Mexico Back in the Supply Chain Spotlight

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It seems like we’ve come full circle with Mexico. A lot of companies set up operations and sourced from Mexico back in the 90s, then the focus shifted to China and other Asian countries, and now Mexico is back in the spotlight. What is it about Mexico that makes it an attractive trading partner again? economic recession made companies decrease inventories, which increased their need for speed to market and shorter cash-to-cash cycles.

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All Signs Point to Mexico Playing a Greater Role in Supply Chains

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What do you think about Mexico? My short answer: What do your customers think about Mexico? For most 3PLs, their customers — across a variety of industries — are growing their presence in Mexico, either manufacturing there or growing their supplier base there, so 3PLs need to align their services and capabilities accordingly to the changing supply chain networks of their customers. Mexico mode…Freight moved by pipeline increased 11.4

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PINC and Tsol form a strategic alliance to provide the number-one selling Yard Management System (YMS) in Mexico


Union City, CA & Mexico City - December 12, 2017 - PINC, the number-one provider of yard management systems (YMS), finished vehicle logistics , and inventory robotics solutions to the world's largest brands, announced today a partnership with Tsol, a boutique consulting company that offers supply chain technology solutions to customers in Latin America. Tsol will be a strategic partner for PINC, representing and reselling the company’s yard management solution in Mexico.

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U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile.Transportfolio by C.H. Another customer faced climbing inventory carrying costs. based organization that manufactures their product in Mexico approached us about improving their trucking rates.

Transportation TIP List: Week of April 7th, 2019


Mexico border has been widely covered by headlines across the country. Trump’s Border Threats Snarl Truck Traffic : The southern border isn’t closed, but it’s already a mess for trucks hauling goods from Mexico to the U.S., Inventory and supply chain management is expected to see a 20.2%

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This Week in Logistics News (July 15-19, 2013)

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Con-way Freight Raises the Bar on Mexico Service, Adds Door-to-Door Tracking, 24-Hour Customer Resource Center, Enhanced Web Tools. I passed on spending $1100 to fix my car A/C, so I’ve been driving around with the windows down this summer.

Best Buy Increases Inventory to Meet Customer Demand Across Channels

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In this week’s Friday in 5: Best Buy increases inventory to support multiple channels; Americans say their economic prospects are brighter, despite ongoing concerns; Nordstrom bets big on high-touch technology; Parts Town takes a new approach to automation technology; and a new complication slows free trade negotiations. According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy reported inventories on its balance sheet at $4.96

New 3PL Study: The State of Logistics Outsourcing

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Both parties view themselves as being successful, and shippers are seeing positive results again this year: an average logistics cost reduction of 9% an average inventory cost reduction of 5% and an average fixed logistics cost reduction of 15%.

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Transportation TIP List: Week of June 23rd, 2019


Mexico Becomes First Country to Pass USMCA : Last week, Mexico’s Senate passed the USMCA, making it the first country to ratify the new North American trade pact. on Strong Economic Growth : According to the recent “State of Logistics Report”, spending on transportation, inventory-carrying costs and other shipping-related expenses as a share of gross domestic product last year reached its highest level since 2014. Transportation TIP List: Week of June 23rd, 2019.

MIT Research: The Effects of Dynamic Safety Stocks on Inventory and Service Levels

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A firm that manages items with varying importance throughout the year can use dynamic service levels to have the right inventory at the right time. To build trust in an inventory policy, the insights and experience of key stakeholders should be used in developing the policy.

Checklist for working capital management

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Working capital management revolves around inventory, debtors and creditors. Mexico. Visuals cash checklist earn x turn finance inventory inventory days raw material risk Slimstock suppliers working capital10 questions to assess working capital management.

This Week in Logistics News (August 19-23, 2013)

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I went to Home Depot earlier this week to return a purchase, and the customer in front of me wanted to exchange a defective power tool with the same model, but he couldn’t find any on the shelf even though the store’s inventory system said 5 units were in stock.

The emergence of supply chain localization strategies


First, you have less cash tied up in your supply chain – and less inventory sitting on a boat, on a plane, or in a container. In North America, we are likely going to move towards a Canada/US/Mexico triad, and much of the labor will likely be moving to Mexico. Articles Director's Blog Global Supply Chain Inventory Management Logistics Uncategorized

What is Supply Chain Compliance and Why is it Important?


New Mexico. Asset Management Blog Inventory Management Managed Services Manufacturing RFID Transportation & Logistics asset management barcode verification compliance labeling GS1 harsh environment labeling UDI

How Will Trump's Curb on Trade Deficit Affect Warehousing?

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trade with Canada and Mexico has increased more rapidly than with any other countries since the signing of NAFTA in 1995, and U.S. warehouse inventory has increased by a net of 3.5

Confessions of a High Priced Expediter!

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This time the disaster was in Mexico. We focussed on establishing Vendor Managed Inventory programs and improving our Lead Times and Parameter Management. Ordering extra inventory is a stop gap solution which will cause other problems down the road. Subscribe Here!

The New JDA Flowcasting Solution

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These collaborative forecast initiatives had positive impacts on inventories and service levels. Headquartered in Mexico, Sigma Alimentos is a leading food company with a direct store deliveries business model.

Keeping It Local: How Shorter Supply Chains Impact Supply Chain Planning


The Economist says that more companies are sourcing with proximity to their major markets – for instance servicing the EU from Eastern Europe and Northern Africa or the US from Mexico. After decades of longer and more global supply chains, some are becoming shorter and more localized.

7 Reasons Panama is the Latin American Supply Chain Capital with Demo Perez

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Regarding the new tariffs between the US and Mexico, you don’t need to worry about them if you take the product right to Panama. [28:09] Latin American consumers will say the same thing, so we need inventory close to them. [00:20] Opening / Introduction. [00:51]

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Blockchain in Supply Chain: 2 Ethereum-Based Projects That Demonstrate How Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chains


A supplier in Mexico mixes up two similar parts. It is designed to dramatically decrease the time required for any entity to convert assets, such as accounts receivable, real estate, inventory, equipment, and commodities into cash. Supply chains are messy. Blockchain in Supply Chain Can Help. A manufacturer in China doesn’t read the specs on an order. An ecommerce fulfillment warehouse in the USA sends the wrong packages to customers.

Keeping It Local: How Shorter Supply Chains Impact Supply Chain Planning


The Economist says that more companies are sourcing with proximity to their major markets – for instance servicing the EU from Eastern Europe and Northern Africa or the US from Mexico. After decades of longer and more global supply chains, some are becoming shorter and more localized.

How Will Trump Curb on Trade Deficit Affect Industrial Real Estate

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trade with Canada and Mexico has increased more rapidly than with any other countries since the signing of NAFTA in 1995, and U.S. warehouse inventory has increased by a net of 3.5 billion square feet. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Halloween Candy – A Scary Supply Chain Planning Problem


In the interactive “ Top Halloween Candy by State ” map, shows my beloved candy corn is the favorite candy for trick-or-treaters in Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Michigan and Alabama. I admit, I love to eat Halloween candy as much as most grade school children (maybe more).

This Week in Logistics News (March 9-13, 2015)

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business inventories flat, inventory-to-sales ratio highest since 2009 (Reuters). Institute for Supply Management data indicated that growth in production, orders, and inventory slowed in January…January 2015 freight shipments were up 5.6

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?


of east coast and Gulf of Mexico imports in September, according to an article from the Business Information Industry Association. This involved in some cases, diverting some inventory bound for other regions. Up to date inventory status.

Dealing with Risk, Uncertainty and Tariffs: What the Recent Tariff Delay Means for Retailers

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increasing inventory before the deadline. Loading up on inventory drives additional inventory carrying costs, insurance and often contracting for more storage. While near-shoring to Mexico, Canada or the U.S. What’s the scariest part of a horror movie?

The Transformation of Supply Chain Management – IoT, AI, & Blockchain

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IoT has massive implications for supply chain management, including manufacturing, inventory management, and logistics. For Inventory – supply chain organizations have the ability to instantly look up the supply levels across the planet of every SKU and its precise location.

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31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats


Obsolete and excess inventory carriage are more preventable. Ford, second only to Walmart in reshoring over the past five years, brought 3,250 jobs from Mexico to Michigan and Ohio to build F-650 and F-750 trucks, Fusion cars, and engines.

State of Logistics Outsourcing: Plenty of Room for Growth as Shipper Dissatisfaction & Technology Expectations Increase


The costs of logistics and inventory are decreasing, contract renewal rate for logistics outsourcing remains good, and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, drone delivery and augmented reality is opening up a wide vista of opportunities. Other emerging markets include South America (not including Mexico), India, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Mexico.

How Megacity Distribution Models are Changing Urban Logistics


In Mexico City, for example, some 60% of the city’s nanostores maintain only one to two days of inventory. For example, in Mexico City, a vehicle crew on one delivery route was sorting bottles for a retailer, thereby adding some 45 minutes of non-added-value time to the delivery.

7 Ways to Create Perfect Agile Supply Chain Machine

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This helps cutting down on a delay in response, especially during supply chain disruptions (7) Develop Contingency Plan : a classic case study of a contingency plan is a case of fire of Philips facility in New Mexico in March 2000.

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This Week in Logistics News (November 4-8, 2013)

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Mexico Takes Over Crime-Besieged Port City ( Wall Street Journal ). It serves as a hub for duty-free importation and exportation of service parts, allowing clients to manage their inventory levels and distribution more competitively in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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In higher-traffic markets, Advance Auto Parts has “hub” stores that keep more inventory in-stock to give customers what they need when they need it. Foot Locker @footlocker Foot Locker makes it easy for customers to shop the way they want to shop by improving inventory visibility.

This Week in Logistics News (March 21-25, 2016)

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freight by value with North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners Canada and Mexico in January 2016 than in January 2015,” according to U.S. percent of the value of freight to and from Mexico.

This Week in Logistics News (September 17-21, 2018)

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LEGACY Supply Chain Services & Adelante SCM Partner on 2018 Industry Study on Inventory Management as Critical Function within Omni-Channel Logistics. cities and Mexico City, access to over 250,000 merchants with real time deliveries.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. S&OP allows VMAC to maintain inventories, lower customer lead times, stabilize the work force and balance financial aspects.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

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As I work with teams to envision the new tomorrow, I find fewer people know the basic concepts of manufacturing planning–cycle inventories, freeze duration, slush period, bottlenecks and constraints. And, the service supply chain can be redesigned to have less inventory and more uptime. The time to service the equipment would be in hours versus days and the amount of inventory to provide the service would be greatly reduced.