3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


The average Supply Chain management professional measures their Supply Chain by reviewing cost reduction. Is cost reduction all that there is in measuring Supply Chain performance? Sure, supply chain cost reduction is important in reducing the cost of goods sold (COGS) and increasing profit, but there are other measurements which should not be forgotten. 3 Key Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance Beyond Cost Reduction.

How Artificial Intelligence is Boosting Supply Chain Performance

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A slew of new digital technologies is disrupting supply chain operations, but none is having more of an impact on the industry than artificial intelligence (AI). Other Uses for AI in the Supply Chain.

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Want to Improve Supply Chain Performance and Profitability?


Acknowledge and Address the (Real) Root Cause of Your Supply Chain Data Silos. In a well-optimized supply chain ecosystem, information flows in all directions, as well as to and from suppliers. However, supply chains inherently rely on many different links in the chain and, therefore, different business systems are in use (ERPs, WMS, TMS, etc.). Manual process reliance, also makes it very difficult to track supplier performance.

Want to Improve Supply Chain Performance and Profitability?


Acknowledge and Address the (Real) Root Cause of Your Supply Chain Data Silos. In a well-optimized supply chain ecosystem, information flows in all directions, as well as to and from suppliers. However, supply chains inherently rely on many different links in the chain and, therefore, different business systems are in use (ERPs, WMS, TMS, etc.). Manual process reliance also makes it very difficult to track supplier performance.

What role should logistics providers play in supply chain performance and benchmarking?

The Network Effect

Visibility of the potential value locked in the current environment is a key driver in a supply network transformation and is being provided by today through cloud-based network platforms. The idea is to provide departmental workbenches which show not only the departmental performance as we see with most systems, but also display the effect of dependencies and actions taken in other departments or across customers or trading partners.

Use Simulation Planning to Predict Future Supply Chain Performance

Logistics Viewpoints

What if you could accurately predict how your supply chain will perform in the future? The post Use Simulation Planning to Predict Future Supply Chain Performance appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints: A Blog for Logistics, Supply Chain, and 3PL Executives. Guest Commentary Supply Chain Network Design Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Planning

Global Trade Networks: Reaching the Next Level of Supply Chain Performance

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There’s a growing discussion today about how companies need to look at the various processes that have historically been called supply chain management through a different lens — namely, a global trade network lens. What’s the difference between the traditional supply chain model and a global trade network model? The Global Trade Network model is very different altogether,” said Doug Surrett, Chief Product Strategist at Kewill in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

5 More Reverse Logistics Metrics to Track


Across returns supply chains—a core component of reverse logistics—the need to improve performance has never been higher. As explained by Performance Magazine, improvement measurement.read More. Key Performance Indicators Reverse Logistics reverse logistics metric

Supply Chains Made Simple: 4 Tips to Improve Your Business’ Supply Chain Performance


When it comes to improving a business’ inventory performance, interrogating the supply chain can be an intimidating prospect. Supply chains are complicated and difficult, and the prospect of change typically provokes a reflexive ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ response. Looking ahead into the future and allocating adequate resources to improve the supply chain can pay off remarkably quickly.

Changing Your Perspective to Measure Supply Chain Performance

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Why measure the performance of a supply chain? Because a supply chain is increasingly the sole competitive differentiator for an enterprise, and measuring its performance helps to improve it and detect and solve any problems. However, traditional enterprise measures of performance do not work for supply chains. To paraphrase a saying, the road to supply chain hell is paved with good intentions and bad metrics.

Who Should Be In The Winner’s Circle?

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The topic of the meeting was the logistics to launch of the AMR Research Top 25. When Gartner purchased AMR Research in December 2009, the methodology became the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. Orbit Chart of Lenovo Performance Against Peer Group.

Improving Supply Chain Performance by Focusing on Daily Improvement

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When first engaging in a partnership, shippers and their logistics providers identify a desired outcome and work collaboratively to deliver on those promises. In order to achieve the desired ROI and deliver on the promises made during the sales process, both parties need daily activities to align with that objective

Top Ten Tips to Boost Supply Chain Performance to Best in Class

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Here are my top 10 tips to boost your Supply Chain performance towards Best in Class. OK, why do so many organisations struggle with the same old Supply Chain Challenges? I’ve been working in Supply Chain for over 40 years, and consulting for the last 25, and I see many organisations still struggling with the basics. Perhaps the quality of Supply Chain training and education is not what it used to be? Articles Supply Chain

Assessing Freight Sustainability

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Mike Notarangeli, Maine Pointe’s EVP Logistics, discusses why freight sustainability has often become the key to retaining existing business and gaining new business. Logistics Sustainability Supply Chain Performance

White Paper Supply Chain Performance Management

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Global Logistics. Green Supply Chain. Lean Manufacturing/Supply Chai. Retail Supply Chain. Supply Chain Agility/Flexibili. Supply Chain Network Design. Supply Chain Optimization. Supply Chain Risk. Supply Chain Strategy. Supply Chain Visibility. Wireless in Logistics. Lean Logistics. Search Supply Chain Videocasts. Supply Chain Digest Home |.

Maritime and Container Logistics: Who Will be the Catalysts to Drive Total Value Optimization?

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Mike Notarangeli, is EVP, Logistics at Maine Pointe and a former Executive Director for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Global Council at RosettaNet / GS1 US. Logistics providers, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs), solution providers, and other members of the maritime logistics ecosystem came together to discuss important topics that will affect the industry in the near term and into the future. Logistics Sustainability Supply Chain Performance

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BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Over the last two decades the company successfully leveraged global scale to define supply chain leadership. With 12,000 supply chain employees operating in 80 countries with 2400 storage facilities, supply chain excellence and innovation are the foundation of corporate performance. For this case study we interviewed Ralf Busche, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain Strategy and Performance. Performance.

Adexa IBP, Why So Unique!


However most companies, if not all, who offer only S&OP solutions have no capability to produce short term plans which are accurate enough for execution, they have no factory planning capability, most have no capability to perform true ATP/CTP, and cannot integrate with PLM and MES to be able to produce real-time response to events. The higher levels perform search and optimization at the supply chain network level creating guide posts for the lower levels of planning.

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Six Common Logistics Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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In the process of implementing new strategies, companies may overlook these aspects that can affect supply-chain performance

Pursuing a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain

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The truth be told, the supply chain management profession is extremely broad and the range of jobs in the industry is vast. Supply Chain Planner: A manager whose main responsibility is to analyse a company’s supply chain performance. Logistics Manager.

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends of 2014

The Logistics of Logistics

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends. These trends stand to impact the transportation and logistics industry, with some already taking hold and others unfolding gradually. Each trend has the potential to transform the logistics industry. Each trend has the potential to transform the logistics industry. Supply chain performance will improve, resulting in reduced cycle times and lower costs. .

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[WHITE PAPER] Top Trends and Concerns in Final Mile Logistics


Supply chain performance depends on the efficiency of all operations, including both inbound and outbound processes for resellers, third-parties, and other entities. Final Mile Supply Chain White Papers

PINC selected by Inbound Logistics magazine to its 2017 list of Top logistics technology providers


PINC named TOP 100 Logistics IT provider for boosting supply chain performance and customer service while cutting overall logistics costs for customers. April 19, 2017 -- PINC, the #1 provider of yard management systems (YMS), finished vehicle logistics solutions, and inventory robotics to the world's largest brands, has been selected 2017 TOP Logistics IT provider by Inbound Logistics magazine.

21 logistics experts share the most important ingredients in developing an effective logistics strategy

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There are several elements in an effective logistics strategy, with the ultimate goal of identifying the most cost-effective service levels and developing plans and processes that enable the company to operate as close to those optimal service levels as possible. in the logistics industry.

This Week in Logistics News (July 20-24, 2015)

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There was a lot of supply chain and logistics news this week, so let’s go straight to it. UPS Said to Be in Talks to Buy Coyote Logistics for $1.8 Transplace Launches Supply Chain Consulting Practice. LEGACY Supply Chain Services Launches Grader Tool and eBook to Evaluate Supply Chain Performance. Manhattan Associates Reports Record Second Quarter 2015 Performance.

5 Things to Know About U.S.-Mexico Logistics

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Assuming current trends hold, and NAFTA remains largely intact, here are five things to consider when managing cross-border logistics between the United States and Mexico: 1. A good TMS can provide visibility of cross-border shipments all the way through to final delivery, which is critical for any supply chain. As with many aspects of shipping both domestically and internationally, technology can be a great enabler of supply chain performance.

Mexico 148

Where’s the harmony in your supply chain? Why logistics providers play a key role

The Network Effect

This is the latest installment in a series of posts where I discuss the current landscape for logistics service providers (LSPs). This ability to harmonize your operations around a set of global processes , such as the automotive supply chain system of compliance alarms, while meeting individual client requirements, is a key capability that cloud-network platforms have to offer. Actually this logistics partner will be joining me for a webinar on January 28.

The Cloud Technology Opportunity for Logistics Service Providers

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Supply chain technology is becoming mission-critical for global companies. 86% of logistics service providers (LSPs) said their shippers increased outsourcing this year over last, according to a recent Capgemini survey. Today’s global supply chains span oceans and continents and contain a panoply of raw materials providers, suppliers, manufacturers, ocean carriers, retailers, and LSPs. This requires IT investment in advanced supply chain technologies.

How to Move Forward with Reverse Logistics

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The same goes for many planned and well-organized supply chain processes – they carry with them the threat of unplanned and unintended events, especially when moving product from the point of origin to its final destination. And it is when that shipment does not arrive in its best condition that shippers experience the reverse logistics process. Brooks Bentz is President, Supply Chain Consulting Services at Transplace.

The Top 5 Logistics Technology Trends to Watch

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Technology is currently being rapidly integrated across every business sector with logistics undoubtedly being no exception.? . Where technological trends have the most significant impact in today’s logistics landscape is pragmatic productivity and performance visibility tools. .

Supply Chain and Logistics Resolutions for 2017: 4 Things to STOP Doing This Year

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Three years ago, I wrote a popular post highlighting “ 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chain and Logistics Executives.” But technology won’t solve your supply chain problems or help you improve unless you also address the most common culprits of poor supply chain performance: poor data quality, lack of resources and training, lack of metrics and accountability, and poor communication and collaboration with trading partners (see resolution #3 below).

The 4PL Revolution Roundup: Top 8 Opportunities for Today’s Logistics Providers

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One of our running themes in 2015 has been showing how cloud-based technologies are enabling logistic providers to provide their customers with services that extend beyond traditional logistics and transportation services and into their customers’ wider supply chains. Supply Planning and Inbound Services . Supply Chain Performance and Benchmarking. Supply Chain Orchestration. Demand-Driven Logistics Webinar.

This Week in Logistics News (July 22-26, 2013)

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Oracle Brings Extreme Supply Chain Performance to Customers with New In-Memory Application. Infor Simplifies Supply Chain Demand Planning. Nulogy and Axios partner to enhance supply-chain traceability. Choice Logistics Named Top 100 Learning Organization. Ryder’s Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) segment was a key contributor to the results. “Holy s—,” exclaims Kevin Mullen, the safety director at ADS Logistics Co.,

Technology Partnerships that help you maintain a high performing Supply Chain

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What does supply chain performance mean and how can technology partnerships help you achieve this? It’s all about finding the right partner who truly understands your supply chain and provides solutions to achieve your business objectives, regardless of the size of the partner.

Rockwell Automation: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

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For the past five years, the team at Supply Chain Insights identified Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners by analyzing performance by peer group on the key metrics of growth, operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). In 2018, Rockwell Automation won the Supply Chains to Admire Award. To understand the journey, we interviewed Ernest Nicolas, head of the global supply chain at Rockwell to gain insights.