Santa & Opening Presents - Christmas S&OP For Parents

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Christmas Humour Supply Chain S&OP Logistics Management Inventory Management & Stock Control“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…”.

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S&OP: Santa & Opening Presents


There is no way Santa Claus could achieve his annual success without sticking rigidly to an S&OP /IBP process also referred to as Santa and Opening Presents. Toy shops are visited and millions of children quietly note the presents they would like from Santa. In parallel millions of children around the world tell Santa they have all been good this year and list all the presents they would like.

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Big calculations, inspiring presentations: Highlights from #GartnerSCC

DELMIA Quintiq

We’ve had many challengers competing in multiple rounds on the evening of September 9, but alas, there can only be one champion – Alison Guest from Neovia Logistics. It felt like a whirlwind, but this year’s Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference was definitely one of the highlights of the year for us. The outlook from Gartner is very positive: There’s no better time to be in the supply chain industry. We couldn’t agree more. Leading the next decade.

[WEBINAR] Download the Major Factors to Consider for Efficient LTL Shipping Webinar Recording & Presentation


We had a great turnout with over 170 logistics managers, supply chain officers, and those in the transportation world registering and attending the webinar. Below you can fill out the form which will grant you access to download the "Major Factors to Consider for Efficient LTL Shipping" presentation, to include a transcript and a live recording playback. Download the Efficient LTL Shipping Webinar Webinar Replay, Transcript, and Presentation by Filling out the Form Below.

The Beyond Belief Impacts of VUCA on Supply Chains and Commerce

Speaker: Jim Tompkins, Chairman and CEO at Tompkins International

We are fortunate to have Dr. James A. Tompkins, one of the world’s leading supply chain thought leaders, to address the impacts of VUCA on today’s supply chains and commerce. Jim recently stated that “the impacts of digital commerce on supply chains and commerce are far greater than the ending of the Cold War in 1991. The lifting of the Iron Curtain was minuscule when compared to the impacts of VUCA on how business works and how people live.”

See the past, present and future of your supply chain

DELMIA Quintiq

See the past, present and future of your business from a fresh perspective. Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Transport & Logistics Workforce OptimizationBefore the rise in wearable technology, how did you measure the distance you ran, the number of steps climbed, and the amount of calories burned? Chances are, you used a portable pedometer to measure your steps and distance travelled, and a diary to keep track of your calories burned.

Logistics Past, Present, and Future

Supply Chain @ MIT

Logistics on the move. The logistics role is changing according to John Wiehoff, CEO of C. The logistics business has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Robinson (CHR), the world’s largest provider of truckload transportation services, visited MIT CTL recently to give his view of the changing face of logistics. They have to understand their vertical,” said Wiehoff, and have expertise in international logistics.

Santa & Opening Presents - S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas

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Christmas Humour Supply Chain S&OP Logistics Management“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…”.

S&OP 109

Supply Chain Visibility: Past, Present, and Future

Talking Logistics

Those were just some of the questions I discussed with Cindi Hane, Vice President of Product Management for Elemica , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. The post Supply Chain Visibility: Past, Present, and Future appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility has been the Holy Grail for industry executives — always desired, but seldom achieved.

Truck Capacity Shortage: The Past, Present and Future

Talking Logistics

Market Review: Past, Present and Future. The past, present and future market forces causing today’s extreme truck capacity shortage include: Strong Economy. Present. Using a third-party logistics (3PL) provider is a less intensive way to ensure capacity. Marc Chrencik is the Director of Operations for CLX Logistics ’ Managed Services. Prior to his role at CLX Logistics, Marc spent 20 years in the renewable energy and 3PL arenas.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

Present — Largely manual with slight automation for niche services. Present. logistics information. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter. 2A lly O | T h e n ex t. w av e o f A I- le d r e cr u it in g Introduction 3. From manual to automation 4. How did talent acquisition end up here? A new wave of solutions 7. Four ways machines are enabling their.

The future of supply chain and logistics: Descartes presents advice to industry professionals

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

On 7th November 2019 Descartes Systems UK welcomed over 100 logistics professionals to its UK Customer and Partner event

Download: The Impact of Big Data in the Supply Chain & Transportation Management Industry Webinar Replay, Transcript & Presentation


By attending this webinar, supply chain leaders will also learn: • What's Big Data in Supply Chain & Logistics? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post Download: The Impact of Big Data in the Supply Chain & Transportation Management Industry Webinar Replay, Transcript & Presentation appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Supply chain industry leaders have access to more information today than ever before in history.

How to Deploy Reverse Logistics Automation in 5 Simple Steps


Managing reverse logistics presents new challenges in the post COVID-19 world. The post How to Deploy Reverse Logistics Automation in 5 Simple Steps appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Automation Reverse Logistics reverse logistics automationInstead of simply managing returns and isolating defects, supply chain executives must now consider how returned products could lead to higher safety risks.

Cutting out the Middle Man: Presenting “Shipping With Amazon”!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Effectively Amazon has declared that they are officially entering the logistics business. The “Shipping With Amazon” service, albeit currently on a much smaller scale, competes with the logistics service and delivery capabilities offered by UPS, FedEx, and UPS. But these are incredibly large, well established logistics companies. So going after logistics, which is an intrinsic part of their product offering, should not be surprising. Subscribe Here!

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Still Present Several Physical Supply Chain Challenges

ModusLink Corporation

The post Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Still Present Several Physical Supply Chain Challenges appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions. Global Market Expansion logistics e-commerce supply chain forecasting cyber monday black fridayAs consumer experience evolves technologically and globally, Black Friday — the king of consumer holidays — has grown along with it.

Supplier Diversity in Logistics!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Supplier Diversity in Logistics article and permission to publish here provided by Kevin Jessop at Overall, better relationships and supplier diversity in logistics lead to wealthier and more profitable opportunities. The post Supplier Diversity in Logistics!

Transport Management System: Making your Logistics Supply Chain Successful

20Cube Logistics

With the constant technology evolution, the supply chain logistics is being introduced to a new and innovative way of shipping consignments. Saves time and money : TMS helps to reduce the amount of time and money spent on shipping and logistics services.

UPS Supply Chain Innovation Keynote Presentation at SCRC Meeting this Fall


One of the highlights of our SCRC meeting was the presentation by David Quintilio, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at United Parcel Service. David shared how UPS has experienced solid growth in the last few years, and is a cornerstone of the logistics and small parcel industry. David is a College of Management alum, originally from Asheville, and began working loading trucks while still a student at NC STate.

Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


We continue our top blog posts of 2014 from our main categories today by focusing on something at Cerasis we are experts in : Logistics. If you are familiar with the term logistics, then you undoubtedly know it conjures up a different meaning to different people , different countries, and different companies even. There are countless number of logistics service providers who offer many different types of broad and niche services. Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014.

The Past, Present, and Future of Technology in the Warehouse

Logistics Bureau

Now imagine what the distribution center of 2045 will look like if technology continues to disrupt logistics as profoundly as it has done since the 1990s. Welcome to our tour of a logistics warehouse in the late 20 th century. For companies that can afford it, and operate in sectors compatible with automated logistics, full automation delivers a great many benefits, including: Significant labour cost reduction.

Optimizing logistics: One wild ride

DELMIA Quintiq

In logistics, everyone has a plan. Some logistics professionals, though, ride the supply chain like a bucking bronco – hanging on for dear life, taking different twists and turns to avoid potential disaster when something goes wrong, and being proud that they made it through another day. This is not uncommon in multi-party logistics environments. In logistics, it is easy to confuse the activity of planning with the result of having a plan.

How to Optimize Reverse Logistics!

Supply Chain Game Changer

What Exactly Is Reverse Logistics? Optimize Reverse Logistics article and permission to publish here provided by Raanan Cohen at If you think reverse logistics isn’t relevant to your business, think again. How can you optimize reverse logistics? Subscribe Here!

Distribution Logistics


Distribution logistics includes a wide range of activities. Distribution logistics helps businesses redesign their customer service organization and its processes. Another area of expertise in distribution logistics is warehouse management. Distribution logistics also brings processes and discipline to transportation management. Distribution Logistics offers businesses a number of benefits.

E-Commerce Logistics Strategies: The State of E-Commerce Logistics Heading Into Peak Season


Unfortunately, the state of e-commerce itself is presenting More. The post E-Commerce Logistics Strategies: The State of E-Commerce Logistics Heading Into Peak Season appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2017

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: This is one of the most popular posts we publish every year: our list of supply chain and logistics events to attend in the coming year. Conferences are a great example of peer-to-peer learning in action, but with so many supply chain and logistics conferences available, how do you decide which ones to attend? Does the event promote peer-to-peer learning and networking or will I spend most of my time sitting through numerous PowerPoint presentations?

Last Mile eCommerce: Why eCommerce Logistics Now Requires Expertise in Last Mile & White Glove Logistics Services


While automation is poised to revolutionize eCommerce Logistics and last mile delivery, last mile eCommerce will benefit from increased use of white glove logistics services. The answer is by providing white glove services as part of last mile eCommerce, and shippers need to know a few things about why last mile eCommerce logistics now require white glove services too. White Glove Logistics Service Overcome Last Mile eCommerce Challenges.

Trends in Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics for 2019


The trends in blockchain in supply chain and logistics circles are becoming synonymous with transparency and visibility, and the trends in blockchain and supply chain and logistics will revolutionize how companies maintain compliance and expand. Payment Processing Will Grow Easier An integral part of the trends in blockchain and supply chain and logistics capabilities focuses on needs applications and payment processing. Blockchain Logistics Supply Chain Trends

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Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together


Needs for efficient reverse logistics systems continue to increase as e-commerce claims greater market share, and as so many traditionally functioning businesses grow and inevitably incur increasing volume of returns. This presents opportunities for developing new revenue streams, an exciting challenge to logistics professionals. Need For Reverse Logistics Breeds Opportunity. Efficiently managing reverse logistics is a daunting challenge for many businesses.

The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics


There’s no other way to describe it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of logistics. Here are the top five ways in which Artificial Intelligence is transforming the logistics industry as we know it: 1) Predictive Capabilities Skyrocket When AI in Logistics is Implemented The capabilities of AI are seriously ramping up company efficiencies in the areas of predictive demand and network planning. Logistics

The 7 Trends Shaping The Future of the Logistics Industry


Logistics industry trends have also not been left behind in the move towards a more technological future. . 7 Major Trends Influencing the Logistics Industry in the Future . It is now the standard to go ‘international, ’ and logistic solution providers have a role to play in enabling this trend through a transportation network. . It is these factors that must be considered in with regards to this group and how you present information to them. Logistics Trends

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Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

Talking Logistics

Google did not acquire a third-party logistics (3PL) company or a logistics software vendor. Making supply chain and logistics predictions is like throwing darts at a moving target. So, with darts in hand, here are my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2016: The Transportation Management System (TMS) market will become more barbell-shaped as Software-as-a-Self-Service solutions emerge. The Case for Competing on Logistics Talent.

Buyers Comment on Marketing and Selling Logistics Services


I often talk to logistics companies wondering what are the best strategies to get the attention of potential buyers of their services. So, some years back I decided to regularly survey logistics buyers on how to best get and keep their attention. The Top Logistics Trends that Will Impact Logistics Management in 2018?. When selling logistics, we all want to paint a picture of a better future, post purchase. No flashy presentations or sales pitch is required.

Understanding E-Commerce Logistics Costs Allows for a Healthy Bottom Line


In addition, poor web design or lag time could dramatically increase e-commerce logistics costs by leading to greater instances of cart abandonment or even lackluster customer support. Problem Poor Visibility Increases E-Commerce Logistics Costs Unfortunately, the superb growth of e-commerce has lead to increased costs. The popularity of e-commerce is only increasing, so managing e-commerce logistics costs is essential to meeting the demands of consumers.

How Flexible is Your Logistics Network?

Talking Logistics

It seems ironic that the sophisticated logistics systems that gave rise to just-in-time manufacturing are now being outmoded by the evolution those very systems encouraged: manufacturing on demand. Likewise, a logistics ecosystem demands a more complex structure involving interdependencies and connectivity between multiple organizations. These complex evolutions in manufacturing plague logistics and create inefficiencies.