Ten years of transformation

Supply Chain Movement

Are they talking about an operational transformation – about ‘digitizing’ existing, paper-based processes? Over the past decade, my company Supply Chain Media has undergone both an operational and a tactical transformation. In January 2010, after my buy-out of Supply Chain Magazine (which had been around since 2006), I was faced with putting together the next edition myself. That changed Supply Chain Media’s operational model.

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Supply Chain Management


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Thieves in the Temple – Errors in the Planning-Execution System


©2017 " Supply Chain Link Blog - Arkieva " Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. Demand Planning Memoirs of a Black Belt causes of human error common mistakes in project management error of execution example human error examples knowledge based mistakes types of human error at workplaceHere’s a quick look at how to identify and fix errors in planning execution systems.

Time for a Supply Chain Metrics Cleaning


Wait, it’s not spring; but does that mean you have to wait another eight months to review your supply chain? Often, it becomes necessary to reevaluate how supply chain performance is measured to ensure healthy operations. Ask yourself, “Are your supply chain metrics bogging you down?” However, companies often have too many independent metrics that can cause conflicts amongst competing supply chain functions.

Supply Chain Disruption: How Stronger Collaboration Will Have a Big Impact on the Future of Logistics Management


In this blog, Camcode discusses how collaboration provides supply chain disruption to impact the future of logistics management. The supply chain is in the midst of a digital disruption, with new technology and tools promising to add efficiency and enhance accuracy. But for companies that fail to ride the wave of digital supply chain disruption, the results can be catastrophic. Asset Tracking Provides Cross-Departmental Knowledge.

The 5 Levels of Supply Chain Transparency!

Supply Chain Game Changer

As the story goes, the meatpacking districts of Chicago were one of the first recorded drivers, towards the need, for supply chain transparency. One could even argue supply chain transparency?—?at Still, today, supply chain transparency holds a prominent position in concerns for consumer and business, alike. As mentioned the definition of supply chain transparency has undergone a shift, and that shift has brought elasticity to the terminology.

Why Should Manufacturers Get Social With Their Supply Chains?

Supply Chain Network

Establishing a new manufacturing plant in a remote location has its problems, the most important of which is guaranteeing a reliable supply of parts from key suppliers and more importantly maintaining regular communications with them. But what about the rest of the supply chain?, To be able to tap into a global knowledge base of information is not only useful but it can save a lot of time when trying to get the answers to specific questions.”

How AI Helps Build the Supply Chain that Thinks for Itself

Logistics Bureau

How close are we to supply chains that can run themselves? Artificial intelligence can already automate much of supply chain. It can also make a supply chain that learns and adapts by itself. There is enough AI technology today for supply chain operations that can run unattended for long periods. But if this is so, why are we not all putting out feet up as supply chain turns into the new spectator sport?

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Webinar: Cloud Migration – Strategies and Best Practices to Drive Successful Outcomes – October 7


Providing a direct portal into our cloud migration knowledge base – that’s what this webinar is all about. Events Webinars Digital Transformation ERP Execution SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain Transformation

How to Choose a Supply Chain Planning System

RELEX Solutions

Choosing a supply chain planning system isn’t easy. If you’re going to transform your supply chain planning , the first decision is whether to develop an in-house system or hire a third-party solution vendor. Transforming your supply chain planning requires a highly skilled team with a deep knowledge base. A vendor confident in its supply chain technology and customer satisfaction won’t act as a gatekeeper.

S&OP: Can You Make Decisions at the Speed of Business?

Supply Chain Shaman

Based on the reference calls, I am not sure that this will be possible. This is especially true for processes dependent on the ERP-based solutions from Infor, Oracle and SAP. Excel–while widely used for planning–is not equal to the challenge of modeling complex supply chains. Clarity on Supply Chain Strategy. Driving supply chain excellence is a balancing act. Employee turnover eroded the knowledge base. Yawn.

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Insights from the C-Suite: Supply Chain People Are Making a Difference in the World

Material Handling & Logistics

The biggest challenge for supply chain professionals today is the is the accelerated pace of change, according to APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi. Since 2006, Abe Eshkenazi has served as CEO of APICS, a trade association focused on offering research, education and certification programs in supply chain management. Abe Eshkenazi: Chief among them is the pace of change that’s occurring right now in supply chain. You need to align with the supply chain strategy.

Is The Creative Class Coming To A City Near You?

Supply Chain Insights

According to Dr. Richard Florida, one of our keynote speakers at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, my description fits about 30% of us in the workforce. It’s a subsection of knowledge workers within the workforce broken down into two groups: the Creative Professionals and the Super Creative Core. The Creative Professionals are the classic knowledge-based workers. We believe that this redefines supply chains in the Race for Supply Chain 2020.

6 Supply Chain Trends That Could Truly Shake You Up (2018 Update)

Logistics Bureau

Supply chain trends make it yet more complex because they represent the intersections of so many different domains. What is a supply chain trend-spotter to do? A Different Perspective on Business Trends and Supply Chains. Then we look at what might happen to supply chains if these trends now accelerated, perhaps exponentially. Software is Eating Supply Chains. Software has eaten the world and supply chains with it.


The Oracle PLM to Cloud Strategy

Oracle SCM

From Jan 29th till 31st, 2018 our flagship event, Modern Supply Chain Experience , saw nearly 3000 participants, many of whom were interested in Oracle Product Lifecycle Management. Our customers enjoy the benefits of the industry´s most comprehensive support coverage, which provides major product and technology releases, 24x7 assistance with service requests, access to My Oracle Support including Knowledge Base, and much more.

Get The Most Out Of Blue Yonder Solutions By Joining a Special Interest Group Community


Our SIG Mission: to foster an environment where active participation maximizes your company’s investment in Blue Yonder solutions and enables you to grow both personally and professionally through collaboration with other supply chain professionals. Supply Chain

Your Innovation Platform for the Digital Thread

Oracle SCM

Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality Management, Service and Customer Experience need to work together cohesively in a connected world. Our customers enjoy the benefits of the industry´s most comprehensive support coverage, which provides major product and technology releases, 24x7 assistance with service requests, access to My Oracle Support including Knowledge Base, and much more.

Richard Markoff: “Don’t be too rigid in what we define”

Supply Chain Movement

Nine questions about the topics on the supply chain agenda of a supply chain professional. By Helen Armstrong (Supply Chain Movement). Most are expected to come from the emerging markets where one of the greatest challenges is the supply chain. Just like the company creates new skin and hair care products to meet the consumer’s diverse and infinite needs is a company trademark, there’s opportunity for innovation in the supply chain.

Time to Look into the Future of Procurement!

Supply Chain Game Changer

From the starting point of the traditional buy-sell, transaction-based purchasing, the practice has moved through stages of change that redefines most aspect of the business. A typical Purchasing Function is limited to the transactional job of collecting information about the requirements of user departments and carrying out commercial checks and balances to finally procure the product & service based on c ost reduction only and focused on supply continuity.

Top UltraShipTMS Application Developer Named ‘2016 Pro to Know’

Supply Chain Collaborator

Director of Application Development and 10-year Veteran of UltraShipTMS Team Recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine . March 15, 2016 – Fair Lawn, NJ – Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, the executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, recently announced the 16th annual listing of ‘Pros to Know’ in the supply chain industry.

5 Best Practices in Omnichannel Customer Service!

Supply Chain Game Changer

They now make use of whichever channel they can get the best and swiftest help, be it through knowledge bases, live chat, website, social media, SMS, and email. Do they use review sites to find answers to their questions and base their buying decisions based on telling reviews from other customers? Categorizing tickets based on priority (high to low) informs your reps which ticket they need to focus on to help improve the team’s response time. Subscribe Here!

Unravelling the challenge of repeatability in 3D printed spare parts


by Henk Jonker Quality control 3D printing spare parts can contribute significantly to supply chain optimization. A secured knowledge base Tapping into a professional ecosystem is key to have all the necessary knowledge on board. manufacturing supply-chain spare-parts additive-manufacturing 3d-printingSo far, companies that are adopting 3D printing for spares are doing so at small scales.

Missy Cummings from Duke on Logistics Automation: We’re Going in Reverse!


Missy shared some insights on automation in the logistics sector, in a conference that was awash with discussions on block chain, digitization, and new technology in logistics. Cummings explores this in her paper on skills, rules, knowledge, and expertise that explores the way you do a complicated task. (A You start with skills based reasoning, for instance, how to keep the plane balanced. Then you free up cognitive reasoning to do knowledge-based reasoning.

From the Archives: A Look Back at Some Top Logistically Speaking Topics


The acquisition expanded our intermodal and freight brokerage capabilities and better positions us to meet the supply chain needs of our customers near-term and well into the future. LinkedIn Supply Chain Influencers to Follow – The Industry’s Lucky Charms : In honor of St. Patrick’s Day 2018, we suggested a few supply chain “lucky charms” for you to follow on LinkedIn. From the Archives: A Look Back at Some Top Logistically Speaking Topics.

Digital Transformation Facilitates On-Time Delivery

Aera Technology

Digital Transformation Facilitates On-Time Delivery Digital transformation has become a critical imperative to address the weak link of ATP/CTP in the pharma supply chain By Stephanie Glass Promise dates for delivery of drugs to pharmacies and healthcare providers have traditionally been little more than guesswork. The problem is only worsening as pharmaceutical manufacturers struggle with growing complexity across a highly volatile global supply chain.

Your Guide to RFP Software

EC Sourcing Group

If you think about the overall supply chain and how procurement is just one link in the chain, the RFP process is but one link in the procurement chain, but a very important one. . Knowledge base and template library. Your Guide to RFP Software.

Customer Service Aided by Cognitive Technologies

Enterra Insights

”[2] What companies might not realize is that some of the technologies used in marketing, e-commerce, and supply chain operations can also help them with customer service. According to Grossfeld, “Nearly 40% of customers claim that searches within knowledge bases don’t generate the help articles they’re looking for. Those insights point out how users describe their issues and if those descriptions are similar to the content of the knowledge base.

SIGs: Be Part of the In-Crowd at FOCUS, and Beyond!


At one time or another, we have all felt like we are facing our supply chain challenges alone. The mission of JDA’s SIGs is straightforward – to foster an environment where active SIG participation maximizes your company‘s investment in JDA solutions and enables you to grow, both personally and professionally, through collaboration with other supply chain professionals. Category Knowledge Base – June 13 th , 7:00AM.

SIGs: Be Part of the In-Crowd at FOCUS, and Beyond!


At one time or another, we have all felt like we are facing our supply chain challenges alone. The mission of JDA’s SIGs is straightforward – to foster an environment where active SIG participation maximizes your company‘s investment in JDA solutions and enables you to grow, both personally and professionally, through collaboration with other supply chain professionals. Category Knowledge Base – June 13 th , 7:00AM.

Taking Risks that Pay Off

JDA software

In 2006, I worked for Circuit City and I installed JDA Category Knowledge Base there. We worked together for about three and a half years installing JDA Category Knowledge Base and maximizing Category Management. Instead of finding another role where I would install and work with JDA Category Knowledge Base again, I decided to switch my path and work for the software company itself and it just made so much sense!

Omnichannel is the New Black Friday

Enterra Insights

”[1] She adds, “To meet the demand of this ‘omnichannel imperative’, retailers will have to redesign their supply chains, as well as focus on demand driven processes to deliver the needs of the new consumer.” Jason Vaughn, Vice President of North American Distribution at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, observes, “When the global pandemic first rocked the retail industry, scores of companies struggled to cope with the fallout.

Industry 4.0 Success Depends on Cognitive Technologies

Enterra Insights

Machine learning is essentially a form of artificial intelligence that allows systems and algorithms to automatically improve based on experience.”[3]. While these analytics provide a competitive advantage for businesses, they lack knowledge-based insights to help in decision-making. Size up your opportunities by finding the biggest needs across your value chain. Prioritize your opportunities based on where you can gain value quickly.”.

Is Every Company a Technology Company?

Talking Logistics

Generally speaking, it’s still difficult for supply chain and logistics executives to obtain IT support and funding for technology (in many cases, money and resources are tied up with other initiatives, such as multi-year ERP rollouts), so executives are looking to their 3PL partners to meet their technology needs, whether it’s software like a transportation management system (TMS) or automation technology in the warehouse.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Transportation Management Firm

Aborn and Co.

Supply chains are evolving at a more rapid pace than ever. Land and ocean carrier consolidation, warehouse automation, shifting sourcing structures, and digital supply chain transformation all have a tremendous impact on the current state of the logistics industry.

Technical Support Representative / BI Consultant


We are seeking an enthusiastic Technical Support Representative who will support our customers as they build out their Supply Chain Business Intelligence environment. Technical knowledge of SQL Server. Secondary responsibilities will include: Develop and maintain Solutions so we can leverage internal knowledge and allow customers to have a self-service process for common issues. Technical Support Representative / BI Consultant. Job Description.