Driving Supply Chain Analytics User Adoption with Cross-Departmental Metrics


The obvious danger of this is that business rules and data governance often don’t exist from department to department or user to user, leaving an overall picture into the health of the business that is foggy because KPIs and metrics do not correlate across the organization.

10 Outstanding Books for SCM Professionals

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This article will show you 10 amazing SCM books that provide the information you can really use. The reason for this was to provide a list of "classic" scm books that people can study by themselves while working full-time. Metrics used to evaluate these new books are as below, 1) Citation count from Google Scholar 2) Number of reviews found on Amazon.com 3) Editorial Opinion Citation count is a standard way to evaluate any publication.

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Themes from the 2018 SCM World Leaders Forum


I just returned from a very inspiring 2018 SCM World Leaders Forum in London. While I attend several supply chain conferences in any given year, SCM World is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. In his opening remarks, Kevin O’Marah, Chief Content Officer at SCM World, introduced the event’s theme, “Power of the Profession”. The surprising announcement during the event was that Kevin O’Marah, who has been the public face of SCM World will be leaving the organization.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action! An Interview with Paul Kretz, Head of SCM at Church & Dwight!

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In SCM I think that the changes have been seismic. Have balanced, relevant and valid metrics. Plus, metrics protect you. It reinforces some of my previous points SCM is very transferable but it does take some time to learn the specific processes. SCM #SupplyChain #Business #Leadership #Logistics #Distribution #ECommerce #Retail. An Interview with Paul Kretz, Head of SCM at Church & Dwight! Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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How Integrated WMS and SCM Solves Peak Season Challenges

Veridian Solutions

These include: Use metrics to check system performance. The post How Integrated WMS and SCM Solves Peak Season Challenges appeared first on Veridian. Supply chain leaders around the globe are working to refine their processes and plan for a successful 2019 peak shopping season. Unfortunately, many leaders fail to take advantage of the low-hanging fruit; supply chain visibility and integrated systems.

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Part 2: An S&OP Q&A with SCM World’s Kevin O’Marah


In Part 1: An S&OP Q&A with SCM World’s Kevin O’Marah we discussed the drivers impacting S&OP, the value of the process and the changing rhythm of S&OP meetings. Interestingly, forecast accuracy is actually not one of the top benefits of S&OP, it is critical to the process but just doesn’t move as much as the other metrics. Total cost of supply chain is another metric that does not move as quickly as many would think.

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Understanding Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a systematic and controlled procurement operation. SCM performance directly impacts an organization’s general performance. Five Key Metrics for Monitoring the Impact of Panic Buying on your Supply Chain. Learn about.

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What Gets Measured Is What Gets Done!

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As with many aspects of your business there can literally be dozens and dozens of different metrics. Results Metrics and Contributing Factor Metrics. This is the high level objective and this is the Results metric. Every other metric is subordinate to the Results metric. Separately there are Contributing Factor metrics. While Contributing Factor metric target attainment is important, it is not the real result you are after. Subscribe Here!

Improving the Lives of Apparel Workers by Creating an Ethical Apparel Index


In the third research component, the EAI will be integrated based on inputs and metric insights (through a series of weights applied to the data) determined in the research. The EAI will provide a third-party metric to generate marketing media (e.g.,

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire 2015

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It is for this reason, that we analyze the patterns of the Metrics That Matter using orbit charts over the period of 2006-2014. The analysis is designed to analyze supply chain leader success on a portfolio of metrics. Nine out of ten are stuck unable to make improvements in these Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. Lora wrote the books Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and Bricks Matter , and is currently working on her third book, Leadership Matters.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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I then recommend that the business augment the SAP SCM functionality using best-of-breed, industry-specific optimization. Why I Believe SAP SCM Is a Risk to Your Business. The SAP solution is better than the Oracle SCM solution for planning. So, why do I not believe in SAP SCM 7? Why am I so bold as to pen an article to state that the investment in SAP SCM 7, and the migration from SAP APO, is a risk to your business?

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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I then recommend that the business augment the SAP SCM functionality using best-of-breed, industry-specific optimization. Why I Believe SAP SCM Is a Risk to Your Business. So, it is in their best interest to support the implementation of SAP SCM software.). The SAP solution is better than the Oracle SCM solution for planning. So, why do I not believe in SAP SCM 7? 1) SAP SCM 7 Is a Poor Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Technology.

5th Annual Life Sciences Supply Chain Summit EU

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The Life Sciences SCM Summit Breaks the Conference Mould. The Life Sciences SCM Summit breaks away from the traditional conference mould of a presentation-heavy session. Through interactive peer discussions, get up-to-date knowledge on: Theme One: End-to-end Supply Chain Metrics. Events Amsterdam City end-to-end supply chain metrics eyefortransport Life Sciences Mercure Hotel Summit supply chain 5th Annual Life Sciences Supply Chain Summit EU. Datum: 3-4 December 2014.

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Supply Chain’s New World Order: How Companies can go from From Good To Great

The Network Effect

Yet despite these advances it is still difficult to normalize and compare performance metrics given the geo-demographic, product, financial, political, and socio-economic differences they face in each increasingly competitive national, multi-national or global market. The goal is for the various dimensions of process, metrics and technology to operate with increasing levels of maturity until the enterprise can achieve full multi-party, multi-echelon collaboration across trading partners.

And I thought last year’s Top 25 Supply Chain was a surprise


The new trend to be sustainable is part of the current category: Revenue Growth, so why add another category like CSR when we should be moving towards the core supply chain metrics of total delivered cost and customer service. This, my friends, is why we need to get back to CORE supply chain metrics when measuring the Top 25. Gartner Supply Chain Managment Miscellanea Gartner Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference SCM Supply chain Supply chain management Top 25 Supply Chain

6 Trends to Make Supply Chain Managers the Heroes of Their Company!

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Supply chain managers refocus their efforts to increase adherence to perfect order metrics and leverage marketing capabilities and capacities to their fullest potential. Logistics #Freight #SCM #SupplyChain #Business #Leadership #HumanResources. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Leveraging Technology to Enable People


Balancing operating costs, and customer service metrics is no easy feat. Supply chain management Collaboration SCM Supply chain tech Technology Visibilityby Alexa Cheater People are the heart of your company and one of your company’s most valuable assets. That’s why practically every company strives to provide great compensation, benefits, offer new age work spaces, and cultivate engaging and fun cultures. All of this is needed just to keep up in the supply chain talent war.

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Is Your Supply Chain A Cost Centre or a Value Creator?

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Whatever your Industry you should be able to make comparisons to competitors, do benchmarking, and even compare yourself on key metrics across industries. Check out What is Change Management’s Role in the Digital Transformation of SCM? Brand #IoT #ECommerce #SupplyChain #SCM #Leadership #Finance #brandprotection. Freight and Logistics Procurement Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Management Brand brandprotection ECommerce Finance IoT Leadership SCM supplychain

Customer Experience Driving Innovation for High-Performing Companies

Talking Logistics

The research, produced by Adelante SCM and presented by BluJay Solutions (a Talking Logistics sponsor), was conducted to explore the links between supply chain management innovation, customer experience, technology adoption, and company performance. To gain insights on that question and more, Adelante SCM and BluJay Solutions conducted a web survey of supply chain and logistics professionals in March 2018. Is customer experience a supply chain metric at your company?

Supply Chain KPIs You’ll Want Every Morning


Never completed ERP/SCM implementation. Failed SCM implementation causes shipping errors. Every company today runs on data – the key to using your data is choosing the right metrics for visibility into your supply chain. Metrics.

Ranking Journals: Academic Journal Guide 2018 (“ABS List”)

SCM Research

Many SCM researchers feel that the ABS list undervalues the journals of our discipline. I am very curious whether AJG 2018 will finally give SCM journals the ranks they deserve. SCM Ranking

The Digital Elevation of Planning and the Planning Executive

Supply Chain Network

For those of you who prefer video to the written word, below is a recent video interview where I wax poetic about the ‘Digital Elevation of Planning and the Planning Executive’ as well as ‘The SCM Company.’ But are there not many more opportunities for the company to benefit from the application of SCM principles? It was several years ago I coined the term ‘The SCM Company’ to describe this phenomena and methodology.

Why a network model makes sense for today’s automotive suppliers

The Network Effect

Identification and measurement of key trending metrics on a weekly or monthly basis, with an emphasis on corrective action planning to address metrics that don’t meet goals. From a measurement perspective the key trending metrics at a high level include: Supplier on time delivery. Auto Many-to-Many Network SCM cloud many-to-many network

10 Signs You Should Reboot Your Lean Program!

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When I would ask the facilities for some summary of metrics showing progress the results were very inconsistent. Lack of Metrics and Reporting. If your organization has no standard set of metrics your Lean program has room to improve. Further the reporting of those metrics should be consistent and reviewed on a regular basis. Visibility to the metrics should thus be an additional catalyst for more improvement as well as shared learning. Subscribe Here!

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IoT Will Drive Revolutionary Change in Manufacturing Companies

Oracle SCM

This week, Andrew Hughes of LNS Research authored an interesting blog that included the chart below, which was produced as part of a "Metrics that Matter" survey. To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud applications, visit www.oracle.com/scm. Oracle Supply Chain Management chain manufacturing planning scm supply

Three Lies and a Truth

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We are trying to understand how supply chain leaders have raised the bar at the intersection of these four sets of metrics on the supply chain effective frontier. I also believe that it is because the organization is not incented to manage cash-to-cash metrics. The strong functional silos focus on their own metrics which seldom include the cycle metrics of inventory turns, working capital or cash-to-cash.

Cash Is King! Creating a Culture Focused on Money Management

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Metrics. In the situation I was in there were obviously no metrics that were being reviewed and used. There are many metrics that are very helpful including: Cash dollars and days of supply. You need a clearly defined set of metrics that are measured and reviewed regularly. Furthermore, each of these metrics needs to have targets set on what levels you want them to be at a certain time. You do not want to track these metrics only looking in the rear view mirror.

Executive Advisor Michael Massetti on Supply Chain’s Image, Workforce Automation, and Supply Chain Challenges


Procurement might have hit their cost savings metrics, but if it meant purchasing more than needed, and that might hurt your warehouse inventories. As much as we like to make jokes about Supply Chain metrics with each other, if we aren’t understood by the outside world and our executives, they won’t know we exist. Supply chain management argentus automation challenges Gartner SCM Supply chain

5 Seismic Shifts in Supply Chain Technology!

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What we have are historical practices and stalled progress on metrics. Supply Chain Insights has found that 90 percent of companies are not making progress on key supply chain metrics, such as cost, inventory, growth, and return on invested capital (ROIC). SCM #SupplyChain #Industry40 #Technology #AI #IoT #Robotics #Business #Leadership. Guest Blog Post Supply Chain Management Technology AI Business Industry40 IoT Leadership robotics SCM supplychainSubscribe Here!

A Tale of Two Companies: Different Quality Management Starting Points!

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However they had no concept of “Quality Management” In Company 1 there were absolutely no Quality controls, no Quality metrics, no Quality standards, and no Quality processes. A set of appropriate metrics was established. And there were metrics in place. All of the Quality standards, metrics and controls were reviewed and agreed on Globally. Quality #SupplyChain #Business #SCM #Leadership. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Gartner’s 2018 Top 25 Supply Chains List! Is it Still Relevant?

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Gartner Survey Metric Notes: 1. Check out Blockchain: The Technology Reshaping SCM! SCM #SupplyChain #Logistics #Distribution #Technology #Leadership #Procurement #Purchasing #Freight. Supply Chain Management Distribution Freight Leadership Logistics Procurement Purchasing SCM supplychain TechnologySubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out 5 Trends in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Gartner recently announced their 2018 Top 25 Supply Chains List.

Change Leadership – Attack on all Fronts for Success!

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Metrics. You have only ONE overarching target or metric that you are trying to improve, which you must keep everyone focussed on. There are many, many metrics that are managed within a company but most of them are just enablers to ensure that you achieve the most visible metrics, such as Revenue, Profit, Return on Investment and Earnings per Share. All business processes and organizations and paradigms and metrics are the result of prior decisions and actions.

Why Most Supply Chains Need an Upgrade and What to Look for in a Solution


These metrics directly affect the bottom line: the leaders in the survey enjoy average earnings before interest and taxes of 15.6% Automation TSC Blog AP AP automation automation average earnings inventory turns mid-market procurement scm supply chain leaders supply chain solutions supply chains working capital

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Successful Project Prioritization Simplified!

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Every other metric could be boiled down in to one of these two factors. Change #Lean #SupplyChain #SCM #Business #Leadership. Business Process Optimization Change Management #change Business Leadership Lean SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out Want Success? Integrate a Change Leadership Work Stream in your Transformation Program! Change Work Stream! . We had the “Call To Action” from the CEO.

SCRC Meeting – Tom Linton’s “Supply Chain Eight” and Golden Winged Warblers : Questions Every New CSCO Should Ask Their CEO


My first Monday in, I asked for a full report of all our supply chain metrics, and my analyst told me he could get it to me by Friday.