COVID-19 accelerates four trends and changes within global supply chains


Sales and revenues are great, but there needs to be real confidence that you’ll get 20-30% returns,” Jordan continued. System developers should be the first source of data and research for both buyers and suppliers.

How We’re Building the Supply Chain of the Future with Customers


For example, our real-time visibility tool, Navisphere® Vision , was built to provide visibility to all inventory in the supply chain whether it is sitting or in transit – in all modes and regions. It accomplishes this by bringing in outside sources of information like whether and traffic, and then pairing that with machine learning and predictive analytics. This post is credited to Jordan Kass.

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Google Express, Its Supply Chain & Viability

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Aaron Kaplan, Eunice Cho, Jordan Sugar, Poornima Nookala, Shoaib Bharmal, Vishal Vibhandik, and Felipe Caro. per order for a one hour delivery), utilizes inventory from both its warehouses and local stores and restaurants, and marks up some prices in comparison to the in-store prices. for delivery in a two-hour window), utilizes local store inventories to avoid warehousing costs, leverages courier services to deliver the products, and charges the same price available in-store.

Complex costs of transportation

Supply Chain Movement

To anticipate and respond to high customer demand, a modern Transportation Management System (TMS) needs to optimize inventory allocation. By consolidating at the source, several shipments can be combined into one, thereby reducing the number of shipments even before the shipments arrive at the Logistics Service Provider (LSP). A TMS with inventory allocation enables shippers to monitor shipments down to the package level. Jordan.

Additive Manufacturing continues to Mature

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“Where traditionally supply chains followed something like the SCOR model (plan, source, make, deliver, return), 3D printing is innovating that model and putting consumers in the driver’s seat.” ” Industries in which customization is important will also appreciate the fact that 3D printing can help reduce inventories. This could allow companies to reduce inventory holdings by being able to better match supply to demand.

10 questions about the benefits of S&OP for your organisation

Supply Chain Movement

For one company the added value will lie in avoiding running below capacity and in reducing inventory while for another it will be the controlled scaling up of new products and services, but it always revolves around being able to anticipate and adapt the chain to developments in a timely and integral manner in order to achieve the strategic objectives. However, there must be consensus within the organisation about definitions and the right source of information for important reports.

Going Lean: Should You Replace Your ERP System?


By Trey Jordan, Senior Software Consultant. Even if ERP systems were easier to implement, success isn’t likely to be achieved even with a new ERP system when success is measured against desired outcomes such as increased velocity and reduced inventory levels. It doesn’t really matter which ERP you use; SyncManufacturing can accept data from any source – even multiple ERP systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been around for decades.

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Supply Chain Management:Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the.

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Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. That in-turn raises the challenge of the ability to manage inventories across cross-channel commerce, along with the ability to position and deploy inventory to the most profitable channel and associated store outlets. Posted by: Jordan | January 5, 2014 1:11 PM. Sourcing,Procurement,Contract & Spend Management (38). About Us. Contact Us.