The Log Book: Workforce Heroes teaches Iowa students about trucking industry

The Supply Chain Journal

ATA Workforce Heroes tours Iowa high schools. Workforce Heroes, an American Trucking Associations (ATA) program focused on recruiting and training future trucking professionals, finished it’s tour of high schools within Northwest Iowa this week.

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Collaborating on Supply Chain Research

Talking Logistics

Is there a greater need for supply chain research today than in the past, and if so, why? Robinson , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics titled, “ When Shippers, 3PLS, and Universities Collaborate on Supply Chain Research.” Here’s a snippet of Steve’s response: What we’ve seen over the years is transportation, logistics, and supply chain moving from being back-office, required functions to being very strategic.


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Top Findings: What Makes a Favored Shipper?

Talking Logistics

Researchers at Iowa State University analyzed data provided by C.H. Bobby Martens is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain in the Iowa State University College of Business. 3PL Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - CH Robinson Supply Chain & Logistics Trends Transportation Management C.H. Robinson carriers dwell time freight rates Iowa State University preferred shipper shipper of choice TMC transportation management

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PCI Case Study: Hybrent’s Solution Revolutionizes Reporting & Streamlines Operations for One of the Largest Multi-Specialty Physician Groups in Iowa


Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa (PCI) is one of the largest private, multispecialty physician groups in Iowa, with locations in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. With more than 80 physicians, surgeons, and healthcare providers to support, PCI spends millions of dollars each month on the supplies they need. Zach Grimm, Pavilion Services Director, oversees supply chain management as part of his duties at PCI. SITUATION.

Plant-location decisions and potential supply chain risk


by Melissa Clow This guest post comes to us from Jim Fulcher , Blogger on the Supply Chain Expert Community. Besides Texas—Toyota’s new North American headquarters—other states on the companies’ shortlist are Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina, WSJ reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the potential investment. We do have supply lines in the U.S. What supply chain risks do you see?

Green Supply Chain News on Is Big Wind Running Over Local Farmers in Iowa, Other States

Supply Chain Digest

Local Farmers in Hawkeye Stare Saying Life Around Turbine Farms is Not Good

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Halloween Candy – A Scary Supply Chain Planning Problem


In the interactive “ Top Halloween Candy by State ” map, shows my beloved candy corn is the favorite candy for trick-or-treaters in Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Michigan and Alabama. This can create a scary supply chain planning problem for those that are ill-prepared or equipped. Planning for holidays places significant stress on supply chain planning processes and planning teams. Supply Planning

Technology Alone Won’t Integrate Your Supply Chain with Paul Jensen

The Logistics of Logistics

Technology Alone Won’t Integrate Your Supply Chain with Paul Jensen. Joe Lynch and Paul Jensen discuss why technology alone won’t integrate your supply chain. Paul Jensen is a graduate of Iowa State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

Red-hot renewable diesel encouraging producers to buy into upstream supply chains

The Supply Chain Journal

What Phillips 66 did was become a minority owner of Shell Rock Soy Processing, based in Iowa. Shell Rock is building a facility in northeast Iowa where it will turn soybeans into soybean oil. Restaurant grease for renewable diesel in short supply.

Physician Group Saves $50,000 the First Month with Hybrent


PCI considered hiring a full-time employee dedicated solely to supply chain activities. The Situation Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa (PCI) is one of the largest private, multi-specialty physician groups in Iowa, with locations in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo.

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Driverless Trucks, China, COVID and the Future of the Supply Chain


Interestingly, we all had significant experience in the freight, logistics, sourcing, and supply chain world. Supply Chain, one of the rare exceptions of this century, to this day remains relatively unchanged and undisrupted in a world dramatically reshaped by technology.

The Freight RFP Process is Broken – Let’s Fix It with Maggie Petrovic

The Logistics of Logistics

in Business & Communications from the University of Iowa. Logistics Podcast Supply Chain Technology TransportationThe Freight RFP Process is Broken – Let’s Fix It with Maggie Petrovic.

7 Ways to Reduce Carrier Detention Fees and How Digital Yard Management Can Help


Robinson and Iowa State University, favored shippers are receiving better pricing and service. Using shipment data and econometric modeling, Iowa State University’s researchers quantitatively measured the effects of these characteristics on transportation costs.

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What is Supply Chain Compliance and Why is it Important?


The great news about supply chain compliance is that AB&R® makes it a breeze. Supply chain compliance may include things such as employee labor laws, hazardous material handling, and environmental concerns. But, in this article, our focus for supply chain compliance touches on the importance of barcode and labeling requirements. Labels and Supplies. A compliant barcode is just the first step to supply chain compliance.

Borderlands: Mundi launches finance tool for Mexico-based freight forwarders

The Supply Chain Journal

Large banks have traditionally been the main lenders in global trade finance, including supply chain finance, historically funding more than 80% of the transactions. trillion trade finance gap in global supply chains, according to Pustilnick.

Amazon to build over 3 million-sq-ft distribution centre in Colorado and open first Iowa warehouse


Amazon also announced in a press release that it will open its first fulfillment center in the state of Iowa in the city of Bondurant. We are delighted to be opening our first Iowa fulfillment center in the city of Bondurant and look forward to creating 1,000 new, full-time jobs with Amazon’s $15 minimum wage and industry-leading benefits,” said Alicia Boler Davis, Amazon’s vice president of global customer fulfillment. Normal. false. false. false. EN-GB. X-NONE. X-NONE.

Drivers in the Spotlight: 4 Reasons for Their Growing Influence on Supply Chain Management


The changing competitive landscape in trucking is focusing more attention on the role of drivers in the management of supply chains. Companies continuously strive to optimize their freight operations by, for example, improving supply chain visibility, choosing simple or multi-stop delivery configurations, instituting pooling arrangements, and developing complementary crossdock facilities.

Why a Community?

Supply Chain Insights

I have envisioned a community where supply chain professionals could network freely and globally. My dream was to build a place that combines the best of the virtual communities of Linkedin, Facebook, Craigslist, FourSquare and Yelp and roll it into a business-to-business social community that is specially designed for the supply chain leader. It is designed for all supply chain leaders around the world. Why a Social Community for Supply Chain Leaders?

FreightWaves Classics: Port of Milwaukee serves the Great Lakes and US inland waterway system

The Supply Chain Journal

Cargo to/from Port Milwaukee is also cost-effective for shippers in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, as well as the western Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Port Milwaukee is one of several U.S.

Biobased Product Market Growth is Tied to Performance…but Production Credits Will Help!


Iowa has also identified biobased products as a targeted growth sector for the state, and have advocated for a biobased production credit to be established. [1] 1] Interviews suggest that a biorenewable chemical production tax credit would be fundamental to the ultimate location decision in or outside Iowa for new projects. Think about the implication and complexity of forming a specific chemical, segregating it, and managing the supply chain to be able to make that claim.

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Biobased Economy Continues to Grow: USDA Secretary Announces NC State-Duke Study Results on Monday


Vilsack, a former governor of Iowa, briefly ran in the 2008 presidential race and was considered by Hillary Clinton as a potential running mate in 2016. Just like the report does as well… Biobased Products Corporate Social Responsibility Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Energy Supply Chain Food Supply Chains Procurement Sustainability Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Management Sustainability

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COVID-19 Virus is expected to reduce meat selection and raise prices

Operations and Supply Chain Management

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Meat isn’t going to disappear from supermarkets because of outbreaks of the coronavirus among workers at U.S. food chain has rarely been so stressed and that no one is sure about the future, even as they try to dispel concerns about shortages. This means one thing — the food supply chain is vulnerable,” the statement said. “As The letter encourages government leaders to unite to address food supply chain challenges,” Mickelson said.

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Toggle raises $1.6M for blockchain technology connecting shippers to carriers

The Supply Chain Journal

Iowa is now at the leading edge of the inclusion of blockchain in contract law here,” said Spillman, as his team recently fought to have these contracts recognized under law in Toggle’s operating state. There are a lot of issues within supply chains,” said Spillman. “We

Transportation Network Planning: Public and Private Common Ground

Supply Chain View from the Field

Similarly, other presentations on commodity transportation flow maps in the state of Iowa, transportation models in the city of Chicago, and synchro-modalithy systems in the Netherlands provided fascinating new innovations in transportation modeling that will be important in helping to shape the environment for improvement. Analytics Logistics Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy Transportation Planning

Successful Bulk Food Transport with Chris Fish

The Logistics of Logistics

Chris and his spouse Christine are active in the community; most recently, Chris served as the chairperson of Ruan ’s record breaking 2020 United Way of Central Iowa campaign. The pandemic highlighted some of the real challenges faced by both milk producers and their supply chain partners.

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Successful Bulk Food Transport with Chris Fish

The Logistics of Logistics

Chris and his spouse Christine are active in the community; most recently, Chris served as the chairperson of Ruan ’s record breaking 2020 United Way of Central Iowa campaign. The pandemic highlighted some of the real challenges faced by both milk producers and their supply chain partners.

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Market Updates and Favored Shippers: 2015 Transportfolio Recap

CH Robinson Transportfolio

It was an exciting year in the supply chain industry, and our Transportfolio ® blog has followed the action every step of the way. We teamed up with researchers from Iowa State University to find answers. Discover more on our other blogs, which are also authored by respected industry experts and supply chain professionals with unique insights and diverse perspectives. Visit Connect for timely posts on supply chain and technology topics.

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Winter Alert: Winter Weather Conditions Developing Across Much of the US


The GlobalTranz team will continue to track these storm systems' impact on shippers and carriers in the affected regions and assist with any weather-related supply chain disruptions. UPDATE: 02.15.21.

Transportation TIP List: Week of March 31st, 2019


Manufacturing Activity Rebounds in March, Construction Spending Hits 9-month High in February : The Institute for Supply Management recently announced its index of national factory activity rose to 55.3 ” Due to the floods, trucking arteries I-29 and I-680 in Iowa , Missouri and Nebraska have been closed for a week, but some are starting to reopen. Transportation TIP List: Week of March 31 st , 2019.

How to Use Freight Attributes to Your Greatest Shipping Advantage

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Whether your supply chain’s seasonal surge is now or not for several more months, your execution strategy has a big part to play—perhaps bigger than you realized. We understand that getting your products to customers is likely your top supply chain priority. A few years ago, we conducted some research with Iowa State University. Get started on an enhanced execution strategy today with the help of our supply chain experts.

Borderlands: Shipping container squeeze hits US soybean exporters

The Supply Chain Journal

The Des Moines, Iowa-based Soybean Transportation Coalition is composed of 13 state soybean boards. Those soybean exporters who use containers, we have a supply chain that’s overly subscribed. Every link in our supply chain is under stress right now.

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Preparing for ELDs: Changes Shippers Can Make Today

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Iowa State University research uncovered a direct correlation between dwell time and the end price paid for a shipment. Carriers Over the Road Supply Chain Carrier ShipperPreparing for ELDs: Changes Shippers Can Make Today | Transportfolio. The holidays aren’t the only thing looming on the horizon. For many in our industry, electronic logging devices (ELDs) are a hot topic because there is not consensus on the magnitude of impact implementation will have on capacity.

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The Log Book: XPO scores high on Disability Equality Index

The Supply Chain Journal

This time last year, XPO Logistics announced the hiring of its first chief diversity officer, LaQuenta Jacobs, to provide strategic direction for improving inclusion efforts at the global supply chain solutions provider.

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Is Your Routing Guide Ready for a Tune Up?

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Whether it’s your supply chain or your car, regular “maintenance” can keep things running smoothly and save you money. Your routing guide allows you to rely on pre-determined carriers and rates—keeping all the pieces of your supply chain running smoothly. While a lack of regular procurement events may not shut down your entire supply chain, it can certainly keep things from running smoothly and lead to additional expenses.

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Quarter-End Shipping Surges Impact Transportation Rates

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Our research at Iowa State University shows that transportation costs don’t actually rise during end-of-month surges. Supply Chain Consulting Freight Capacity Transportation Transportation RatesQuarter-End Shipping Surges Impact Transportation Rates. Do month-end or quarter-end surges still affect your transportation costs? Well, you’re certainly not alone if you’re asking this age-old question!

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