanced planning solution markets obsolete.

The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


From Amazon to hyper-local retailers, 2017 will be a year of intense scrutiny and pressure on logistics providers. Fortunately, your organization can get ahead of the learning curve by knowing what trends in logistics to watch for this year. According to PLS Logistics , global companies will install procurement managers in China for entire organizations by 2025. This has always been true in retail, but the power of consumers has grown with the rise of the digital age.

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How a digital transformation can maximize the value of your meat supply chain

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While advanced innovations and developments like the Internet of Things (IoT) reach each industry and change the way we work together, the requirement for business transformation is rising. Sharing of data across the chain is minimal, if non-existent. Beef, poultry and pork producers from Europe and North America all share a similar challenge: how to get the most value out of an animal. Many organizations have plenty of data scattered across various systems.

Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work

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” Here is an excerpt from the article: “…it isn’t by becoming more efficient that the supply chains of Wal-Mart, Dell, and Amazon have given those companies an edge over their competitors. Third, they align the interests of all the firms in the supply network so that companies optimize the chain’s performance when they maximize their interests. This is the goal of this post. And, then assess the current state of alignment.

Industry 4.0: Driven by 5G and Cognitive Technologies

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Some things seem destined to go together; for example, a wink & a smile; bed & breakfast; cookies & milk; and fish & chips. Many pundits assert 5G and cognitive technologies — often referred to as artificial intelligence (AI) — should be added to the list of famous pairs. The power of AI. So even though technology is the driving force behind these processes, humans are still in the center of decision making and action. ” The power of 5G.

Technology and Your Healthcare Supply Chain, What’s on the Horizon?


And nowhere is the disruption of emerging tech more obvious than in the procurement sector. Emerging tech trends — especially big data, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing — will transform healthcare procurement operations, streamlining each department in ways we can only begin to imagine today. Enhanced methods of data analysis may be the biggest game changer for most CPOs. He noted, “60% of CPOs don’t have a clear digital strategy.”.

6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016


As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016. The Internet’s large-scale global penetration has spawned an increasingly large number of technology and web-savvy consumers, creating a huge opportunity for both industrial manufacturers and their end customers. Instead of setting up brick-and-mortar stores, or keeping inventory on hand, you can start offering this new product on your new store. The Role of Robotics.