Will Supply Chain Planning Productivity be a Hot Topic in 2017?


In fact, I can say from experience that supply chain planning automation that increases productivity can be a difficult sell, reminiscent of the scene from the movie Moneyball where Oakland Athletics manager Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) tells a room full of scouts that Jonah Hill’s character represents the new way forward. Planning productivity can be increased by segmenting tasks according to the tools best suited for the activity.

Peak Shipping Season: A Review of Trends from the 2018 Holiday Peak Season


Meanwhile, inventory levels rose 3.6 Although this has always been a peak season for imported goods, more than 17,000 TEUs entered the Port of Oakland in the fall, which is a sum far more significant than data from 2017. It is that time of year again when we at Cerasis take a global view of what trends to expect in supply chain management throughout the remainder of the year.

Trends 176

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California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

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Even if they didn’t have cargo on Hanjin ships, big retailers are starting to shift inventory from West Coast distribution centers to other DCs farther east. Those two markets have benefited from harvests in August and September, but last week's volume may also include ocean freight from the ports of Tacoma and Oakland, respectively. Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month.

How Tianjin's Aftermath is Affecting West Coast Ports


The Port of Oakland, on the other hand, posted an increase of 8.7 To get back on track, the Port of Oakland announced that they are hiring 400 more workers to ensure the speed and efficiency to customers. Any dip in cargo traffic from Tianjin will have a big effect on West Coast container traffic, and there are already reports of factories and warehouses closing indefinitely as inventory and buildings see irreparable damage.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update


Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland have severe port congestion due to a lack of space for empty containers that are awaiting backhaul vessels to China and Asia. to Asia export bookings, especially in markets with low container inventory. Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update. With the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), vulnerabilities in supply chains continue to be exposed.

What to Do Now Before the Panama Canal Expands

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While the rates would be about 4% cheaper to go this route rather than through Oakland, it would also take 11 days longer. First, more inventory would be in transit at any given time. And second, to avoid running out of in-demand products, the shipper would have to stock more inventory as a buffer for unpredictable demand during those 11 days. The Panama Canal expands in 2016. What will it mean for U.S. logistics?

An Interview with Logan Ensign, Client Solutions


As you’d imagine, a good deal of our customers sell a lot around the holidays , and the unique challenges of monitoring promotions, sales, and inventory on Black Friday were super interesting. Inventory issues when sales are peaking are that much more painful, so prepping customers with “cockpit” Alloy views and helping them track performance was a very rewarding project. Logan Ensign is the Director of Client Solutions (CS) at Alloy.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Los Angeles / Long Beach and Oakland have severe congestion due to lack of space for empty containers that are awaiting backhaul vessels to China / Asia. to Asia export bookings especially in markets with low container inventory. Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update. By: Frank McGuigan, Chief Executive Officer, Transplace. At Transplace, we strive to prioritize the needs of our customers, our community, and our team members.