How to Successfully Integrate an E-Commerce Shipping Plan Into Your Traditional Shipping Practices


E-commerce value will exceed $4 trillion by 2025, and demand for e-commerce requires seamless integration between traditional shipping practices and an e-commerce shipping plan. Its global nature makes conventional shipping strategies inefficient and utterly unworkable. Challenges in Integrating an E-Commerce Shipping Plan A primary issue in integrating e-commerce shipping goes back to the extent of current shipping practices.

The History of the Shipping Container


The History of the Shipping Container. 26 April 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Ideal X and the birth of modern container shipping, a development that played a critical role in spurring the global economy. But the modern shipping container has changed much more than one industry. The Shipping Container: Before 1956. Small trucker, Malcom McLean, fumes at slow loading of cargo aboard ship – “There has to be a better way.”.

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Logistics Manager Magazine: Freightera Creates Local Sourcing for Global Supply Chains amid Coronavirus


We realized that just like us, our customers needed help with sales to keep the doors open, and immediately started work on an internal community where our members could see what products and supplies were still shipping, indicating the company is still in business and has the product for sale. . The post Logistics Manager Magazine: Freightera Creates Local Sourcing for Global Supply Chains amid Coronavirus appeared first on Freightera Blog.

Avoid These Parcel Shipping Mistakes to Reap Big Benefits

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What if I told you I could help your company save thousands of dollars in parcel shipping costs? In the webcast we covered five of Rob’s top 10 mistakes, which were based on Rob’s recent article in PARCEL Magazine , “Top 10 Mistakes Parcel Shippers Continue to Make in 2014.” In a single carrier environment, you limit your ability to find the best shipping option. Having a multi-carrier shipping solution solves this first mistake.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


As a logistics service provider, focusing on over-the-road surface transportation management solutions via technology and managed transportation services, we find the following information on the history of shipping containers of great significance to the logistics and supply chain community at large. There are two ways to view the History of Shipping Containers. Below, you can also view the history of shipping containers in one infographic. Shipping between Europe, S.E.

Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations. Published October 25, 2019 in Global Trade Magazine. You can’t just turn around a giant cargo ship. And when shipping to volatile countries, it becomes even harder. companies with global operations, one of the most effective ways to mitigate risk is to ship smarter. Once cargo has shipped, there are no “backsies.” By Ali Hasan Raza.

Best Logistics Websites 2013

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Inbound Logistics magazine is one of the magazines that I read every single month. Both the magazine and the website have top notch information for logistics guys like me. Inbound Logistics is my go to magazine when I am looking for logistics best practices. George’s website explains shipping basics and is the ideal resource for shippers. I have listed the best logistics websites for 2013.

LTL Shipping Accounting Options: Prepaid Versus Add-In


Figuring out how to manage less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping can be complicated. These questions reflect why some LTL providers are discussing LTL freight shipping accounting options more openly. As a result, shippers need to understand the two shipping accounting options for LTL freight shipping and how a 3PL can alleviate concerns and reduce risk. What Are the Types of LTL Freight Shipping Accounting Options? Prepaid LTL Shipping. Add-In LTL Shipping.

Crisis is an opportunity for speeding up Digital Transformation to enhance Agility, Resilience and Productivity – LogiSYM September 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

With the help of image recognition technology, we verify the physical state of goods/products before they are shipped. This has helped our clients to a great extent as they can avoid shipping wrong goods, shipping goods in correct quantity, shipping damaged goods which will cost them gravely and affect their reputation and credibility. LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – September 2020. Article Magazine Edition September 2020

Comparing Parcel Shipment to LTL Shipping: When Do I Choose What in Order to Save the Most Money?


More than 25 million small packages , otherwise known as parcels, are shipped daily. Meanwhile, the top 10 commodities shipped tend to be bulky and require less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. But, the lines between parcel and LTL shipping have started to blur in recent years. Parcel carriers are spending less per parcel shipment, and LTL shippers are spending less by reducing the “work” that goes into shipping. Use parcel shipping for time-sensitive shipments.

Supply Chain Movement 20 – Trends & Consulting

Supply Chain Movement

Following on from its other two highly popular subway maps of supply chain software vendors and logistics service providers, the quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement has now published the third edition of the Consulting Subway Map Europe showing the European supply chain consultancy sector. Contents Supply Chain Movement 20 – 2016 Q1. Publishing date: 26 February 2016. 6 | News & Background. New business models are essential. Winner and loser of last quarter.

Getting smart on the last mile

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Read the full article in CILT’s Focus Magazine. In The News e-commerce Innovation MobileSTAR Parcel ShippingFrom mobile solutions in the hands of carriers and drivers to rural drone deliveries, the solutions to leveraging the last mile are within reach. BluJay’s Mohit Paul explores the shift to a data-centric approach to supply chain management. The post Getting smart on the last mile appeared first on BluJay Solutions.

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3 Technology Companies Disrupting Shipping


Basically, responsible for ocean freight carriers, ocean ships that rely on truck companies. Shipping a 40-ton container back in July or June used to cost about $700 — a 40-ton container. More than half of Hanjin’s ships were chartered. So the chartering companies are already receiving the ships back and they need to rent them. MSC is interested to charter those ships. DC Velocity, which is a supply chain logistics magazine.

Entrepreneur Magazine features Freightera in the article about purpose-driven business


Entrepreneur Magazine just featured Freightera and Eric Beckwitt in the article “Why All Businesses Can Benefit from a Guiding Social or Environmental Purpose” The conversation about how purpose-driven business is not just an idealistic venture, but a good business continues. “It Freightera’s Go Green option allows customers to select quotes based on lower emission carriers in addition to shipping time and price. Freight Shipping Solution

Parcel Shipping and Handling Costs: How Much Should I Charge My Customer?


Parcel shipping and handling costs have a much bigger impact on sales than shippers realize. Williams of Forbes magazine , up to 63 percent of customers abandon online shopping carts when they see higher-than-expected shipping charges. This emphasizes the importance of setting the right parcel shipping and handling costs. Knowing this information provides a baseline expectation for what shippers should be charging customers for parcel shipping and handling costs.

Global Trends Podcast Discusses Today’s Challenges

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Recently, I had the chance to talk with Eric Kleinsorge, publisher of Global Trade Magazine for a GT Podcast titled Global Logistics & Current Market Trends. Air Freight Customs/Trade Policy Global Forwarding Global Transportation Ocean Shipping Global Logistics Global Shipping International Shipping International Trade International Transportation Peak season Tariffs trade compliance

Ship Mate App Finds Smooth Sailing - UCLA Anderson School of.

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Ship Mate App Finds Smooth Sailing. Mike Jirout (MBA ’10) thought his brother Jan was on to something when he created an app for their “big, Italian family” to use on their biennial reunion cruise, so they teamed up to launch Ship Mate. “He The sale was ideal in that it included not only cash, but also the opportunity to continue building Ship Mate,” Mike says. Cruiseline recognized the value behind the Ship Mate brand and the loyal community we've built.

Freightera Featured in Inc. Magazine Among Socially Responsible Companies, Wins 2017 W3 Design Award!


Magazine. How to Ship Freight Responsively” is the message that got us their attention, and in just a few days we’ll be taking it to the COP23 Climate Change conference in Bonn, Germany. Magazine Among Socially Responsible Companies, Wins 2017 W3 Design Award! Many exciting news for Freightera friends! In case you missed it, earlier this month we were featured among socially responsible companies in Inc.

Taking the “Ouch” Out of Transportation Costs

Talking Logistics

A 2017 Global Sourcing study from American Shipper magazine found that 58% of shippers said their highest concern today is rising transportation costs. Here are just a few pain points that are increasing transportation costs: Container shipping headaches. The ocean shipping industry might finally be righting itself, but shippers are still aggravated with issues.

New Sulfur Emissions Regulations: What’s the Impact on Your Business?

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Sulfur—a natural element of the crude oil that ships use as fuel—is a primary cause of air-polluting particles emitted by ships. The new sulfur level regulations are intended to reduce the amount of air pollution generated by the shipping industry to improve air quality. As many ships operate both in and out of these ECAs, it’s already common for ships to operate on different fuel oils for the areas in which they travel.

Business boundaries in supply chains

Supply Chain Movement

They ship their tomatoes in plain boxes to Turkey, where the packages are labelled ‘Made in Turkey’ and then sent on to Russia without a hitch. In 2013 I wanted to send copies of this magazine to Istanbul for a congress that we were organising there together with a number of partners. I realised then that I would need to print our magazine locally in Turkey in order to ensure distribution there.

The Fireworks Supply Chain


Waxman at Time Magazine , fireworks were used to encourage American troops during the Revolutionary war, and once the U.S. So in spite of the fact that we typically only see grandiose fireworks celebrations on the 4th, fireworks are being produced, shipped, and supplied all year long. Fireworks Supply Chain Industry Logistics Shipping Supply ChainThe 4th of July is one of the most revered and cherished holidays in the United States, and rightfully so!

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Omnichannel In Manufacturing: Why Manufacturers Are Following Retailers to an Omnichannel World


This relationship can be expanded further using drop-shipping, as described by Aberdeen Essentials , leaving manufacturers to navigate the shipping process to get stock directly to consumers, eliminating middle-land warehouse managers. The same challenges exist in trying to move products closer to consumers, ensuring all shipping options are available, including parcel, LTL, full truckload, and even white glove service, when applicable.

Transforming the GCC Chemical Industry with Supply Chain Integration – LogiSYM September 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Focussing on lowering logistics costs by coordinating time charters or invest in joint shipping lines to capture ship-owner returns. LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – September 2020. The GCC chemical industry is second largest manufacturing industry in value add, after refining. 2017 Facts and Figures report by Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), the chemical industry accounts for 3.1 percent of the GCC’s GDP.

A TMS Tale of Two Food Shippers – Which Describes Your Evolutionary State?

Supply Chain Collaborator

The Summer 2020 issue of Food Shippers of America Magazine has dropped. Specifically, the issue published two articles addressing the use and utilization of TMS platforms by food shipping organizations. Let’s digest the two articles considering where your organization lies on the evolutionary continuum from “new food-shipping TMS user” to “advanced food-shipping TMS user” and how to get the most from any TMS initiative – new or mature.

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HP’s Malware-Laden Switches Illustrate Supply Chain Risks

Supply Chain Network

Hewlett-Packard is trying to figure out what happened as the technology giant warned customers that some of the HP ProCurve switches shipped last year contained malware-laden flash cards. The switches ship with 1GB cards, and someone frantically looking for a flash card could conceivably borrow the card to perform a quick task. Even the biggest brands can ship infected components if a computer in the factory is compromised. See full post at PC Magazine.

Trends In Manufacturing: 5 Tangible Technologies are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing Now


In fact, rapid design and lightning-fast prototyping, reports Mark Dohnalek of Manufacturing Business Technology magazine , will allow manufacturers to design and produce products in a few days, if not hours. For example, a manufacturer’s financial, warehousing, shipping and auditing information can be kept safely in one platform. Continuous improvement is part of the game in manufacturing.

Freight Data Trends for 2019 and How a TMS Will Grow in Value


The application of data can help shippers gain control of shipping costs and make informed decisions, and the top freight data trends for 2019 exemplify how the use of a transportation management system (TMS) can further this cause. Shippers need to consider how the freight data trends will affect dropshipping, omnichannel shipping, reporting capabilities, and much more. The Move to LTL Digital Shipping. How New LTL Technologies & Processes are Changing the Shipping Game.

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Reimagine Supply Chain of the Future – agile, resilient, and balanced – LogiSYM July 2020

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Adopt autonomous Logistics planning : Autonomous logistics planning will help making data based intelligent analysis related to cross docking, drop ship, lanes routing which can be used proactively to build capacities, routing optimization. LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – July 2020.

Does supply chain’s image need to catch up with the times?


On company websites, magazines, promotional videos, and industry association pages, the Supply Chain industry has always employed imagery of the nuts-and-bolts of how products get to market. We’re all used to images of hard hats, warehouses, trucks, trains, shipping containers, boxes, and palettes as a sort of visual shorthand for Supply Chain as a function.

A Tale of 4 Direct-to-Consumer Brands: Comparing Seasonal, High-Growth, Unplanned, and Gradual Sales


Being named to an exclusive list like TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions or awarded Toy of the Year. In addition to shipping more volume, it’s highly likely that new success or exposure will require shipping to new places. Greater demand. Packing boxes nonstop.

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The Dispatch Report | Q3 2020, Issue No. 15


SHIP Staking is Open. They do this by “staking” or “delegating” their SHIP tokens to validators — that is, the users give validators their support by proxying their tokens to their preferred validators. Any SHIP token holder can choose which validators it wishes to support.

When it Comes to Direct-to-Consumer Shipping, Warehouse Size Matters

Supply Chain Nation

This week: Big warehouses get even bigger thanks to direct-to-consumer shipping trends, and Trader Joe’s gets some new competition. Ship-to-consumer means bigger warehouses. As e-commerce has become the preferred shopping method, warehouses have increased in size to accommodate the larger volume needed to ship directly to consumers. Fast Company magazine names Most Innovative Companies of 2017.

The Great Maersk Shift


Demand for ocean freight was lower than anticipated, and Hanjin Shipping, another top ten ocean liner, was already teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. The Post-2016 Strategy: End-to-end Shipping. million TEUs of ship capacity. Maersk 2018/19 Magazine).

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Technology’s Ever-increasing Role in Supply Chain Functions


Abtin Hamidi , according to JOC Magazine , believes the driver crunch is simply a masquerade for hidden shipping spaces. Without thinking about shipping, how has technology changed the lives of every person on a communicative scale? For example, e-commerce applications may be used to generate automated order picking, fulfillment, and shipping.