Procurement vs. Purchasing: What’s the Difference?

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The best way to understand the difference between procurement and purchasing in a business is to consider the process involved in buying a car, says Logistics Bureau’s procurement specialist, Trent Morris. Procurement First, Purchasing Follows.

Know Your Supply Chain KPIs – Procurement

Logistics Bureau

On this blog and the one published by our sister company Logistics Bureau, we often receive questions relating to metrics suitable for monitoring procurement performance. 7 Procurement KPIs You Should be Using. Emergency Purchase Rate. Purchase Order Cycle Time.


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A Quick Guide to Roles in Procurement

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For small companies, it is usually enough to have one person dealing with procurement but in large enterprises teams of people are needed, all with specific roles to play. The Finance Manager , on the other hand, controls the financial input and output of the procurement division.

51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

Supply Chain Movement

51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics. en/all-events/51st-symposium-purchasing-and-logistics/. This is why the 51 st Symposium will cover issues on the following topics: Purchasing 2030: thinking out of the box. The value contribution of purchasing: enhancing success. Lowering costs and increasing quality: mastering the balancing act. e-Solutions and business analytics: leveraging digitalisation. Date: 9 – 11 November 2016.

The 10 Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2021


What is procurement? In simple terms business procurement is the process of locating and acquiring goods and services from external sources for the business to use. Procurement activities include planning, sourcing, and negotiation, along with risk management, legal and value analysis.

Procurement Logistics: What Is It & Where Do Logistics Providers Fit In?


Many different terms, such as less-than-truckload (LTL), procurement and transportation management, describe supply chain management processes. Although procurement logistics might sound like it involves the purchasing of manufactured products , it is much more involved. The Definition of Procurement Logistics. The simplest way to think of procurement logistics is the procurement of materials needed to manufacture products. Logistic

Logistics KPIs You Should Be Tracking


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential to maintaining a successful logistics operations. They connect data and metrics to show if your operations perform as expected and highlight what strengths or weaknesses may exist. Using a Logistics Scorecard to Monitor KPIs.

What’s the Difference Between Direct vs Indirect Procurement?


What does Procurement mean? However, this is somewhat of an oversimplification of what the modern, best in class procurement organizations do for the larger business or organization. Procurement can and should be a significant value generator for the larger organization.

Why Supply Chain Managers & Procurement Should Collaborate


The roles of logistics and procurement in an efficient supply chain cannot be overstated. According to Paul Myerson , reports Industry Week, up 70 percent of a company’s costs come from procurement and logistics operations. However, both logistics and procurement often become isolated in modern companies, resulting in inefficient practices and a sluggish production value. Collaboration Procurement Supply Chain

FAQ: Third-Party Logistics Services & 3PLs


FAQ: Third-Party Logistics Services & 3PLs. What role do 3PLs play in the greater logistics industry? Logistics and transportation operations are an essential part of the supply chain process. What logistics services and modes do 3PLs offer?

Procurement and Supply Chain are Smarter Together – Practical Use Cases

Logistics Viewpoints

In a previous post , I made a case for how the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) are smarter together. Accordingly Supply Chain and Procurement will need continuous collaboration. Procurement Supply Chain Planning

Reimagining How You Purchase Transportation

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Companies want and expect innovation from their 3PLs, and as one of the world’s largest logistics platforms we’re focused on continuing to deliver new and innovative technology built by and for supply chain experts.

What is Reverse Logistics?


What is reverse Logistics? Before we dive in the nuances of reverse logistics, otherwise known as return logistics, integration, let's briefly recap what reverse logistics is. Reverse logistics refers to all operations related to the reuse of products and materials.

Relieving Consumer Pain Points on the Digital Path to Purchase

Enterra Insights

As Tom Standage ( @tomstandage ), editor of The Economist ‘s ‘ The World in 2021 ‘, reminds us, the digital path to purchase is increasingly becoming the customer journey of choice. ”[2] Were that survey conducted today, I suspect an even larger number of consumers would report losing confidence in the supply chain. ”[3] They predict most of the growth in digital channels will be from “younger people joining the ranks of digital users.”

This Week in Logistics News (April 9 – 15)

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It also provides predictive analytics that can tell the restaurant more about what kind of coffee its customers enjoy and when. And now on to this week’s logistics news. As a result, Walmart has been redesigning its technology to support this new supply chain model.

Mastering Profitable Omni-Channel Logistics, Despite Disruptions

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As physical stores opened, shut down and re-opened again, consumers became more flexible in the way they shop for, and purchase, just about every product. Navigating an Increasingly Challenging Logistics Landscape. due to the higher costs associated with online selling.

The Growing Importance of Last Mile Logistics

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Thanks to the pandemic, consumers now find themselves more frequently on the digital path to purchase. In 2020, global e-commerce sales growth jumped three years in the first three months of stay-at-home mandates, with a share of overall retail matching 2023 predictions.

This Week in Logistics News (April 23 – 29)

Logistics Viewpoints

And now on to this week’s logistics news. Walmart+ costs $98 per year, or $12.95 It includes free shipping of online purchases, free grocery deliveries to the home for orders of at least $35, prescription discounts and other benefits. logistics news Logistics News

This Week in Logistics News (March 12 – 18)

Logistics Viewpoints

The 3D-printing construction method offers versatility, range, speed and lower costs than traditional construction, according to the company. And now on to this week’s logistics news. billion metric tons of discarded plastic have never been recycled.

Pillars Supporting the Digital Path to Purchase

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Even before the coronavirus pandemic closed physical stores and forced consumers online, they were journeying on the digital path to purchase in increasing numbers. ”[1] As a result of increased digital-path-to-purchase activity, online marketplaces have flourished. Data, cognitive technologies, and the digital path to purchase. One of the benefits of consumers taking the digital path to purchase is that they leave data trail markers during their journey.

What Does Augmented Analytics Mean for Procurement?


And most importantly, what augmented analytics can do for you. Read up on How Augmented Analytics Will Transform Your Organization: A Gartner Trend Insight Report. Analytics has been with us for some time – more than a couple of decades. It’s OK, we understand.

Ethics in Procurement – Simple, but Not Always Easy

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If you have not yet tackled the question of ethics in procurement, now is a great time to start. It does not matter whether you are a procurement professional, internal customer, external customer, senior executive, or supplier. Procurement is what sets entire supply chains and their organisations in motion. How procurement handles itself and its activities set the tone for all the events that follow, right up to the final delivery of goods and services to the end-customer.

This Week in Logistics News (March 5 – 11)

Logistics Viewpoints

And now on to this week’s logistics news. XPO Logistics to spin off freight brokerage. CEVA Logistics using self-driving trucks to move freight. The company already spun off its contract logistics business last year. logistics news Logistics News

Procurement Strategy. How to Get it Right? [Guide + Template]


Strategic Procurement Helps a Business Unleash its Potential. As The Hackett Group discovered, approaching procurement strategically with specific business goals in mind helps achieve a significantly higher ROI. In this article, we are covering the basics of strategic procurement.

5 Reasons why eAuctions Drive Better Savings


eAuctions are online real-time dynamic discussions between one purchasing organization and a group of pre-qualified vendors competing for the purchaser’s trade. General Cost Reductions: Maybe it is just one of the advantages of eAuctions, but it is still significant!

7 Tips: A Guide to Mastering Procurement

Material Handling and Logistics

With the digitization of the source-to-pay process being a key initiative for many chief procurement officers, to the inherent automation which promises to accelerate innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), digitization is growing. However, it is fundamental to empowering procurement success in the modern age. Procurement helps companies adapt, meet new regulatory requirements and shift supply to optimize an evolving tariff landscape.

This Week in Logistics News (February 5 – 11)

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According to the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics Super Bowl survey, 184.5 Total spending on food, drinks, apparel, decorations, and other purchases for the day is expected to reach $14.6 And now on to this week’s logistics news.

The 3 Pillars of Digital Procurement!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Procurement professionals have the same question looming over their head on a daily basis: “How do you plan on dealing with digitalization?”. Recently I had the pleasure of attending EBG Network’s 8th Annual Source to Pay Summit, which gathered some of the Nordic’s largest organizations and procurement profiles. Regardless of the sheer amount of content one could chose to consume, the theme for the day was apparent and held strong: Digital Procurement. Subscribe Here!

Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation!

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Check out Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective. Theoretically you should be able to generate better service, better terms and conditions, and better cost. We discussed these in greater detail in our post Procurement (Part 1!) – The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! This may be the head of Procurement, the CFO, the COO or the CEO.

What is Procurement’s Place in the Value Chain?

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Where does Procurement stand in your organization’s Value Chain? I speak with Procurement, Sourcing and Purchasing professionals every day, from various globally functioning organizations, and there’s a resounding similarity in every one of those conversations…. Procurement is?—?still?—?largely Simple answer: Traditional C-Suites don’t typically see procurement as a profit-creator or market differentiator, but rather a capital saver and money spender.

Procurement and Suppliers on the Same Page: How to Craft an Effective Terms & Conditions Sales Document


Editor's Note: Today's blog is the second part of Chuck Intrieri's series on how procurement and suppliers can avoid issues with their contracts. Procurement and suppliers often assume that small print is highly complicated legal jargon that is both boring and largely irrelevant. It Would Benefit Both Procurement and Suppliers To Write in a Clear, Friendly, and Organized Manner. Google Analytics); Serving behavioral ads (e.g. Procurement

How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


The use of full truckload shipping is rising in popularity, resulting from its lower cost as compared to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Unfortunately, the use of full truckload shipments and expenditures have hit an all-time high, reports Kate Patrick of Supply Chain Dive. Decreasing capacity and increasing full truckload rates are expected to increase throughout 2018, reports Freight Waves. Conducting annual procurement exercises.

Market Beat. Four Thumbs Down and One Thumb Up.

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One of my favorite supply chain leaders has a stack of Palantir reports in black binders on his desk. Kinaxis Purchase of Rubikloud. The purchase of Rubikloud by Kinaxis shows just how little the Kinaxis team knows about demand management. Elemica Purchase by Eurazeo.

Descartes continues customer-driven acquisition strategy with GreenMile purchase

The Supply Chain Journal

We believe there continues to be a number of good quality, profitable businesses that make sense to be a part of the global logistics network, and that will be a big benefit to our customers.

How to Use Data to Fuel Your Retail Reverse Logistics Strategy


How often do you think about your retail reverse logistics strategy? It’s easy to assume retail reverse logistics is solely based on returns. While this is partially true, all retail reverse logistics involve a backward flow of products that return to their origin.