40 Manufacturing KPIs That Optimize Production Performance

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To achieve this growth, successful manufacturers today are relying on key performance metrics and automating many aspects of their data management processes to gain valuable business insights that can be used to meet their organizations’ performance goals. The Basics of Manufacturing KPIs.

Top 3 challenges facing manufacturers and how to overcome them


The manufacturing industry confronted many uncertainties in the last year due to the pandemic. The pandemic has led to many shifts in manufacturing including new challenges to overcome. We live in a time where we can purchase almost anything with a click of a button.


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Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


We conclude our ongoing series in talking about effective KPI management by giving you a real live Logistics KPIs management case study from Whirlpool's engagement with a logistics service level provider. We started the series first by " 9 Key Topics to Understand to Frame A Shipper’s Mind for Effective KPI Management with a 3PL." Also monitored were Whirlpool supplier SLA/KPI agreements.

KPI Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain & Logistics

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I’ve literally seen KPI “packs” the size of phone books, and even KPI sets circulated as a monthly magazine… that no one reads. Supply Chain KPI Tips. Supply Chain KPI. What’s a KPI, Anyway? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, and can be defined as a practical and objective measurement of progress, either: Towards a predetermined goal, or. You will use a KPI in the same way as your car’s speedometer. Production/manufacturing.

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KPIs to assist manufacturers and distributors with supply chain challenges


Manufacturers and distributors experienced huge supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic which exposed many vulnerabilities and tested the resilience of supply chain leaders globally. Manufacturing KPIs. Supply Chain Management and ERP ERP and Lean Manufacturing ERP systems

28 Procurement KPIs That Optimize Supplier & Buyer Performance

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Procurement is one core process area being focused to better manage today’s fluctuating change, with key performance metrics leading the way to assessing and managing procurement performance. The Basics of Procurement KPIs. Every KPI needs a clearly defined goal.

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


To start you must have the KPI's visual along the value stream. If heat is known to vary causing defects when special causes arise then you should see an effect on the overall quality (the next level KPI). Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The post How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Lean Manufacturing Supply Chain lean culture

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QAD Adaptive Applications Further Enables Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises


This latest release further enhances our customers’ ability to intelligently adopt and boost adaptive manufacturing capabilities. Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises can effectively address the increasing pace of change and disruption companies face today.

Supply Chain Dashboards – Key Metrics For Manufacturers

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Sales Dashboards – 16 Metrics for Manufacturers , a strategy for measuring business performance should also incorporate metrics that focus on the supply chain and other operational areas of the enterprise.

What is the meat of the matter for manufacturers of meat products?

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Meat manufacturers usually suffer from the lack of cross-functional visibility as well as cross-company visibility. Everything starts and ends with the planning department, resulting in a high-stress environment for planners at meat manufacturing facilities: If a customer’s order was missed, or if there’s a raw material shortage, the blame is placed on them. What is distracting meat manufacturers from building efficient plans?

BI in Manufacturing: 3 Realistic Steps to Data Mastery in 2020


may sound exciting for manufacturers – with its IoT-enabled factories, all-singing all-dancing ERP software, and AI-powered insights – but frankly this is fantasy land for the vast majority of manufacturers. Here are three realistic steps manufacturers can take for data mastery in 2020.

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In Search of Procurement’s North Star!

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Featuring Our 12 Best Procurement Articles! Procurement’s North Star article and permission to publish here provided by Sam Jenks. What exactly are you and your procurement team working towards? What is Procurement’s North Star Metric? Subscribe Here!

5 Reasons why eAuctions Drive Better Savings


eAuctions are online real-time dynamic discussions between one purchasing organization and a group of pre-qualified vendors competing for the purchaser’s trade. Procurement price reductions can have a major influence on a business bottom line.

Viterra Initiates Global Digital Transformation Program with Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Quintiq

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Viterra , formally Glencore Agriculture, a global leader in the sourcing, handling, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities and products, has started a global digital transformation program to improve and accelerate its business decisions.

Procurement Cockpit – Strategic Sourcing KPIs

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Last week I suggested that a procurement cockpit is an essential tool to manage your business in 2019. Today I will focus on KPIs that can provide deep insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, strategic sourcing efforts and how procurement systems are viewed internally. These materials represented almost 70% of the cost of goods manufactured. Each KPI should have a benchmark or reference point of comparison.

Actionable Insights: Purchasing Commitments and Spending


Next, we will provide an overview of the Purchasing Commitments and Spending Action Center as well as the associated key performance indicators (KPIs). When analyzing purchasing performance, it helps to understand the difference between spend and commitment.

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The Magic Bullet for Real-Time Supply Chain Collaboration? Cloud Visibility.


Jessica Twentyman reported in the Financial Times , that for many manufacturers, supply chain collaboration is stuck in the dark ages. Worse still, much of the data that could give manufacturers a complete, end-to-end view of their supply chain already resides within the systems of these partners; as much as 80 percent of it, according to some industry estimates. Frustrated manufacturers report having no idea they were down to the last box of parts.

How Manufacturers Are Capitalizing On Sales Metrics & KPIs

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In today’s dynamic business environment, a well-designed sales analytics program can easily become a competitive advantage for manufacturers by allowing them to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, trends and customer demands. Every sales KPI needs a clearly defined goal.

Introducing QAD Adaptive ERP 2021.1


As organizations seek to boost business responsiveness and flexibility to address disruption, this latest release progresses our customers’ ability to advance the business intelligence, innovation and business agility required by today’s manufacturers. Digital Manufacturing.

Top 6 Supply Chain KPIs: Keep Your Dashboards Simple

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The components of the perfect order KPI are as follows: On-time delivery: A calculation of the percentage of sales orders that arrive on time. Damage-free delivery: This measurement is sometimes incorporated into the in full KPI, but can just also be a stand-alone metric.

20 Manufacturers Describe ERP Software Benefits in their Own Words


Editor’s Note: Today we are featuring this guest post from Find Accounting Software as it covers a subject we are also interested in, Manufacturing Technology which makes businesses more efficient. To better understand how your organization can benefit, we’ve collected comments from 20 manufacturers detailing the results they were able to achieve via their investments in ERP software. Earlier identification of product manufacturing issues. Measurement of KPI’s.

Steel Yourself for Change: Fully Optimized Master Production Schedules

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Meeting these objectives, on top of addressing existing industry challenges, requires steel manufacturing companies to become more efficient and flexible in their operations—and this means optimizing their master production schedules.

Assessing the True Return of Procurement Transformation on Total Shareholder Return: A Tough Proposition


In my earlier book with Gerard Chick on “ The Procurement Value Proposition “, we advance the notion that buildoing a business case for investing in people, process, and technology improvement in procurement is key. Many procurement assessments developed by consultants seek to provide an answer to the question “how far along are you relative to your peers in your procurement transformation journey”, and “which processes are lagging compared to your peers?”

Augmented Analytics – How Alexa Became a Production Planner


Mozart, Metallica and Manufacturing Operations Management. The Adoption of Augmented Analytics in Manufacturing. Augmented Analytics has not yet fully made a breakthrough in manufacturing, but the breakthrough is likely to happen soon.

How the pandemic has changed the supply chain


One source reports disruptions increased over 60% between 2019 and 2020. JIT(Just-In-Time) deliveries and lean manufacturing (reducing times in production and in supplier response) were the goals of many manufacturers. Source: McKinsey. Review sourcing and suppliers.

32 KPIs That Drive Inventory Optimization

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Inventory can be a manufacturer’s most important asset. Key performance indicators (or KPIs) help to facilitate these requirements and drive higher inventory optimization outcomes as a result for manufacturers, distributors and other supply chain-centric businesses.

It’s the era of Industry 4.0. Are you on board?

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is gathering force and it needs to be carefully monitored as it will upset the manufacturing world as you know it. should be viewed as the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector. China, often flogged by other industrialized nations for using cheap labor to undercut cost of manufacturing is at the forefront of robotization. In 2015, it exceeded the volume of robot purchases for all European markets combined (68,000 vs 50,100 units).

Why Manufacturers Need an Outcome Culture (Pt. II)


In “ Why Manufacturers Need an Outcome Culture (Pt. I) ,” we made the case for manufacturers adopting an outcome culture. Of course, manufacturers still need processes. Here’s one group of processes a make-to-stock manufacturer might go through: Consider the latest forecast. Create time-phased purchase orders. The Execution Outcome for this group of processes is ‘Purchasing Plan Created’. Each Execution Outcome must have at least one KPI.

KPI 63

What’s the key to higher profits in meat processing?

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Can you get supplementary materials by making last-minute purchases from the market? An intelligent solution powered by optimization and KPI-driven planning is what you need to effectively manage key challenges such as supply shortage and blending and formulation complexities. Manufacturing ProteinThe meat processing business is on an upswing, with companies from Poland to Australia expanding their facilities to cope with rising demand.

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How Does Procurement Create Value? Insights from CPO Speakers at Zycus Horizons Conference

Supply Chain View from the Field

In addition to the procurement executives, I also got to meet Captain Dick Phillips, the captain of note in the film “Captain Phillips” We had a chance to talk about his experience, and he also presented to the group about the incredible experience he went through. Chris Sawchuck from the Hackett Group interviewed three heads of procurement from three large companies, and asked an important question. Does procurement add to top line revenue.

Supplier Co-Innovation: The Next Source for Economic Growth


We hear the words “innovation” as a source for growth in the economy over and over again. But what will be the true source of innovation? In a recent e-book I co-wrote with IBM , we argue that the real source of innovation in the global economy will be fostered and developed by small to medium sized suppliers. In effect, procurement data on supply market technologies serves as the catalyst that drives the innovation process.

6 Critical Supply Chain KPIs!

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KPI’s are not solely limited to supply chain, but are used in various different fields to measure how well a company is meeting its objectives. The data must be available so that a performance management system can then give you the KPI. Procurement Cost. Subscribe Here!

Actionable Insights: Purchasing Inventory Effectiveness


Next, we will provide an overview of the Purchasing Inventory Effectiveness Action Center as well as the associated key performance indicators (KPIs). Inventory is one of the most important assets a manufacturing company has to manage.

Enabling Innovation Groups To Sell More Effectively to Operations Leaders


We do it throughout entire industries, enabling leaders to smooth-out their Supply Chains, lean-out their Logistics, optimize their Operations, and maximize their Manufacturing throughput, all with their existing teams and often disaggregated data sources. Whether it is access to data, maneuvering around competing innovation objectives, tracking down actual factory-floor operators, or involving oft-neglected procurement groups, there are internal bottlenecks everywhere.

Melitta: Collaborating for an Improved Forecasting Process


The process brings together all the plans for the business (sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, sourcing, and financial) into one integrated set of plans.”

Inventory Management KPIs: Tracking What Matters Most


How long it takes to receive orders from your manufacturer. How many orders a brand can’t fulfill when a customer tries purchasing it. How much one unit of inventory costs to manufacture or supply. One way to improve this KPI is to increase your product markup.

Actionable Insights: Inventory Data Health


Most manufacturing companies are dependent on their ERP systems to ensure inventory balance and availability, as well as for providing product cost rollups to ensure they meet adequate margins when setting prices. This is why inventory data health should be a priority for every manufacturer.

Actionable Insights: Inventory Data Health


Most manufacturing companies are dependent on their ERP systems to ensure inventory balance and availability, as well as for providing product cost rollups to ensure they meet adequate margins when setting prices. This is why inventory data health should be a priority for every manufacturer.

The four steps to supply chain readiness


A recent survey of procurement leaders showed a 15-20% increase in ROI when using data and analytics to make decisions. That same survey showed that up to 50% of procurement teams’ time was spent looking for data. A good KPI to track for this goal might be a low out of stock (OOS) rate.

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


Inventory measurement is critical and it is money after all in that it took a capital expense to procure. Effective, successful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/A balanced scorecard: Effective KPI management starts with some key areas to have both parties understand. The average Supply Chain management professional measures their Supply Chain by reviewing cost reduction. Is cost reduction all that there is in measuring Supply Chain performance?