La carte du commerce international 2016 / Global Trade Map 2016 in French

Supply Chain Movement

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New: Global Trade Map 2016

Supply Chain Movement

According to Aberdeen Research, “international shipments cost twice as much, take five times as long and have five times more variability than domestic shipments.” Uncovering and mitigating trade risks in international operations.

Different Strokes for Different Folks (to Yield Better Results?)?

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With a history of forecasting military fire in Iraq, Enterra uses cognitive computing capabilities to redefine decision support in consumer products. Research on Supply Chain Finance. This week I spent time in Silicon Valley talking to technology innovators.

Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

Supply Chain Shaman

As I presented on Supply Chain 2030, I shared the research on balance sheet performance, and provided the insights on why I believe 90% of organizations failed in the delivery of supply chain excellence at the balance sheet level.

Who said supply chains are boring?: How would you ship 500 trees.

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How would you ship 500 trees to Iraq? Basically, her organization worked with a nursery and collected 400 trees from Long Island, New York and 100 from California and had them shipped via DHL to the US troops in Iraq. SCM Research. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two.

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Gartner’s survey analysis: Women in Supply Chain 2016

Supply Chain Movement

To meet the aspirations identified in this research, we need to see more formal goals and targets on management scorecards, supported by corresponding pipeline planning, recruitment and development initiatives within supply chain organizations. >>Please

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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Terrorism : The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, coupled with the ongoing instability in Syria and Iraq and the spread of ISIS, have raised the risk for terrorism-related supply chain disruptions in 2016. Well, my big audacious prediction for 2015 did not come true. Google did not acquire a third-party logistics (3PL) company or a logistics software vendor.