5 Things to Know About U.S.-Mexico Logistics

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Trade flowing across the United States-Mexico border has grown exponentially since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted in 1994. It has been further spurred by the trend of nearshoring over the last decade, as American companies have relocated their manufacturing facilities to Mexico to take advantage of a skilled workforce, improving infrastructure, and proximity to the United States. carrier tractors to a 26-kilometer zone inside the Mexico border.

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Mexico Logistics: Manufacturing in Mexico, Distribution in the U.S.

West Coast and California Logistics

For many companies, Mexico has long been an ideal manufacturing location due to lower costs and close proximity to American consumers. Mexico logistics is often fraught with hurdles such as border uncertainties, inadequate warehouse capacity, and security concerns. To overcome these hurdles, many companies are enjoying the best of both worlds: manufacturing in Mexico and shipping finished goods to a U.S. logistics facility for distribution.

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Questions Companies with U.S.-Mexico Trade Should be Asking

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Mexico border, his words seem unusually predictive. Mexico trade risks. Mexico border is causing congestion —and creating havoc—for many supply chains in the same way Mr. Kass described. . The situation has raised a question many of us in the logistics industry never anticipated asking: should companies reassess safety stock levels for Mexico-sourced products due to the risk of an unreliable customs clearance process? Mexico border are severely delayed?

Is Mexico the World's Next Manufacturing Hub?


Mexico may become the global manufacturing nerve center if the country plays its cards right. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Mexico ranks number eight out of 40 countries including Canada, Sweden, and Vietnam. are among the reasons Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler produce some of their vehicles in Mexico, with Ford to double its production starting 2018 via a new plant in San Luis Potosi.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border.Transportfolio. Mexico cross-border shipping, I covered some of the key benefits of a door to door service provider. Cross-border shipping is complex, but a logistics supplier with offices in the United States and Mexico can provide the knowledge and services that help deliver a smoother cross-border shipping experience. Mexico Shipping Options.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping | Transportfolio. A supply chain that crosses the United States and Mexico border tends to have more links than those that exist in domestic shipping. Too many become difficult to manage, and too few may leave capacity or flexibility gaps—unless you’re working with an experienced third party logistics provider. Mexico’s government keeps strict control on customs broker licenses.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door to Door Service Providers

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door to Door Service Providers.Transportfolio. Mexico cross-border shipping. Mexico cross-border logistics provider. When shipping across the U.S./Mexico Mexico border you need a carrier in Mexico, and a Mexico customs broker, a drayman, a U.S. A decade ago, finding a single logistics provider who could provide everything you need for U.S./Mexico Mexico cross-border service was challenging.

Southwest Airlines Cargo Now Shipping Internationally, Beginning With Mexico


Cargo is expanding internationally in its shipping operations, with Mexico City the first port of call and further routes planned shortly. Southwest is going to focus on building up international shipping capabilities and experience in the Mexican market first. We applaud Southwest Airlines' decision to expand cargo operations between Mexico City and Houston Hobby Airport. Southwest Airlines Co.

This Week in Logistics News (May 25-29, 2015)

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Now, for this week’s supply chain and logistics news… HighJump Acquires Nexternal. Robinson Celebrates 25 Years of Business in Mexico. Speaking of Amazon, the company is raising the bar again on delivery in response to Walmart testing a free, three-day shipping service. Mexico freight totaled $45.2 Mexico freight than in March 2014. Mexico air freight rose 15.7 Speaking of Mexico, C.H.

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This Week in Logistics News (December 5-9, 2016)

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Some mornings I would ride my rocket ship, evading asteroids and alien cruisers along the way, and I would barely make it to school on time (I mean, the space station), with just enough fuel to make a safe landing. Back here on Earth, this week’s supply chain and logistics news… Nikola One Hydrogen-Electric Truck Revealed. Truckers applaud move to revert to pre-2013 Hours of Service regulations (Logistics Management). Retailer Wal-Mart de Mexico to invest $1.3

This Week in Logistics News (July 15-19, 2013)

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Con-way Freight Raises the Bar on Mexico Service, Adds Door-to-Door Tracking, 24-Hour Customer Resource Center, Enhanced Web Tools. XPO Logistics to Acquire 3PD, the Largest Provider of Heavy Goods, Last-Mile Logistics in North America. Overcapacity in the global air freight market, increasing customer preference for lower-yielding shipping solutions, and a slowing U.S.

This Week in Logistics News (May 12-16, 2014)

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Transplace and Celtic Expand Intermodal Services in Mexico. Echo Global Logistics, Inc. Acquires One Stop Logistics, Inc. Senate EPW Committee signs off on MAP-21 Reauthorization Act (Logistics Management). Additionally, the collaboration portal allows for real-time collaboration between shippers, logistics service providers (LSPs) and freight forwarders and their carriers. Mexico border remains in its infancy with market share in the low single digit rates.”.

This Week in Logistics News (April 1-5, 2019)

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Moving on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news… Truckers gridlocked at U.S.-Mexico Mexico line as border agents moved (Reuters) Global trade growth loses momentum as trade tensions persist (WTO) Shipping Comes to Terms With $50 Billion Clean-Fuel Bill (WSJ – sub. Mexico Border Crossing Delays. Robinson (a Talking Logistics sponsor), shared some good advice in a blog post this week. “I’m worst at what I do best.”.

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Transplace’s Q2 2020 Logistics Market Quarterly Update


Transplace’s Q2 2020 Logistics Market Quarterly Update. Logistics industry specialists can look to Transplace’s Logistics Quarterly Market Update and Outlook Report to gain insights from Q2 2020 and an outlook for what’s to come. Supply chain, transportation, and logistics professionals can use the quarterly reports to streamline their operations and prepare for what’s ahead in the second half of 2020. Mexico: Truckload.

This Week in Logistics News (November 5-9, 2018)

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Our Logistics Leaders for Type 1 Diabetes Cure Team raised $58,706 this season — a new record! Simply put, without your support, this audacious dream I had three years ago to form a logistics cycling team to support JDRF wouldn’t have come true. Okay, turning the corner, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Amazon offers free shipping on all orders for the holidays (CNN).

Logistics Update: Join Us for Our Mexico Customs Webinar Series


Logistics Update: Join Us for Our Mexico Customs Webinar Series. To help keep shippers up-to-date, we’ve launched a webinar series for our Spanish-speaking customers discussing how these changes have made an impact on those companies shipping across the U.S.-Mexico Mexico border. Therefore, companies may have to seek certification for a multitude of parts in order to ultimately ship a product such as a television to a retailer in Mexico. and Mexico?

25 Years in Mexico: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

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Robinson’s Silver Jubilee in Mexico: 25 years of working successfully with customers and carriers on cross-border and intra-Mexico transportation. Then as now, the United States remains Mexico’s largest trading partner. While there are growing shortages of logistics capacity, qualified personnel, and warehousing at the border, Mexico’s future looks bright. Many companies that once moved operations to Asia are now nearshoring in Mexico, closer to the U.S.

The New NAFTA: What’s Changed? What’s the Impact?

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administration, and after a lot of back and forth negotiations between the US, Mexico, and Canada over the past year, a new agreement has been reached which is set to be signed soon. How will these changes impact companies, particularly those that trade with Mexico? Those are some of the questions I discussed with Jose Minarro, SVP of Customs at Transplace , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. I don’t think Mexico would be in the economic status it has today without it.

Logistics Market Stays Flat as May Begins

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Currently, we are seeing little fluctuation in the domestic logistics market when compared to the past few weeks. . But the Logistics Manager’s Index skyrocketed from the end of Feb ruary through April. Zipline Regional Logistics Market Updates . Northeast Logistics . Midwest Logistics . Southeast Logistics . Westcoast Logistics . Shipping in or out of Alabama should be close to normal. . New Mexico .

What Exactly Is Reverse Logistics?

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And then at some point all of these activities were included under the banner of “Reverse Logistics” What on earth is Reverse Logistics? So What Is Reverse Logistics? The term “Reverse Logistics” was first coined by James R. I was certainly familiar with Repair, Recycling, Reclamation, Salvage and ReUse to that point but Reverse Logistics seemed like an odd phrase. But once explained the phrase Reverse Logistics made sense.

Strategic moves among logistics providers

Supply Chain Movement

Manufacturers and retailers welcome the ongoing consolidation in the fragmented logistics industry. they want logistics service providers to offer full service on a global scale and are demanding more technological innovation. these are the main conclusions from Supply Chain Movement’s annual study as the basis for the 3pl subway map europe 2016, which shows the specific services of the most important logistics service providers. Mexico.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 5: How to Find the Right Customs Broker

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Mexico border. No matter how seldom you ship across the U.S./Mexico Mexico border, every border crossing comes with a significant customs compliance risk. Every company with freight moving into or out of Mexico needs to fill out the same forms and cross the border at the same place, so promises of speedy border crossings may mean they’re cutting corners somewhere along the line. Global Transportation Mexico Customs Broker

Logistics Execs Split on Outcome of NAFTA Talks

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Executives in a new survey, 2018 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, are divided about whether a new pact would help Mexico (24.3%); hurt Mexico (21.8%); or leave trade unchanged (25.7%). Supply chain industry executives are split sharply about how Mexico will fare if it is able to agree with the United States and Canada on terms to update the North American Free Trade Agreement. . 8 Mexico even though the Brazilian economy is roughly 70% larger. .

This Week in Logistics News (October 26-30, 2015)

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Now, on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news… Exclusive: Wal-Mart seeks to test drones for home delivery, pickup ( Reuters ). Wal-Mart Won’t Promote Free-Shipping Deals Over Holidays (WSJ – sub. Some follow-up thoughts based on the comments received: First, from a supply chain and logistics perspective, I believe Walmart continues to innovate and lead the industry in many areas. 25, it will bring back free shipping and returns.

This Week in Logistics News (May 27-31, 2019)

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The post This Week in Logistics News (May 27-31, 2019) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. News This Week in News blockchain CMA CGM Daimler Trucks Descartes Systems Group driverless trucks FedEx Ground FourKites Honeywell Kenco Innovation Labs Mediterranean Shipping Co Mexico tariffs tariffs TradeLens UltraShipTMSWhy do I still have a landline telephone? I work from home most days and our landline phone rings throughout the day.

This Week in Logistics News (March 20-24, 2017)

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Moving on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news… Walmart Secures Patent for Drones to Carry Products Inside Stores (Digital Trends). MercuryGate Launches Industry First – A Logistics Integrator Program to Address Specific Shipper Requirements around Design, Delivery, Operation and Transfer of TMS Capabilities. Lineage Logistics Announces Strategic Partnership with BluJay Solutions. There was a lot of shipping-related news this week.

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This Week in Logistics News (January 8-12, 2018)

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Or I can just wing it and go straight to the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week. Cloud Logistics Announces Record Revenue, Growth and Innovation for 2017. From Mexico to the U.S., Under that strategy, employees take items from a physical store and ship it to customers, which allows Target to ship orders faster and avoid some costs related to distribution and fulfillment centers. What can I do if I have writer’s block?

Top 12 logistics influencers on Twitter

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Finding logistics people to follow on Twitter is easy. Simply key in “logistics” and voila: You’re given a long list of individuals whose profiles contain these words. Finding the right logistics people worth following however is a daunting exercise, especially if you don’t know who to look for. We’ve put together a list of logistics influencers worth following, most of whom we’ve had the pleasure of engaging with. Morai Logistics. Logistics Viewpoints.

This Week in Logistics News (November 10-14, 2014)

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We normally do our Talking Logistics episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we have one today at 12 ET with Alaster Love from Transplace, where we are going to discuss “ Big Data and Analytics in Oil and Gas Transportation.” Mexico Customs Management. Mexico customs process.” The system comprehends inbound shipments at a Purchase Order (PO) or Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) level, automating the data input of each product line and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Logistics Trends Part 3

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This shows that trade is re-balancing – with obvious consequences to shipping lines, air cargo carriers and freight forwarders. In North America this is usually Mexico and in Europe, this could be North Africa. The post Logistics Trends Part 3 appeared first on Kewill Inc. Blog Logistics Service Providers Supply Chain (software) Transportation Management (TMS Third Trend: Regionalization, Near-sourcing and Emerging Markets. .

Despite NAFTA Uncertainty, Logistics Investments Continue

Logistics Trends and Insights

As the NAFTA and tariffs battles continues on, the logistics market continues to meet the growing demand for cross-border services. In particular, cross-border trade between the US and Mexico remains strong. Among recent logistics providers’ investment announcements are: Road: Mid America Logistics opened an office in Guadalajara, Mexico, its first international location. Ryder System opened a new logistics facility in Laredo, Texas. and Mexico.

How the Mexican Peso Is Impacting Cross-Border Transportation

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Guest Commentary Logistics Outsourcing Logistics Service Providers Transportation Transportation Management Systems cross-border shipping international trade Mexico transloadingThe devaluation of the Mexican peso over the past two years has been rather extreme. Two years ago, one U.S. dollar was worth about 13.5 pesos, and today it’s worth about 18. As a result of this severe drop in value, U.S.

What’s Ahead in the Logistics Arena?

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For example, the editorial staff at Material Handling & Logistics note, “When it comes to digital maturity, the supply chain and logistics industry are lagging.”[1] 2] Despite these protestations of sluggishness, a lot of exciting things are happening in the logistics arena. Logistics in the Digital Age. The rise of e-commerce and omnichannel sales strategies have dramatically altered the logistics landscape.

Transportation TIP List: Week of March 10th, 2019


The retailer wants suppliers that ship full trucks of products to deliver orders within a specified two-day window 87% of the time, up from the previous 85% rate. by adding AI capabilities to their transportation and distribution activities, helping to deliver enhanced logistics services and technology to shippers. trade gaps with China and Mexico, already the nation’s largest, reached new records. Transportation TIP List: Week of March 10 th , 2019. This weekend’s St.

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Intermodal Shipping is Growing and the Railroads are Ready

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Intermodal Shipping is Growing and the Railroads are Ready | Transportfolio. Tight truckload capacity usually means more intermodal shipping. Intermodal shipping will be a large growth driver for their businesses over the next 10-15 years. Many railroads are enlarging existing ramps that may be too small for growing volumes and opening new ones in peak lanes—including in Mexico and Canada. Intermodal shipping visibility. 3 facts of intermodal shipping.