Lean Six Sigma


What is Lean Six Sigma Logistics? Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two methodologies that complement one another when applied to logistics and supply chain management. Lean Six Sigma Logistics: Lean and the Logistician.

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #9: Relentless pursuit of one metric at the expense of other metrics.


Reason #6 Not effectively managing inventory. One example that I’ve seen several times is around inventory targets. The supply chain team then ramps down the inventory to the new target and responds to the inevitable stock-outs by expediting short materials and shipments.

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Lean Inventory: Using Lean Initiatives To Manage Inventory


What is Lean Inventory Management? More firms are implementing lean inventory management techniques to reduce costs, improve flexibility and have more time to focus on their customers. What is Lean Inventory Management? Attributes of Lean Inventory Management.

Lean 342

Employing this S.M.A.R.T. Technique with a Logistics Company to Create Total Stakeholder Satisfaction


Today we continue our series on successfully working with a logistics company, often called a third party logistics company by focusing on how to properly understand the success of the engagement by knowing all the key performance indicators that a shipper could put in place. We will then finalize the series on logistics key performance indicator success management with practical techniques to carry through the academic subjects we've covered thus far. .

Warehouse Cost Reductions: 3 Understandings Driven By Inventory Management & Lean Principles


This is the second part of my series on various ways to reduce overall costs as it relates to logistics and warehouse cost reductions. In the first part I put forth 6 areas of focus in order to reduce logistics costs. A Focus on Inventory Control Begets Warehouse Cost Reductions.

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Using Lean to Manage Inventory!

Supply Chain Game Changer

What is Lean Inventory Management? More firms are implementing lean inventory management techniques to reduce costs, improve flexibility and have more time to focus on their customers. What is Lean Inventory Management? Attributes of Lean Inventory Management.

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Using Lean Management for Inventory!

Supply Chain Game Changer

What is Lean Inventory Management? More firms are implementing lean inventory management techniques to reduce costs, improve flexibility and have more time to focus on their customers. What is Lean Inventory Management? Attributes of Lean Inventory Management.

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Managing a Third Party Logistics Partnership

The Logistics of Logistics

This SLA/KPI has to be negotiated and agreed upon by you and your 3PL partner.This negotiation time can take three (3) to Six (6) months. Chuck specializes in Supply Chain Optimization, Third Party Logistics (3PL) and International Purchasing and Importing Consulting. The post Managing a Third Party Logistics Partnership appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics.

The Most Reliable Supply Chain…Without Technology?


Do you carry too much inventory? They have the funds to access the latest technology, complete extensive R&D and implement new innovations surrounding logistics and supply chain management. Reverse logistics occur in the afternoon, taking the tins all the way back to the suburbs.

Eliminating Your Excess Inventory

Loop Supply Systems

Eliminating Your Excess Inventory. Excess inventory is experienced by nearly every manufacturer – and it’s a big problem. Inventory is one of the 7 Lean Mudas (Japanese term for ‘waste’). COST OF EXCESS INVENTORY. Now think about all of your inventory.

9 Key Topics to Understand to Frame A Shipper’s Mind for Effective KPI Management with a 3PL


This is the first post in an ongoing series on effective KPI management from third party logistics consultant, Chuck Intrieri, of The Lean Supply Chain. . A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a logistics service provider and a customer that specifies, usually in measurable terms, what services the logistics service provider will furnish. Many logistics service providers will provide their customers with an SLA.

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5 Outstanding Transport & Logistics Book for Managers

Supply Chain Opz

Are you a transportation and logistics professional who are looking for inspiring ideas to improve the operations? This article will show you 5 amazing logistics books that provide the information you can really use. However, they asked "What are some good transport and logistics book you''d recommend?". Theoretically, logistics is a function inside supply chain management that monitors and controls flows between each supply chain member.

How vehicle customization will drive the supply chain of the future


Second, the bespoke world of customization is a challenge to the supply base from concept development, to production costs amortization, to validation in a short and at times a one-piece production run, to logistics costs. Planning and managing inventories.

Operational Excellence: Streamlining the Warehouse Layout Process

Talking Logistics

Structural considerations such as the number and location of loading docks and the variety of vehicles needing to access the building are all important logistical aspects of the warehouse, but designing the layout inside the warehouse requires a much deeper understanding.

Make Your Supply Chains Less Complex – and Less Wasteful!

Talking Logistics

Inventory : Having raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP) or finished goods that are not having value added to them. Adam Russell, former group leader and Six Sigma master black belt for Eastman Chemical Company, highlights this problem in a March 2012 article in Chemical Processing : The chemical industry boasts plenty of people with good analytical and problem-solving skills. Take, for instance, Six Sigma black belts.

7 Best Supply Chain Books of All Time

Supply Chain Opz

Only highly relevant books about fundamentals of supply chain management will be listed (books discuss algorithms for supply chain network design extensively are not included here, books about information system, customer service, project management, inventory management, purchasing, lean manufacturing, six sigma are not included here either.) - In case of newer books, we use Amazon Sales Rank to determine the books' performance.

Lean Defined: What is Waste? (In Logistics)


In Logistics). Taiichi Ohno , author of Toyota Production System , devised seven manufacturing wastes: Overproduction, Inventory, Overprocessing, Correction, Waiting, Conveyance, and Motion. This trade-off describes our challenge to manage total logistics cost.

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9 Steps to Establish the Lean Supply Chain: A System of Interconnected & Interdependent Partners


o Space—holding places for unnecessary inventory. o Inventory—inactive raw, work-in-process, or finished goods. To drive further value, look for technology providers in the logistics and supply chain space who can integrate these systems together.

Lean 343

Warehouse Cost Savings: 5 Key Areas of Focus and 13 Practical Objectives


A Director of Operations, Warehouse Director or Manager, or even the Director of Supply Chain or Logistics, are always in the pursuit of continuous improvement as well as warehouse cost savings in both time and money. Labor costs are typically the largest expense in the warehouse, and in many operations, such as third-party logistics providers (3PLs), it can account for up to 50% of a warehouse's total operating costs. Reduce inventory with cross-docking or use Kanban pull systems.

7 Strategic Performance Business Practices with 3PL KPIs and 4 KPI Problems to Solve


Sales, Inventory, and Production Planning (SIOP) should be used for business planning and strategy in the shipper, 3PL relationship. The logistics service level agreement and Quarterly Business Review (QBR) should be detailed with specific 3PL KPIs. At times, both parties agree to remuneration for Kaizen Blitz events, Six Sigma problem solving. Six Sigma Quality and problem solving are necessary for Continuous Improvement.

KPI 256

Supply Chain Management Services


Do they embrace a methodology like lean, six sigma, or operational excellence? Focus on total logistics cost reduction (transportation, warehousing, and inventory). Because businesses have unique logistics needs, an easy solution is not a solution at all.

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Lean Manufacturing


A Systems Approach to Inventory Management. Inventory Management. Inventory is not isolated to raw materials and finished goods. Companies will carry inventory masquerading as service parts, repair items, administrative suppliers, automobile fleets, and a host of other types of assets that are managed by setting and maintaining certain levels. The problem is that almost every function inside an organization can affect inventory levels. Inventory Strategy.

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Why Lean Fails in Manufacturing, Distribution or Service Industries

The Lean Supply Chain

This is Six Sigma. If you add Lean to Six Sigma (Lean Six Sigma or LSS) you obtain quality at a faster throughput to the customer. The company has to get closer to the Customer’s actual needs to avoid inventory buildup.

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Developing Standard Work is one of the more difficult Lean Six Sigma disciplines; however, if efficiently developed, it should allow virtually anyone to perform the work without any variance in the desired output.

Lean 237

Supply Chain Planning


Written by Michael Burchett, Lean Logistics Specialist at LeanCor. When a dealership opens its doors, it knows inventory will be more tightly controlled on the corporate level than its competition. Balancing the People, Processes, and Purpose of Supply Chain Planning.

4 Tips to Help Manage Your Supply Chain


Logistics is a necessary function for all companies. In the absence of integrated logistics and total cost perspective, the logistics wastes are inevitable. Logistics has inherent dynamics that make the concept of total cost confusing and frustrating.

Supply Chain Management


Beyond the management of physical inventories and information in the domain of logistics is the way that products are developed, marketed, and sold. When viewed in this light, supply chain management is clearly more than logistics.

Manufacturers Should Focus on This Most Critical Component for Manufacturing Operations Excellence


Chuck Intrieri is a Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics, Manufacturing, and 3PL Selection Consultant and you can visit his website at [link] or give him a call at 714-788-0744 or shoot him an email at cmiconsulting93@gmail.com. Part of the Business Plan was Sales and Operations Planning (S and OP) or SIOP adding Inventory Management.

Real-World Scenario: Best Practices for Warehouse Contracts: Part One


When it comes to the logistics industry, whether it's transportation management contracts or warehouse contracts, there are a million moving parts, and as many questions. In the below is a real world example of a consultant coming to a third party logistics company with the goal of choosing a warehouse and 3pl provider. Currently they incur a annual spend of USD 380-420 Million for their warehousing needs, of which ~60% spend is for brand new six warehouses (average space of 1.5

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Preparing Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Leaders: The Importance of Technology Skills and Experience

Talking Logistics

With the logistics industry growing at 22 percent annually, both shippers and transportation providers are searching for workers who have what it takes to succeed in their line of work, which increasingly is being driven by information technology. Likewise, colleges and universities want to prepare new entrants to not just gain a foothold in the logistics industry but to hit the ground running and advance their careers.

Preparing for the Future of Supply Chains

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Much like the most successful business philosophies (lean, six sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM)) a handful of individuals acting alone won’t—and can’t—affect company-wide changes for the better—it takes an organizational shift. Rather than focusing solely on getting items out the door, your warehouse teams now have to be concerned with the entire product journey, not to mention reverse logistics.

The Evolution of the Direct-to-Consumer Supply Chain

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Manufacturers and CPG companies looking to employ (and scale) DTC will have to start thinking about inventory holding locations that can service customers directly without a retailer (and its network) or find another channel to ultimately service that end user, such as Amazon or Wayfair. Mr. McGuigan joined Transplace during the acquisition of SCO Logistics in April 2011, where he was President and CEO.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Transformation


Demand-Dr iven Manufacturing incorporates the best of Lean manufacturing, Theory of Constraints (TOC), and Lean Six Sigma principles. End-to-end Visibility for Real-time Coordination, Communication, and Commitment.

Lean Warehousing


As a third-party logistics provider, LeanCor offers a unique combination of third-party logistics services, hands-on consulting, and training and education that helps organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs, and instill a problem-solving culture across their supply chains.

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Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

Supply Chain Opz

The answer is that they use the multi-echelon inventory model to solve the problem. The key ingredients of Dell''s supply chain are the partnership with suppliers, part modularity, vendor managed inventory program, demand management and mass customization.