Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


40’ containers: Due to the lack of imports, this equipment is in limited supply across the country. The supply of 40’ equipment across the U.S. Packaging and CPG supply chains appear to be oversold in many places and transportation demand is strong from those sectors.

Siemens BT: Every analytical transformation requires a “Jonah Hill”


In the movie, the new coach of the Oakland A’s baseball team uses analytics to build his organization from the ground up. To initiate their analytics journey, Siemens worked with Dr. Robert Handfield from the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative to create a white paper that helped define the vision and the business case. The goal was to enable an executive to generate exactly the metrics and charts they wanted, any time, with a “push of a button”.

“Moneyball” and Your Business

Supply Chain Action Blog

A while back, the film “Moneyball” showed us how the Oakland A’s built a super-competitive sports franchise on analytics, essentially “ competing on analytics ”, within relevant business parameters of a major league baseball franchise. In an effort to do this, many companies have invested, or are considering an investment, in supply chain intelligence or analytics software. What about visibility of supply chain performance ? It’s baseball season again!