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The Logistics of Logistics

Fulfyld integrates directly with e-commerce marketplaces and shopping carts to simplify your shipping process. We ship same-day, every day, for one flat-rate. Technology Integration: Many traditional 3PLs specialize in TL and LTL shipping so their systems may not be suitable for managing small parcel shipments. For instance, Huntsville is great for us because it is close to three of the biggest hubs (terminals) for small parcel carriers: Louisville, Memphis, and Atlanta.

3D Printing Changes the Supply Chain


Their rationale was, if businesses can produce parts easily on-site, instead of off-shore or elsewhere domestically, that could impact the UPS global market for shipping and logistics and cut into revenue. The two companies have jointly opened a facility near the UPS air hub in Louisville, Kentucky, with more than 100 industrial 3D printers. They can take an order in the afternoon for a 3D printed item and ship it overnight for arrival the next day.

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The Future of Commercial Real Estate 2020

3PL Insights

strategically placed to meet the demand of same-day shipping for online retailers. Because supply chain growth requires more facilities to meet demand for storage space and shipping speed, secondary markets have become ideal locations for investment.

Easier than reducing carbon footprint – 5 Steps to make a dent in the Huge and Hidden Cost of CPG Sustainability


with the production of quality products creating less waste, the ‘scorecards’ for source reduction targets are met, provided to mass retailers and promoted but there are no metrics dealing with in-transit shipping damage. David Hoerig is a Systems Sales Manager with Lantech, the Louisville, KY based inventor of stretch wrapping. Calculating the carbon footprint of a company’s comprehensive logistics framework is tremendously complex.

The Mind-Boggling Complexities of Food Distribution (Why Optimization is Critical)

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Yes, parcel shipping has its own set of challenges and complexities, but I believe food distribution is further up on the complexity scale and it’s something that Amazon now has to contend with at a much larger scale than it has with Amazon Fresh. For example, here’s a description from a 2001 profile of Kroger’s food supply chain published by Louisville Business First : The frozen food portion of the order is assembled at 6:30 a.m.

Food 80

Which States are Making the Grade in Logistics?

Material Handling and Logistics

With three maritime ports that together rank 7th in waterborne shipping, Indiana provides the only statewide port system with direct waterway access to two U.S. Kentucky offers the UPS World Port in Louisville, DHL Americas hub in Northern Kentucky and several large FedEx ground hubs throughout Kentucky. More than 175 million pounds of cargo are shipped through ths state's airports annually. million tons of commodities were shipped through 60 barge terminals.

Top 5 Markets for Dynamic Warehousing Demand


Or, you might think of Louisville and Memphis, where UPS and FedEx have their largest shipping hubs. <p>Many retailers and wholesalers are recognizing the need to expand their warehouse networks, so they can locate products closer to customers, compete with Amazon and establish more competitive omni-channel strategies.

Everyone Is Sick of the 3 Worst Bottlenecks in America

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The junction of I-65 and I-71 in Louisville, Kentucky, follows the Fort Lee bottleneck. Longer commute and shipping times and more carbon dioxide affects our economy and our planet. Bottlenecks are the bane of truckers everywhere. Across the United States, they’re wasting thousands of hours of drive time and causing safety hazards for people on the road.

Realism and Final Delivery for Holiday 2013

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Retailers’ behavior: Although not as well substantiated, there is a clear sense among consumers that delaying online shopping is a good thing because the availability of great promotions and free shipping became more and more prevalent in 2011 and 2012. It was only nine years ago when an ice storm crippled Memphis and Louisville, resulting in major final delivery problems for Christmas. Being realistic means being practical and/or pragmatic.

Top 10 Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment


Louisville, Kentucky. With inventory closer to customers, they can shorten delivery times and offer one- or same-day shipping on certain products to improve conversion rates and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Winning eCommerce customers means fast, affordable delivery—for both you and your customers.

Top 11 Cities for Pop-up Fulfillment — Infographic


Louisville, Kentucky. They could now offer things like one- or same-day delivery on certain product lines and improve sales conversion rates by offering free shipping. Winning e-commerce customers means fast, low-cost delivery. Ultimately, this requires getting your product closer to your customers. Pop-up fulfillment is a way for retailers to add fulfillment centers quickly. You can pop-up capacity when and where you need it.

Top 11 Cities for Pop-up Fulfillment - Infographic


They could now offer things like one- or same-day delivery on certain product lines and improve sales conversion rates by offering free shipping.</p> <p>Winning e-commerce customers means fast, low-cost delivery. Ultimately, this requires getting your product closer to your customers.</p> </p> <p>Pop-up fulfillment is a way for retailers to add fulfillment centers quickly.

My Logistics Experiences with Amazon and AAA

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Why do they put a small item in such a big box instead of using a shipping envelope?”. Amazon , still shipping a lot of air! Because despite all the adoration Amazon receives for its logistics operations, they’re no different than so many other companies that waste a lot of money, materials, and space shipping air.”. One of my supply chain predictions for 2016 was that there would be a lot less air shipped in boxes, trailers, and containers in the year ahead.

This Week in Logistics News (May 16-20, 2016)

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Amazon is looking to license or acquire technology that could find the most efficient shipping routes and hire fleets of trucks, ships and planes to move sellers’ goods. and Fast Radius’ On Demand Production Platform™ and 3D printing factory in Louisville, KY.” Orders can be shipped as early as same day. I’m at Heathrow airport waiting to board my flight back to Boston, which is delayed by over an hour so far.