Most desirable logistics location of Europe in 2018

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Trends logistics map Smart Logistics Centre Venlo Supply Chain Media VenloThe Netherlands is the best region for a logistics base according to the ‘VerkehrsRundschau Markenstudie ImageRanking’.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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When making predictions, it’s easy to look at recent trends and simply project them forward. But this assumes that the factors behind those trends will remain the same, which is often a false assumption. Terrorism : The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, coupled with the ongoing instability in Syria and Iraq and the spread of ISIS, have raised the risk for terrorism-related supply chain disruptions in 2016.

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Managing for Daily Improvement: Bridging the Gap Across Teams and KPIs

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He then led the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) for Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) in Iraq and Kuwait.

Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

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Trends for high-tech industry. The high-tech industry are currently facing a tsunami of external trends. These external trends force high-tech companies to prepare for this unpredictable future: Plan. The impact of trends force companies to make clear trade-offs: Do.

Checklist for Global Trade Management

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Trends10 questions about Global Trade Management. Managing the activities comprising a supply chain is becoming more difficult with the growth of trade and increased regulation.

Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

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Trends article Carlos Cordón download IMD Business School Leadership supply chain talent developmentRecruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’. Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years.

Checklist Regelkonforme Lieferketten/Global Trade Management

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Trends Amber Road checklist German global trade management Supply Chain Media11 Fragen zum Global Trade Management / 11 questions about Global Trade Management. Der globale Handel wächst – und mit ihm die Regulierung.

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: How US Manufacturers are Looking Homeward


” We have many manufacturing shipper customers, and we love to create content of value for them on such subjects as best practices in logistics or trends around the supply chain. Tomorrow, we will do more of the top areas or trends for manufacturers to look out for in 2015.

3PL Subway 2015: Strategic movements among logistics providers

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Acquisitions dominated the logistics headlines in 2014 and that trend is continuing this year. Trends 2015 3PL Subway APL Logistics Brad Jacobs Fedex logistics logistics service providers Norbert Dentressangle Outsourcing Supply Chain Movement TNT UPS XPO Logistics

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Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

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Trends 24-hour economy 3D printing Consafe Logistics GPS mindmap RFID social media supply chain executionCustomers are becoming more demanding all the time: they increasingly expect personalised offers, available globally and round the clock.

Gartner’s Women in Supply Chain Survey 2016

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Trends gartner survey Women in Supply ChainGartner’s first Women in Supply Chain Survey, conducted with AWESOME, an executive women’s leadership group, compares the representation of women in supply chain leadership roles.

Complex costs of transportation

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Trends Eyefreight freight spend Freight Spend Management logistics service provider Supply Chain Movement TMS Transportation Management Systems10 questions about Freight Spend Management. There are numerous ways a shipper can reduce freight spend.

Mindmap for the Fashion & Luxury Goods Market

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In summary, the fashion and luxury goods business should regularly evaluate the latest market trends and measure their impact, then identify the constraints in their supply chains to find ways to overcome them: Act.

Panama Canal Expansion Equals Trade Expansion


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World include The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Turkey, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Iraq.

Mindmap for Global Logistics Integration

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Global market trends have a considerable impact on a company’s different business functions. The world is becoming smaller and larger at the same time through globalization and the internet. Goods have to be transported across the globe and across the neighbourhood.