The Dangers Behind SCM-to-SAP Integration – What They Are and How to Avoid Them


It’s important to know the dangers behind SCM-to-SAP integration, and how to avoid them. SAP ERP-to-SAP SCM Standard Integration. Standard SAP ERP-to-SAP SCM integration provides a complex technological starting point for SAP SCM integration.

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Coming Soon: Expanded Suites for Oracle SCM Cloud


RFgen proudly announces the release of its expanded RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle SCM Cloud , a suite of out-of-the-box mobile apps for supply chain and barcoding. RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle SCM Cloud offers out-of-the-box mobile barcoding apps for enhanced functionality.

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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? (Video)

Supply Chain Game Changer

The term was coined over 35 years ago but still to this day there are a large number of different definitions of SCM. To someone who is starting out their career, or who is new to the field of Supply Chain, it is understandable that there may be confusion as to the definition of SCM. Are they really that different or are there just subtle nuances in what some people consider SCM that others do not? The post What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? Subscribe Here!

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Five Suggestions for Practical Inventory Management


The real problem, however, was inventory. The client had a warehouse full of old stock that had been sitting unwanted for years , and there wasn’t enough room to accommodate the inventory that they were selling. . What is the right inventory level for your business? .

Adelante SCM and PINC Launch the First Annual State of Yard Management Report


Union City, CA – October 7 th , 2020 – Researched and prepared by Adelante SCM’s analyst Adrian Gonzalez and presented by PINC, the publication’s 2020 theme is The Impact Of Digital Yard Management on Enterprise Transportation Costs and Capacity.

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The Importance of Value-Added Services in Logistics and SCM!

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According to Adelante SCM’s recent research , 63 percent of organizations that use value-added services consider it a “very significant” business function. Types of Value-Added Service for Logistics and SCM. – Inventory Management. Subscribe Here!

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RFID in the Supply Chain: Fizzling Technology or the Future of Effective SCM?


More recently, with the rise of interconnected systems, the analytics to derive value from those systems seems, and decreased costs, RFID is resurrecting as a solution for increasing supply chain management (SCM), visibility into processes, and reducing inventory tracking costs. Active Versus Passive RFID Tags in SCM. Both passive and active tags have been a subject of debate in SCM. Instantaneous inventory cycling reduces delays and speeds SCM.

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4 Ways RFgen Mobile Apps Help You Get More Out of Oracle SCM Cloud


RFgen mobile barcoding apps for Oracle SCM Cloud can augment ERP capabilities and preserve unique functionality to create a mobile supply chain. Expanding Oracle SCM Cloud with RFgen Mobile Barcoding Apps. Gain Visibility with Mobile Inventory Management. Sub Inventory Transfer.

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Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

Supply Chain Shaman

The impact of complexity on inventory is not quick. To help, today I want to share some of the insights from our recent Inventory Optimization study. Inventory management is a hot issue. Companies invest in project after project, yet inventory levels remain the same. In business there are many drivers of inventory, and the management of inventory levels requires discipline and a cross-functional focus. What Drives Inventory Effectiveness?

Cost and Complexity – Factory Perspective on Inventory Golden Rules


The purpose of this blog is to explain a basic costing challenge in factories and their impact on critical SCM analysis and decisions. Cost and Complexity – Factory Perspective on Inventory Golden Rules was first posted on March 2, 2021 at 8:03 am. ©2017

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016. URL: Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016, sponsored by SAP, is the most important educational event of the year for organizations using SCM, PLM, manufacturing, and procurement solutions to fortify their business operations and infrastructure with proven methodologies and measurable, value-driven results.

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Is Inventory Waste or an Asset?

Supply Chain Shaman

We were discussing the results of the planning benchmarking work that we have just finished, and I was sharing some insights on inventory management when one of the panelists emphatically stated, “Inventory is a waste to manage. We feel so strongly about this that we do not have an inventory planning role.” His feeling was that inventory is an asset to manage. Inventory is both. Inventory management is a complex subject.

Is There a Third Option for SCM Executives Looking to Revamp their Supply Chain Management Operations?


A new alternative is now possible for companies, especially those looking to gain a competitive advantage with their SCM operations. While many supply chain executives have never seriously considered managed services as an SCM option due to liability, performance or security risk concerns, this is indeed an economical, efficient and strategically viable solution that supply chain leaders should consider to deliver operational performance. Is SCM a Core Competency?

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[Video] Ford Motor Company: Creating global data standards with SCM software


My role is to help make certain that we have the most efficient supply chain, and the lowest possible inventories to enable us to sell the maximum possible number of units. It’s simply too expensive to have vehicles sitting in inventories, whether at factories, at dealers, at ports, or anywhere in the supply chain, because that’s dead money. The question is, what SCM software tool do they have to make that supply chain as accurate and as lean as possible?

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What is SCM and Why is it Important?

Oracle SCM

The acronym SCM stands for supply chain management. SCM systems provide a strategic advantage and business insight to companies and their operations. SCM systems tie together and define a plethora of business processes and enable the flow of information between them – in essence SCM is the new business operating model. Today, SCM systems are critical to businesses of all sizes and in all industries for managing their day to day operations.

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Cloud Supply Chain Management: SCM’s Head is in the Clouds…and For Good Reason


Concerning Oracle’s new improvements in the SCM cloud, user accessibility and ease-of-access will further drive adoption rates of cloud-based solutions, particularly TMS solutions. The next step for the use of cloud supply chain management in the industry will focus more on operations’ planning and inventory management. The use of cloud computing in supply change management is not some dark, forbidden territory any longer.

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The Inventory Accuracy “Confidence Gap”

Talking Logistics

Note: The following is an excerpt from “ Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: 5 Key Insights to Improve Inventory Performance for 2019 ,” based on research conducted by Adelante SCM and LEGACY Supply Chain Services with input from nearly 100 supply chain professionals from retail, manufacturing, and logistics service providers companies in the United States and Canada. And it begins with improving their inventory accuracy. The Inventory Accuracy “Confidence Gap”.

Trends & Strategies in Logistics and SCM

Supply Chain Movement

Solutions focused on improving transparency of tier two suppliers, inventory and demand impede mitigation and force companies into reactive strategies. 2013 Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Embracing Global Logistics Complexity to Drive Market Advantage. The key results of this study by BVL International on trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management are summarized, as follows.

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Introducing :o9 Solutions’ SCM software for the first time in Japan

o9 Solutions

Strengthening Digital SCM Services for Retail and Distribution Industries in Japan. This also marks the first introduction of the :o9 SCM software “:o9 AI Platform” to the Japanese market. Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), :o9 Solutions Japan K.K.

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How to Avoid ERP – SCM Integration Pitfalls


Recently I sat down with Svenne Juul, president of AdapChain, a third party enterprise integration specialist, on how organizations can avoid the common pitfalls during SCM – ERP integration. You may also download the full, on-demand podcast, Avoiding ERP-SCM Integration Pitfalls. (CR): Supply chains deal with customer demand, inventory, items or materials, customers.a

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How to Avoid ERP – SCM Integration Pitfalls


Recently I sat down with Svenne Juul, president of AdapChain, a third party enterprise integration specialist, on how organizations can avoid the common pitfalls during SCM – ERP integration. You may also download the full, on-demand podcast, Avoiding ERP-SCM Integration Pitfalls. (CR): Supply chains deal with customer demand, inventory, items or materials, customers.a

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What Cloud Inventory® Means For Your Organization


In response to the demand for increased inventory control, we are pleased to announce the latest release of Cloud Inventory ® , one consolidated platform loaded with disruptive technology for your supply chain. Learn more about DSI Cloud Inventory or schedule a demo to see it in action.

10 Small Business Inventory Management Tips!

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Featuring Our 10 Best Inventory Management Articles! Small business inventory management tips article and permission to publish here provided by Simcha Michael. Let’s look at our highly recommended small business inventory management tips! Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Blockchain: The Technology Reshaping SCM!

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If SCM tech were a summer reading list, Blockchain would be the Twilight trilogy. The distributed database which is one of the main pillar of Blockchain concept, can used to get the inventory status across companies and even across the supply chain. The company can bring the important information of the warehouse to distributed database of Blockchain which can help companies to have a real time inventory status” ( Verma 2017 ). Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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4 Ways Sonus Improved Demand Planning and Reduced Inventory by 20%


To combat its planning issues, Sonus took four steps to improve demand, reduce inventory, and share information better across the entire network. Some of the most significant benefits has been to drive projections, which facilitated a decrease in required warehouse space and an overall inventory reduction of 20%. Combining these four steps has enabled Sonus to improve daily operations in demand and supply management, inventory optimization, and S&OP.

What is Change Management’s Role in the Digital Transformation of SCM?

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Be it a new P2P system, automated inventory management or more intelligent analytics about your supplier’s performance. SCM #SupplyChain #Technology #Change #Transformation #Leadership #HumanResources. The post What is Change Management’s Role in the Digital Transformation of SCM? Change Management Guest Blog Post Supply Chain Management #change #transformation HumanResources Leadership SCM supplychain TechnologySubscribe Here! Email Address.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is Becoming Younger, More Educated, More Diverse!

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When we speak with SCM professionals from the baby boomer and Gen X generations, it’s really common for us to hear, “I didn’t plan on going into Supply Chain, but I fell into it.” Planning and Procurement are taking on a bigger role in the field: 22% of millennials surveyed are working in Planning and 21% in Procurement , compared to 15% in Logistics , 11% in Inventory Management, and 9% in Manufacturing. Jobs #HumanResources #SCM #SupplyChain #Millennials. Subscribe Here!

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Inventory Management Remains Challenging

Enterra Insights

Every business person who deals with inventory management is involved in a balancing act. Keep too little inventory on hand and you risk losing sales and, on occasion, customers. Keep too much inventory on hand and the costs add up resulting in lower profits. It’s little wonder inventory management systems have gained popularity. ”[1] He adds, “Even with all this power, there are several disadvantages to inventory control worth considering.”

Mobile Inventory Management Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Mobile inventory solutions for D365 boost data accuracy, increase workflow efficiency and support digital transformation with barcode software. Mobile inventory solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you get the most out of your ERP. Microsoft Mobile Inventory Case Study.

Seasoned Leadership in Action! An Interview with Paul Kretz, Head of SCM at Church & Dwight!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Tight timelines, customer escalations, engineering problems, board presentations, inventory variances etc. In SCM I think that the changes have been seismic. The departments were called production and inventory control, warehousing and transportation. How to trade off inventory and transport costs? It reinforces some of my previous points SCM is very transferable but it does take some time to learn the specific processes. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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An S&OP Q&A with SCM World’s Kevin O’Marah


Recently I had the pleasure to sit down with Kevin O’Marah, Chief Content Officer at SCM World , to discuss one of the hottest topics in supply chain—sales and operations planning ( S&OP ). Karin: Based on your discussions with leading organizations and SCM World’s research, how important do you find sales and operations planning (S&OP) in driving consensus and value for global operations?

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How Integrated WMS and SCM Solves Peak Season Challenges

Veridian Solutions

Poor inventory visibility. Subpar inventory visibility also makes omnichannel fulfillment more difficult. Perform a complete inventory using new systems. The post How Integrated WMS and SCM Solves Peak Season Challenges appeared first on Veridian. Supply chain leaders around the globe are working to refine their processes and plan for a successful 2019 peak shopping season.

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SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

Supply Chain Shaman

Instead, in the SanDisk journey , they adjusted the speed of response to their customer segments, and actively designing inventory postponement strategies. As I sat with the team, and discussed the future of supply chain, they impressed me with their by their use of planning tools and their process diligence on building inventory strategies to enable a customer-segmented supply chain. Platitude: a flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound.

Why Medical Device Companies Need End-to-End Inventory Visibility


The constant and rapid movement of inventory in the medical device industry wreaks havoc on manual, paper- and spreadsheet-based systems. Inventory visibility gaps result in missed orders or excessive safety stock. Benefits of end-to-end inventory control include: Productivity.

Double Inventory Turnover In 9 months!

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World Class Inventory Turnover Breakthrough Elements! “If we are truly a Supply Chain Services Company, then why is our Inventory Turnover only at 7?”, Could we double inventory turnover? Setting the Target to Double Inventory Turnover. Subscribe Here!