Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies Yet to Execute Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning


Our services help clients develop the right supply chain strategy for their business challenges and implement the process and technology solutions to improve Demand/Supply Planning, Procurement and Sourcing, Logistics and Warehousing, and Reverse Logistics business performance. Founded in 2002, Spinnaker has offices in Boston, Columbus, Denver, Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh, London, and Singapore. PRESS RELEASE.

Study 131

Top 25 3PL warehousing companies in 2020 (by revenue)

6 River Systems

Revenue data is sourced from the companies’ websites and market research platforms such as Macrotrends. Revenue: $69.217 billion (12 months ending May 31, 2020), $69.693 billion (2019) Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee, USA CEO: Frederick W.


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Disruptive Times Require Adaptive Supply Chains

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The staff notes, “As a result of the expansion of its direct-to-consumer business, Nike is moving away from aggregating inventory in one central warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee, to putting product in facilities closer to the customer.” Why are supply chain industries the source of so many high-paying jobs and so much innovation? Few if any economic sectors have avoided digital disruption.

Van Ratios and Rates Hit Record Highs at End of Quarter

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One additional source of rate pressure looms, however: Amazon's Prime Day, with special deals on merchandise and shipping, is coming up on Tuesday. Outbound rates in Memphis are up 14% for the month. Friday was the end of the second quarter, and also the start of the July 4th holiday weekend. The combination boosted demand, as shippers wanted to move freight out the door before the end of June.

How Will Hurricane Harvey Affect Freight Rates?

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Trucks can’t get in or out of Houston , which is a huge freight hub – it’s the number 1 source of loads for flatbeds, thanks to the oil and gas industry, and one of the top 5 or 6 markets for both van and reefer freight. Columbus to Memphis lost 10¢ of the previous week’s gain, back to $1.70 Even if you’re not planning to go anywhere near Texas or Louisiana, you might be affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Enabling Innovation Groups To Sell More Effectively to Operations Leaders


We do it throughout entire industries, enabling leaders to smooth-out their Supply Chains, lean-out their Logistics, optimize their Operations, and maximize their Manufacturing throughput, all with their existing teams and often disaggregated data sources. This blog is co-authored by Ali Raza, Founder and CEO of ThroughPut Inc and Seth Page, COO of ThroughPut Inc. At ThroughPut, our mission is to bypass bottlenecks of every kind in the enterprise continuously.

Van Rates Peak in July, Flatbed Prices Rise in Southeast

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Memphis had more loads last week, as it replaced Houston as the number 3 market for load availability, following Atlanta and Dallas. Memphis outbound rates were down for the week, but rates are rising in the Midwest, starting with Columbus. If you’re running into a third day or you just want to try something new, pick a second destination with a reliable source of loads for your trailer type.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

CH Robinson Transportfolio

In fact, the battleground on which ports compete for customers will likely expand and move several hundred miles west, toward Chicago and Memphis. Source: Boston Consulting Group. You might think that shippers along the East Coast will be the biggest beneficiaries of fierce competition between the East and West Coast ports. It will take in other metropolitan areas like Detroit and Columbus, and encompass a newly contested region that accounts for more than 15% of the U.S.

What happened to all the Texas freight?

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Regional van markets like Dallas and Memphis —which send freight to Houston—seem to be impacted by the slowdown in oil drilling as well. One of the issues these projects face is sourcing steel domestically due to the new steel tariffs. In the first half of the year, the spot market in Texas was boiling over, with not nearly enough trucks to cover the growing demand for freight. In the past month, the market’s been pretty tepid. What happened?

Texas 70

Air Cargo Got It Wright: 9 Incredible Air Cargo Facts


Source: Imugr. Memphis International Airport comes in 2nd. The Wright Brothers were the startup entrepreneurs of 1900. They were born tinkerers, taking skills from a printing shop to open a bike repair shop. After reading about aeronautics in the late 1890s, the two began experimenting with biplane kites and gliders. With a little funding, they added a propeller to the plan and were ready to go.

Cargo 185

2017 Outlook: The Freight Recession is Over

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E-commerce was a major source of spot market freight for what is usually a quiet season, boosting truckload rates to a surprise peak in the last two months of the year. Instead, rates and volumes shot up in places like Memphis and Columbus, both associated with e-commerce fulfillment, and even Denver and Seattle exhibited unusually robust rates and shipping patterns. The freight recession is over.

Pacific Northwest Heats Up for Vans and Reefers

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per mile for outbound van loads, however, look to the high-volume, headhaul markets, including Los Angeles and Stockton, CA; Chicago; Columbus; Memphis; and Philadelphia. Rates continue to trend up in Twin Falls, a major market for potatoes, and in Eastern Oregon, a source of onions. The Pacific Northwest is heating up , with high demand for vans and reefers, and not enough trucks to haul the seasonal freight. There is also strong load volume available in the Dakotas.

Sun Belt States are Hot for Seasonal Freight

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Rates improved in Dallas , Atlanta , and Memphis , as well as L.A. Atlanta , Memphis and Nashville were fairly quiet last week, and trends out of Roanoke were mixed. The big Texas markets, primarily Houston , but also Dallas and Fort Worth , continue to be stable and reliable sources of flatbed loads. Freight markets are heating up in the Sun Belt. Even though van and flatbed rates lost 1¢ per mile last week as a national average, the underlying trends were strong.

Miami 71

Book Review: Logistics Clusters-Delivering Value and Driving Growth

Supply Chain Opz

Based on my literature search, solution methods can be classified as below, - Analysis of demand/supply data: company needs to gather the data then determine if they want to have a facility location near source of supply, near demand points or something in between. One of the most extensive data source is Commodity Flow Survey data which provides transportation volume by origin/destination/mode of transportation/type of commodities and so on. NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies.

Loads and Rates Rise as Month Ends

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In the Southeast, rates are rising in Atlanta and Charlotte , but Memphis outbound rate trends were mixed, with some lane rates increasing while others declined. In the South Central region, Houston is the biggest source of flatbed loads, and rates rose 30¢ to $2.38 May ended on a strong note, with van rates up 4¢ from the April average. If that sounds like a small change, it’s because we are in a seasonal transition.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

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In fact, the battleground on which ports compete for customers will likely expand and move several hundred miles west, toward Chicago and Memphis. Source: Boston Consulting Group. East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion.Transportfolio. Editor’s note: This post originally ran in October 2015. Since the Panama Canal is scheduled to open this Sunday, June 26, we wanted to share it with you again.

Hub Group acquires Exel Transportation Services

Supply Chain Network

” Mode Transportation consists of about 300 IBOs who sell and operate the business throughout North America, corporate offices in Dallas and Memphis, a Company Managed Operation in Dallas and a temperature protected services division, Temstar, located in Lombard, IL. SOURCE Hub Group, Inc. Hub Group, Inc.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update March 26, 2020


Louis, Kansas City and Memphis. Trucks are sourced, loaded, dispatched and then cannot find a retail delivery appointment for days beyond the scheduled pickup date. Develop rapid processes of carrier sourcing to meet surge capacity and move from expensive spot freight to committed capacity (i.e. Letter from the CEO: Market Update March 26, 2020. By: Frank McGuigan, Chief Executive Officer, Transplace.