Decoding the language of S&OP


Properly executed, S&OP can deliver better customer service, lower inventories, shorter customer lead times, stabilized production rates, improved relationships with suppliers, and better teamwork between sales, operations, finance and product development.

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What's Wrong with S&OP?


No one in the process is able to make meaningful collaboration tradeoffs based on “what ifs” between: margin and volume, inventory and customer service, and supply and demand. Supply and Operations Planning (S&OP “The No.

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Santa & Opening Presents - Christmas S&OP For Parents

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Christmas Humour Supply Chain S&OP Logistics Management Inventory Management & Stock Control“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…”.

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Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) vs. S&OP


S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) and SI&OP (Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning) are two well know acronyms. Supply and Operations Planning (S&OP

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Automated Order Processing and Proactive Inventory Management

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Can S&OP become more continuous? Automation is key.


The S&OE charter is to compare demand to forecast and make sure production can deliver—via fast operational pivots like inventory buffers, lead times, and asset utilization. Supply and Operations Planning (S&OP

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Lassoing S&OP

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Forecasting hierarchies need to roll up to define business requirements, and inventory needs to be reported by form and function. Form and Function of Inventory. A lasso is what supply chain leaders would like to have. To align S&OP. The processes are out of control. Let me explain.

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Increasing S&OP clarity by adjusting “depth of field”


For instance, a “Buy One Get One Free” promotion intended to move excess inventory may have a short-term impact, but no meaningful strategic significance. Supply and Operations Planning (S&OP

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Five Types of Inventory Optimization You Should Know


Inventory configuration is usually the predominant issue in most manufacturing environments. Inventory policy is usually the predominant issue in most distribution environments. This risk pooling approach frequently requires less inventory.

Gartner says “Add S&OP to your Financial Planning”. Here’s Why.


Aligning financial planning and S&OP requires trade-offs—between financial goals and constraints, and demand, supply, and inventory—to balance business aims in a go-to-market strategy. Click below for an Advanced S&OP planning brief: Supply and Operations Planning (S&OP

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S&OP Effectiveness: Recommendations to Make the Leap

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While many consultants argue on the name–the debate rages with strong arguments of “Should it be Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Sales Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP), or consensus planning?”–the It is a beautiful fall day in Philadelphia.

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S&OP: Can You Make Decisions at the Speed of Business?

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Teams continuously balance cost, customer service, asset utilization and inventory. Yawn. I spent time this week completing reference calls on the use of S&OP technologies.

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Nine Myths of S&OP Technology Selection

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In addition, 85% of the vendors in the multi-tier inventory optimization market that I wrote about in 1995, are now part of larger platforms. To do S&OP well, which leads to cost savings, improved customer service and better inventory, the company must effectively model supply.

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Avoid “Lost in Translation”. Monetize S&OP to Include Finance.


Gartner recommends multiplying the planned unit volume: by price to generate monetized revenue plans, by cost to generate monetized inventory plans, by margin to generate monetized profit plans. Supply and Operations Planning (S&OP Finance speaks a different language than supply chain.

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S&OP – 13 Years On, What Have We Learned and What Has Changed?


Excess inventories, expediting, poor order fulfillment, overtime and poor resource utilization are a fact of life. . Lower inventory levels . In December 2006, I published an article titled “ S&OP or just good supply chain planning ?”

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Four Keys to S&OP Effectiveness


Linking financial metrics (such as revenue, margin, and cash flow) to operational metrics (such as orders delivered on-time and in-full, inventory turns, and capacity utilization) gives you a way to check if your operational decisions are consistent with your financial objective.

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[Webinar] Inventory Planning Methods & Tips for Optimizing Your S&OP Process Today.


Join us as we discuss how to use inventory or supply planning to properly calculate and project future inventory taking into consideration capacity constraints. Webinar] Inventory Planning Methods & Tips for Optimizing Your S&OP Process Today. was first posted on February 8, 2018 at 7:50 am. ©2017 ©2017 " Supply Chain Link Blog - Arkieva " Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only.

Your FMCG Supply Chain: The end of January is nigh!

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FMCG Dave Jordan S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning Sales Inventory Management & Stock ControlWhere has that first post-holiday month gone? Suddenly it’s the 24 th of January and there are only 7 calendar days and 5 working days until you close the month. Adopt panic stations despite what Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army would say.

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S&OP: Middle-aged or Never Grown Up?

Enterra Insights

Teams continuously balance cost, customer service, asset utilization and inventory. As a result, Dooley found “excess inventories, expediting, poor order fulfillment, overtime and poor resource utilization [were] a fact of life. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has been around for three decades. In human terms, the process should be entering its golden, middle years of life. Many pundits, however, believe the S&OP process, as originally conceived, needs to change.

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Your FMCG Supply Chain in 2018: 5 Problematic Predictions

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FMCG S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning Sales Inventory Management & Stock ControlChris Rea has finally found the correct turn off, a lot of people in Africa still don’t know its Christmas and the novelty Santa toilet seat cover is back in the box. Oh, and chocolate Easter eggs are in the shops 4 months in advance. Christmas and the New Year holidays are well and truly over, and the clock is already ticking down on the month of January.

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Driving profitability through advanced S&OP


Inventory down 7%. Inventory down 9%. Inventory down 40%. Inventory down 12%. Inventory health.

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Revealed: S&OP answers for the metals industry

DELMIA Quintiq

Exceptional planning capabilities are required to tame complexities in managing production costs, scrap flow, inventory management, and more. Quintiq is proud to announce a new, industry-focused webinar on sales and operations planning (S&OP) for the metals industry, happening on April 15.

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The game-changing solution to solve your biggest S&OP challenges

DELMIA Quintiq

They also experience lower safety stock and inventory levels. From my previous blog post , it’s clear that the road to achieving sales and operations planning (S&OP) excellence is not an easy one.

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Is S&OP an expensive band aid?


These systems span across functions such as demand planning, supply planning, inventory planning, etc. People working within their bubbles: Traditional roles such as demand planner, capacity planner, inventory planner, etc.,

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Why you don’t need perfect data to start implementing S&OP


They have their regional session with manufacturing mainly to discuss the demand plan, compare it with the inventory at the different D&SCs and with capacity levels at the factories. You can see demand, capacity and inventory in a single view.

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Five Key Questions a Successful S&OP Process Strategy Should Ask

River Logic

manufacturing, procurement, inventory, distribution). S&OP Sales and Operations PlanningSales and operations planning has been around for decades.

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FMCG Inventory: Do you celebrate being Out Of Stock - OOS)?

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FMCG Performance Improvement S&OP Inventory Management & Stock ControlOut of stocks? Excellent news and a huge relief for all concerned!

Integrated Business Planning/S&OP in a Shelf-Connected System

The Network Effect

We’ve asked whether a shelf-connected system was possible with traditional ERP systems , discussed how new approaches to forecasting processes are required in a shelf-connected world, explored new types of demand-driven inventory replenishment policies.

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S&OP 3.0 – The Future of Planning

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had a strong focus on supply chain performance like improving customer service, decrease inventory and drive asset utilization. Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) made it’s break through in the 80’s, when Material Requirement Planning (MRP) was the hottest planning methodology around, computer screens had monochrome green letters, our music and dress sense were questionable, and it was common for companies to have a command and control management style.

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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Basics with Steven Thacker

Logistics Bureau

Business Improvement Inventory - S&OP Supply Chain Strategy business concept mainframe sales and operation planning senior executives team effortThe fundamentals of an orchestra are no different from a business.

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Forecasting noise disturbs the S&OP process

Supply Chain Movement

In other words: a slight decline in forecast accuracy results in an exponential increase in inventory.”. Forecasting is a challenge for many companies.

Supply Chains – A second look: What do all those initials really mean?

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SKU FMCG Route to Market Dave Jordan KPI Traditional Trade S&OP Logistics Management Distribution Inventory Management & Stock Control

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S&OP in Las Vegas! Let’s Learn, Laugh, and Be Entertained at the S&OP Innovation Summit


The contract manufacturer, Celestica, already manages manufacturing and inventory. The benefit is directly in the inventory, as seen in Kathleen’s slide. by CJ Wehlage This past week was the IE Group’s S&OP Innovation Summit at the beautiful venue of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Why you don’t need perfect data to start implementing S&OP


They have their regional session with manufacturing mainly to discuss the demand plan, compare it with the inventory at the different D&SCs and with capacity levels at the factories. You can see demand, capacity and inventory in a single view.

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Top Four Most Vital S&OP Technology Capabilities


What if we run a promotion to clear out inventory of the older model? However, a mature S&OP system is capable of generating a graphical dashboard showing the KPIs of most interest: sales, profits, ROI, inventory turns, customer satisfaction, and so on. by Lori Smith In a previous post , I discussed the sometimes surprising technology choices some organizations are making to manage their S&OP process.

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S&OP – Planning for the Extended Distributor Supply Chain


Demand Planning Inventory Management Inventory Planning Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Supply Chain PlanningMost Demand planning systems sold today have a focus on predicting sales to Direct customers and Distributors. This gives a company predictions that are limited to having an understanding of expected revenue in $$ and expected shipments in units to drive supply planning. The big problems with this limited focus.

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Three key questions to close the gap in your S&OP process

DELMIA Quintiq

It provides a snapshot of your sales, inventory and supply plan today; and where they stand in relation to your annual operating plan and budget targets. Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a critical part of any business.

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