What is SCM and Why is it Important?

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The acronym SCM stands for supply chain management. It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance. SCM systems provide a strategic advantage and business insight to companies and their operations. SCM Fundamentals.

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New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

Supply Chain Movement

In The Netherlands, cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris is closing its factory in Bergen op Zoom and AkzoNobel has decided to phase out its production of organic peroxides in Deventer by the end of 2016. In Belgium, the Ford factory in Genk will soon close for good, as will the Heinz manufacturing facility in Turnhout. Logistically speaking the location of this manufacturing facility, which produces the Peugeot 508 and the Citroën C5, makes little sense.”


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Blockchain SCM Transformation Explained in Layman’s Terms


While this comparison is most commonly associated with benchmarking, it is also part of the reason why more people in the shipping industry are turning to blockchain for supply chain management (SCM). Blockchain SCM is poised to create links between all existing supply chains, even competitors, which allows supply chain networks to function more efficiently and with greater transparency. Why Do Shippers Underestimate Blockchain SCM ?

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Outsourcing Sourcing! 5 Lessons from Around the Globe!

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Doing business with suppliers located overseas or in another country can be an overwhelming and daunting task even for expert Sourcing professionals. He knew what his cost point had to be on the product which meant that he had to have the product manufactured overseas. But beyond that he had no idea on where to start to source his product. Large companies can afford to have Strategic Sourcing Procurement staff around the world. The post Outsourcing Sourcing!

How Can Manufacturers Manage Disruption and Improve Productivity?


How can manufacturers manage disruption and improve productivity? By using advanced analytics for manufacturing, to understand the valuable information concealed within the data they already have! Advanced analytics for manufacturing is a good place to start.

Logility and New Generation Computing Launch Supply Chain Traceability Solution Documenting Chain of Custody from Cotton Source to Importer of Record


Blockchain Allows Brand Owners and Retailers to Trace Source Materials Ahead of Pending U.S. In addition, we see broad applicability across many industries as consumers demand greater visibility and understanding of where products are sourced and manufactured.”.

Improving the Lives of Apparel Workers by Creating an Ethical Apparel Index


As noted in this news cast on ABC , this research will proceed in three stages over three years, and will require significant collaboration with apparel manufacturers and brands along the way if it is to be successful.

SCM Technology Leaders JDA and RedPrairie to Merge

Supply Chain Network

To address ever-increasing complexities, manufacturers and retailers increasingly seek best-of-breed solutions and specialized domain expertise for planning and execution. This unique combination will provide retailers and manufacturers with extraordinary capabilities to meet the needs of hyper-connected, mobile consumers. It will be the single best source of software products and domain expertise for manufacturers and retailers.

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Making Better Manufacturing Decisions With the Help of Machine Learning

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Manufacturing today is more complex than ever before. context, data is coming in from more and more sources. " Now when we look at the amount of data that is created in the context of Manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things, and Global Supply Chains, we can be sure that it is not much different. Is there a correlation between product failures in the field or customer returns & the manufacturing process used?

Manufacturers bouncing back after COVID using low-code technology


The COVID-19 pandemic continues impacting manufacturers in an unprecedented way, globally hitting demand, supply, and workforce at the same time. The global manufacturing and supply chain ecosystems have been among the hardest-hit sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get Your Manufacturing Processes in Gear for the Holidays

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Every year during the holidays, anxiety hits shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers alike about whether the season’s hottest products will face shortages. For manufacturers, at least, it doesn’t have to be this way. Many manufacturers lack the end-to-end supply chain visibility and flexibility needed to plan for demand spikes, but you can improve your demand-planning capabilities by outsourcing at least some of your production processes.

Planning for recovery: Supply chain challenges facing discrete manufacturers

o9 Solutions

For many discrete manufacturers, supply chain volatility is becoming the new normal. Manufacturers are facing a plethora of challenges, from raw material shortages to shipping container delays, so the need to create resilient supply chains is imperative. .

Supply Chain Analytics- Towards Intelligent Manufacturing


Supply Chain Analytics aims at enhancing the manufacturing operational efficiency and overall operational effectiveness by enabling informed data-driven decisions across the factory floor. It provides great value to them by: • Enabling better sourcing decisions based on supplier performance.

SCM World 2014 Chief Supply Chain Officer Report: A Conversation with Kevin O’Marah – Part IV


In September, SCM World released its annual Chief Supply Chain Officer Report based on its survey of over 1,000 supply chain executives across all industries and geographies. Supply Chain Nation sat down with Kevin O’Marah, Chief Content Officer for SCM World, to discuss four key findings of the study. In this final post in the series, he addresses the shift away from out-sourcing to vertical integration.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Core Supply Chain Management Trends Gearing Up to Change SCM Forever


Jabil sponsored a global Dimensional Research survey to capture hard data on current experiences, challenges and trends with the supply chains of electronics manufacturing companies. The 3 Big Supply Chain Management Trends Surely to Change SCM as we know it Forever. A trend in dual/multi-sources helps to provide additional supplier sources in the case of any concerns. ” SCM Core Trend #2: The Manufacturing Factory of the Future.

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Q: Why so many product shortages? A: The Perfect Storm


The problem with containers is that most of them are stuck in the US, but need to be at ports and manufacturers in China! Resin shortages are hitting healthcare manufacturers who use them for tubing, plastic components, and other parts used in many products.

Supply Chain Management Challenges All Businesses Need to Understand

USC Consulting Group

Organizations that cultivate and maintain reliable yet malleable logistics channels can source the material needed to produce impactful products with minimal overhead and deliver these items swiftly to anticipative consumers. However, the stakeholders managing these ever-growing caches should familiarize themselves with some of the most recent SCM challenges and trends to ensure that the supply chains they are constructing are truly built to last.

Is S&OP an expensive band aid?


Islands of information: Over the last two decades organizations made quite a bit of investment into Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. Majority of the established vendors in the SCM space have grown into these disparate planning functions through acquisitions. This ability to harmonize and surface the right data is even more critical in today’s world where increasing amounts of data comes from external sources such as contract manufacturers or channel partners.

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The Technology You Need for a Sustainable Supply Chain


Just six years ago , this was a technology on the rise, empowering companies with visibility through the ability to better identify the sources of raw materials and more thoroughly vet suppliers. Let’s look at a comparison of functions between ERP and SCM: 1.

Global Sourcing and Human Rights Go Hand in Hand


Low-cost country (LCC) sourcing is now a commonplace strategy for shrinking bottom line labor and material costs in most consumer products industries, including apparel, footwear, toys, and other manufactured products. The on-going tariffs levied by the Trump administration in 2018 against China has also made this option significantly more expensive for sourcing.

What Exactly Is Supply Chain Management? 10 Different Definitions!

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It is an umbrella term which encompasses the end-to-end aspects of Finance, Operations, Development, Sales, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Technology and I/T. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management and oversight of a product from its origin until it is consumed. SCM involves the flow of materials, finances and information. Source: [link] ). Source: [link] ). Source: [link] ). Source: [link] ).

Manufacturing 4.0 in academia & practice: How SupplyOn contributed to the MIM 2019 conference


More than 750 participants from 51 countries all over the world came to discuss the latest trends in Manufacturing 4.0 Susanne Meyer, Vice President of the HWR Berlin, who were both the driving forces behind this conference, also emphasized this unique opportunity to learn from each other in the context of modelling, management and control of manufacturing processes. and smart manufacturing systems to inventory control and supply chain management (SCM).

This is NOT thought leadership, it’s practical talk about Supplier Value Management


attempt to make a point about the relative value of strategic sourcing, I failed to realize that thought leadership is apparently the exclusive domain of pundits. So please forgive this regrettable oversight and kindly note that my opinions are born from firsthand discussions with manufacturers, a steady diet of market research, and a practical desire to identify and solve real customer challenges with enabling technology. Uncategorized strategic sourcing supplier value management

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Supply Chain’s New World Order: How Companies can go from From Good To Great

The Network Effect

Key elements that must be brought together as part of this holistic approach are overall network assets, demand and supply information, market demographics, financial data, trading contracts, material sourcing, commodity pricing, and any relevant standards bodies, statutory, or regulatory requirements. As today’s practitioners know, supply networks appear to be straightforward on the surface, using normalizations such as SCOR’s Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.

The Digital Elevation of Planning and the Planning Executive

Supply Chain Network

For those of you who prefer video to the written word, below is a recent video interview where I wax poetic about the ‘Digital Elevation of Planning and the Planning Executive’ as well as ‘The SCM Company.’ But are there not many more opportunities for the company to benefit from the application of SCM principles? It was several years ago I coined the term ‘The SCM Company’ to describe this phenomena and methodology.

Customer Experience Driving Innovation for High-Performing Companies

Talking Logistics

The research, produced by Adelante SCM and presented by BluJay Solutions (a Talking Logistics sponsor), was conducted to explore the links between supply chain management innovation, customer experience, technology adoption, and company performance. To gain insights on that question and more, Adelante SCM and BluJay Solutions conducted a web survey of supply chain and logistics professionals in March 2018.

To Centralize or to Decentralize? That is the Organization Design Question!

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Outsourcing Sourcing! Planning, Scheduling, Sourcing, Costing and Pricing, Commodity/Category Management, Buying, Logistics Management, Inventory Management, Quality Management and many other functions are all a part of the Supply Chain. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Scott Cleaver, COO at ecobee!

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The next 5 years were pivotal in my career as I was exposed to many other aspects of Supply Chain and Manufacturing. I was now in a position working with 30+ manufacturers and managing hundreds of sku’s with expected life cycles of a few months to a few years. Subscribe Here!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Industry 4.0: Powered by the Internet of Things & Digital Manufacturing


At Cerasis, a core value of ours is continuous improvement for not only our company, our clients, and employees, but through our blog and content to those who are related to what we do (transportation management) in the fields of manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, distribution, and transportation. Shippers, especially manufacturing companies, are then empowered further by the convergence of technology. The Internet of Things will Power Digital Manufacturing.

Digital and the Supply Chain—How Far Have We Come?

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The impact was across manufacturing plants, transport networks, warehouses, and retail outlets. Our analysis of digital and non-digital manufacturers over time shows an index of profit performance, with digital manufacturers outpacing their peers (Figure 1).

Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with David Cefai, CIO at IMax!

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I am very proud of many of the accomplishments of the various teams I have led throughout my career but I would say the major ones would be: Helping Launch Celestica and growing it to a $10B electronic manufacturing company.We Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Are We Facing the End of Supply Chain Management?

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The HBR article outlines an interesting development: more retail and manufacturing companies are adopting “digital control towers” for their supply chains. But beyond the trends that the HBR article outlines, we think they’re missing a key element: even if automation progresses to affect white-collar workers, even if data automates functions like supply planning, logistics, and sourcing, the human element will always matter. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

This is NOT Thought Leadership, it’s Practical Talk About Supplier Value Management


attempt to make a point about the relative value of strategic sourcing, I failed to realize that thought leadership is apparently the exclusive domain of pundits. So please forgive this regrettable oversight and kindly note that my opinions are born from firsthand discussions with manufacturers, a steady diet of market research, and a practical desire to identify and solve real customer challenges with enabling technology. Blog Supplier Value Management Strategic Sourcing

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Quantum Leap to the Top 10 Supply Chain Skills of the Future!

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It is important to know that these changes are not just impacting Manufacturing, Engineering and I/T. Advanced robotics can be implemented within both your Manufacturing facilities and your Distribution Centres and all movement can be monitored, managed and adjusted from a Control room. They must be able to work with I/T, Engineering and Manufacturing collaboratively so that they can create the future! Organization #SupplyChain #Technology #Jobs #SCM #Future #HumanResources.

Importing From China! The Essential Guide! (Video)

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The most important factor is that due to the lower cost of materials and wages, China can manufacture goods for a far more reduced price. What’s more, due to their expertise in mass production Chinese manufacturers are able to deliver a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by any other nation. This indispensable guide offers a helpful run-down of product selection, sourcing suppliers, shipping, and more. China #Import #Export #Logistics #SupplyChain #SCM #Freight.

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