Freight Volume Rebounds to Pre-Pandemic Levels

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However, r eject rates from drivers are still down currently , a nd the DAT P ower I ndex still leans in favor of shipper s. . Warehouses in New Jersey and New York are reopening in the next 10-20 days and we expect to see an increase in outbound volume as a result. . Mississippi? ? . Mississippi’s?stay-at-home As we move into the back half of May, the freight market is starting to show signs of an expedited rebound. .

Justifying Investments in Risk Avoidance

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Consider, for example, Amazon’s drive to build more warehouses throughout the US. Another benefit, albeit unintended, is increased resilience because Amazon’s beefed up warehouse network enables the retailer to recover quickly if one facility suffers a disruption. This supported an extremely lean build-to-order operation with minimal inventory. Relief and resilience. Walmart provided bottled water to communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy.