Collaborating on Supply Chain Research

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Here’s a snippet of Steve’s response: What we’ve seen over the years is transportation, logistics, and supply chain moving from being back-office, required functions to being very strategic. Here’s part of what he said: The reason we chose MIT and Iowa State is that they really like transportation. One of the projects, for example, was with Iowa State University called Stale Rates. “It

Quarter-End Shipping Surges Impact Transportation Rates

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Quarter-End Shipping Surges Impact Transportation Rates. Do month-end or quarter-end surges still affect your transportation costs? Those familiar with transportation know that month-end or quarter-end freight surges commonly occur, maybe in your company, or maybe in other organizations, and that your routing guide may not work as well as it usually does at those times. The post Quarter-End Shipping Surges Impact Transportation Rates appeared first on Transportfolio.

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Is Your Routing Guide Ready for a Tune Up?

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Asking, “What’s the point of conducting regular procurement events?” And the same goes for procurement events. While a lack of regular procurement events may not shut down your entire supply chain, it can certainly keep things from running smoothly and lead to additional expenses. Research from Iowa State University shows that routing guides, like car maintenance, have a limited life span. Supply Chain Procurement Stale Rates Transportation

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Driverless Trucks, China, COVID and the Future of the Supply Chain


A consultant, a tech wizard, a VP at a large Transportation company, and an ex-freight broker turned, a strategic sourcing specialist, turned HR consultant, mother of 3, trying to navigate her next career phase. How would sourcing and transportation patterns change if manufacturing shifted away from China? Would small transportation providers be able to exist in a world dominated by large providers? The moment was memorable, certainly one you look back at and laugh.

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How to Use Freight Attributes to Your Greatest Shipping Advantage

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With the end of the year quickly approaching, some industries enter their busiest transportation season and others hit a shipping slowdown. Publicize your freight’s attributes during your next procurement event. Service providers still need to know exactly what they’re bidding on during your procurement event. A few years ago, we conducted some research with Iowa State University. How to Use Freight Attributes to Your Greatest Shipping Advantage | C.H. Robinson.

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