How Air Jordans Became the Greatest Shoes of All Time!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. When Michael Jordan first signed with Nike in 1984, the star-endorsed shoes were expected to produce $4 million in sales annually – they did $100 million in the first 9 months. Backed by an up-and-coming all-star and a rock-solid marketing strategy, Nike’s Air Jordans quickly became the most sought-after shoe in the world. After more than 20 years, Air Jordans are still the Greatest Sneaker of All Time. Subscribe Here!

How Air Jordans became the GSOAT

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News Retail Supply Chain footwearNike president and co-founder Phil Knight said it was "the perfect combination of quality product, marketing and athlete endorsement.".

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FMCG Supply Chains – The most important roles?

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

I am often asked which job in the extended Supply Chain is the most important. FMCG Dave Jordan Supply ChainFor FMCG producers this may be the demand planner while for retail partners the key role could be innovation planning.

Supply Chain, Supply Chain: What’s That All About?

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FMCG Dave Jordan Pharma Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand PlanningI started my career as an R&D type who helped bring new FMCG products to the market. Nobody really knew how a product made the transition from bench top and pilot plant testing to the supermarket shelves.

Manage Supply Chain Expectations with Service Level Agreements (SLA)

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FMCG Route to Market Logistics Service Provider Dave Jordan Performance Improvement Supply Chain CEE Traditional Trade Logistics Management

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The Twelve Days of Supply Chain 2016

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Christmas Dave Jordan CEO Humour Performance Improvement Supply Chain S&OP Forecasting & Demand PlanningOn the first day of Christmas, Enchange gave to me A robust S&OP.

Why Supply Chain Innovation Matters in a Fast-Changing World

Talking Logistics

What does this rapid pace of change mean for supply chains? Jordan Kass , Vice President of Management Services at C.H. Robinson , discusses these questions and more, and makes the case why supply chain needs to move from the back room to the board room for companies to keep pace and succeed in this dynamic environment. If you have a question or comment for Jordan, post it below and keep the conversation going!

FMCG Supply Chain: Chaff innovation, is it worth it?

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FMCG Dave Jordan CEO Supply Chain INNOVATIONBy the end of February over 19% of the year will be behind you. Think about that for a minute. If you follow a financial calendar year you probably put your Annual Plan to bed in October and now nearly 20% of the available selling time has already gone. Shocker!

Supply Chain: The benefits of Interim Management

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FMCG Interim Management Dave Jordan Performance Improvement Pharma Supply Chain CEEInterim Management is an approach used by companies to “make things happen” within a clear budget and without the headaches of recruiting a full time employee (FTE). The benefits are numerous but initially…….

Relieve your FMCG pain - secure Interim Supply Chain Support

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Interim Management Mergers & Acquisitions Dave Jordan Supply Chain CEE Logistics ManagementI know you are busy. Not enough hours in the day. Deadlines rapidly approaching. Your children call you Uncle Dad or Auntie Mum. Before the stress takes its inevitable toll think about relieving the pressure without adding to head count.

Jordan sees major fall in tenders for grain imports

Logistics Middle East

Tougher grain tender terms put Jordan's wheat supply chain under pressure as international suppliers shy away from higher risks and costs

FMCG Supply Chain dates to remember: Advanced Planning

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FMCG Dave Jordan S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning Integrated Business PlanningFebruary is here but blink and you will miss it as it is not a leap year. You cannot change January performance and February should be quite firm by now, so you need to be looking further ahead in your S&OP. Much further ahead.

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FMCG ERP and The Beatles.? Spreadsheets cause damage.

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Dave Jordan CEO Pharma ERP/SAP Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand Planning ERPSome time ago I wrote about the way spreadsheets were undermining expensively assembled ERP’s in FMCG, Brewing and Pharmaceutical companies. They still are, by the way.

FMCG & Pharma: Top 10 Tips for a Tip Top Supply Chain

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FMCG Route to Market Logistics Service Provider Dave Jordan CEO Performance Improvement Pharma KPI Traditional Trade S&OP Cost ReductionOnly a few months into the year and I am hearing the same old complaints about the economy and business being in general ill health.

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Your FMCG Supply Chain: The end of January is nigh!

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FMCG Dave Jordan S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning Sales Inventory Management & Stock ControlWhere has that first post-holiday month gone? Suddenly it’s the 24 th of January and there are only 7 calendar days and 5 working days until you close the month. Adopt panic stations despite what Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army would say.

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Santa & Opening Presents - S&OP Putting Elves in their place

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Dear Mr. K Ite, Christmas Dave Jordan Supply Chain S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning

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FMCG Supply Chain Scorecard Performance Measurement: Del-Boy Style.

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FMCG Dave Jordan Humour Performance Improvement KPI Supply ChainIn a related post I took a look at the use of Balanced Scorecards in FMCG, Brewing and Pharmaceutical businesses but in fact they are entirely appropriate for any business. Whatever your business size or offering you will benefit from knowing exactly what is going on and where you need to improve. For once I can name a specific company in this blog.

Supply Chain Analytics: Sprouts, Imodium & Harry Potter

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FMCG Dave Jordan CEO Humour Supply Chain Supply Chain Analytics ITChristmas and new year holidays seem a long way behind. The decorations have been squeezed back into their boxes for another year and Slade, Cliff, Bing, Bowie and others are safely back in their CD cases. Turkeys around the world are rejoicing as much as the children who do not have to tackle Brussels Spouts for another 12 months.

FMCG Supply Chain: Famous Last Words

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In the context of the FMCG Supply Chain, “Famous Last Words” are usually uttered just before something disastrous or unexpected happens. Procurement Manager: “All RM/PM supply contracts are guaranteed up to year-end.”. FMCG Route to Market Dave Jordan Supply Chain S&OPThe “Famous Last words” of people can be intriguing, rude and frequently very, very funny yet equally they can be complete nonsense.

FMCG: Performance turn-around needs fresh supply chain faces

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Athletico really is unique in terms of operating within the restriction of the Basque heritage and such an approach does not work in FMCG supply chains. I find this within supply chains in many companies in many countries. You are not constrained by the Athletico approach so freshen up your supply chain at least, by bringing in some fresh talent to shake up the status quo and generate the spark that can create sustainable change in the business.

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FMCG Supply Chain: Do you use data or information?

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People working in or associated with Supply Chains seem obsessed by data yet data itself actually tells you nothing. In Supply Chains the data obsession is growing. FMCG Dave Jordan Performance Improvement Supply ChainWho coined “Big Data”? How did we get there without normal sized data, slightly larger data, chubby data and bordering on big data?

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Improve Manufacturing Performance with Total Productive Maintenance

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FMCG Dave Jordan Performance Improvement Manufacturing Footprint Supply Chain S&OP Cost ReductionWhen I first came across Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) I was sceptical of yet another ”blue sky” approach to pursuing manufacturing excellence.

FMCG cost savings versus sales & marketing budgets!

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FMCG Dave Jordan CEO Pharma Supply Chain Traditional Trade Cost ReductionThere is your dilemma. You need to save cash towards an expensive year-end holiday but you really do not know the best place from where to take the money.

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UK NHS Supply Chain: bed-busting benefits of patient SKUs

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After being in UK for a few weeks I have experienced really poor service from organisations you would think had top notch, high performing supply chains. SKU FMCG Dave Jordan Forecasting & Demand Planning IT InformationSome time ago I looked at the often dreadful customer service offered by FMCG and Telecoms companies in CEE. Of course, this avoidable malaise is not restricted to that part of the world.

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Revisiting Some Great Advice for Supply Chain Young Professionals

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: Today’s post revisits some great advice offered by supply chain and logitics executives to students and young professionals in past episodes of Talking Logistics. We asked these executives the same question: What advice would you give to students and young professionals interested in a supply chain and logistics career? What words of wisdom would you share with the next generation of supply chain and logistics leaders?

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SC and Sales senior team squabbles: Always bad for business

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Dave Jordan CEO KPI Supply Chain SalesAnother sign of getting old I guess. When was the last time you watched a football match when no tattoos were on show and the haircuts did not look like something out of the Time Warp musical?

FMCG S&OP: Who is the stooge in your process?

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FMCG Dave Jordan Humour Supply Chain CEE S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning SalesLaurel and Hardy, Morecambe and Wise, Abbott and Costello, Little and Large, Hale and Pace, May and Johnson.

S&OP 151

Eurovision Song Contest, APO and.ABBA!

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Dave Jordan Humour Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand PlanningThere are many ways to link all the different planning activities in your FMCG/Pharma company. This could be done with one single tool like the SAP Advanced Planning Optimiser or a host of other tools and packages.

Tools 100

FMCG: Costs and Supply Chain Excellence

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Getting bullets to the front and keeping up the supply lines must be an incredible logistical task which simply cannot fail. Just imagine, no weekends or bank holidays to allow the supply chain to catch up or regroup. All FMCG supply chain people will have all had the dubious privilege to call Metro or Asda or Tesco to say “sorry, we are out of stock on Bloggo Powder but it will be with you on Tuesday”.

Supply Chains – A second look: What do all those initials really mean?

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In common with many business functions Supply Chains adopt multiple initials and/or acronyms to describe various tasks and processes they manage on a daily basis. SKU FMCG Route to Market Dave Jordan KPI Traditional Trade S&OP Logistics Management Distribution Inventory Management & Stock ControlThose not familiar with SC-speak will often sit bemused as various initials are quoted and debated and then usually blamed for some tenuous lost sales claimed by Sales and Marketing.

S&OP 87

FMCG Planning: If you like chocolate, now is the time!

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FMCG Christmas Dave Jordan Supply Chain S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning Supply Chain AnalyticsOvereaten chocolate during the holidays but still want some more? Get yourself and a large blue IKEA bag down to your local supermarket as chocolate is heavily discounted. Easter is not far away this year so why not save a little cash and stock up now - use by dates permitting, of course!

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Why S&OP and IBP are invaluable all year round but especially at Christmas

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SKU FMCG Dave Jordan Supply Chain S&OPAll rather too quickly Noddy Holder is already gargling on the festive gravel. Roy Wood and Wizard are wishing we could grossly over eat and drink on 365 or 366 days of the year and although they never met, Bowie and Bing are dueting about peace on earth – a likely story in today’s world.

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Digital Supply Chain: This is the way, its Analytics!

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Rather a lot of blogging going on around the area of Digital Supply Chain and Analytics at present. Amongst all the serious stuff I thought it about time we took a well-earned break and enjoyed a bit of Supply Chain Comic Relief.

The Supply Chain Impact of Europe’s Refugee Crisis


A crisis of this magnitude creates a mind-boggling supply chain and logistics challenge. Relief agencies normally spend as much as 80% of their proceeds on logistics and supply chain. So, how can the supply chain fulfill refugees’ basic requirements for food, water, shelter, and medical assistance? Perhaps most notably, CHEP , a pallet and container pooling provider, is supporting UNHCR to perform an in-depth study of its global supply chain network.

Europe 182

Supply chain & logistics webinar


Building a Modern Playbook for Supply Chain and Logistics Stardom. At our recent webinar, held with Supply Chain and Logistics consultancy Hatmill, Proxima’s Simon Geale welcomed Joe Metcalf, Johnathan Foster, Neil Jordan, and Simon Dixon to discuss their advice on the tools needed now to achieve supply chain and logistics success across: warehousing, automation, freight, and reverse logistics.