The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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Unloading at the western ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been an issue for many months. As a country, I think that we need to rethink supply chain flows for chassis, drayage and the unloading of larger ships. I don’t think that the ports are up to the challenge of moving the high-levels of freight with larger ships without rethinking unloading space, equipment and flows. It takes 2 to 3 days to unload a ship. The ships are getting larger.

Freight Visibility and Control: Introducing the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX)


Today, the go-to metric for that question is typically Standard & Poor’s 500, the Nikkei, or the Dow Jones Industrial Average (a shockingly poor indicator , if you look closer). Nearly every industry has created on-demand metrics to gauge market performance, hedge risks, and make decisions accordingly. Freight Visibility and Control: Introducing the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX). By Zvi Schreiber, CEO, Freightos.

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How Tianjin's Aftermath is Affecting West Coast Ports


While the labor strikes are over, fears of continued unrest are leading some shipping companies to avoid West Coast ports. They’re showing mixed recovery: In July, Los Angeles posted a 3.5 percent increase in total volumes for the two Southern California ports combined—not the surge in profits expected from the peak shipping season. Now, as traffic from Tianjin slows to a crawl, Long Beach and Los Angeles ports are poised to suffer the most from the decreased volumes.

Fine-Tune Your Supply Chain By Looking at Amazon


Heads up UPS and FedEx, Amazon is piloting package delivery in Los Angeles for marketplace customers. Does that mean to compete today, you need planes, trucks, ships and a global network of distribution centers? By using unbiased carrier performance metrics and identifying shortest or lowest risk routes, you can achieve better performance and lower risk overall.

Q4 2020 Freight Market Update: Preparing for 2020 Peak Season

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Tender rejections, a metric used to determine how much contracted freight is rejected and sent to the spot market, have been hovering around 25% for the past few months. Blog Post Data and Technology Industry Trends Retail and Grocery Shipping Best Practices

Counterfeit products are exploding on Amazon


Production levels equivalent to an entire factory’s monthly production are coming in container loads through the Los Angeles port, including food, liquor, and cigarettes. Even recycled goods may be collected, shipped to China, stripped down, cleaned up, relabeled, and sold into the market as original product. (A Establishing metrics is important to help define how “success” is measured.

25 supply chain experts reveal the best tactics to optimize a supply chain

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It is absolutely imperative to be in a position to do as much quality control as possible in house, so that all that is required thereafter is shipping from the manufacturer straight to the customer. A graduate of UC Berkeley, he resides in Los Angeles. And, with a little planning and preparation, mobility can also help these businesses ship faster, strengthen customer satisfaction and may even help to reduce the bottom line through improved operating margins.

Understanding the Challenges Facing Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Firms

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That said, these experts also warned that retaliatory duties from other countries could hurt Boeing’s sales, as the company was known for shipping around 70% of its finished planes overseas, including 20% to China. Additionally, multiple studies show that flyers’ hackles have been raised when it comes to plane safety , the Los Angeles Times reported.