What Transportation Professionals Need to Know About the U.S.-Mexico Border Situation

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Mexico border to help process people crossing the border. Mexico border delays in an uncertain atmosphere: Look for opportunities to convert modes of services. Actively communicate with your procurement team. Make sure that all internal team members and external customers understand the current volatility and are validating purchase orders before being shipped to or from the border. Mexico Border Situation appeared first on Transportfolio. On March 27, U.S.

When EU and U.S. Cabotage Collide with Peak Shipping Seasons

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Cabotage Collide with Peak Shipping Seasons | C.H. Economic factors in the EU combine with cabotage to impact truckload procurement professionals: Cabotage makes drivers and equipment more readily available throughout Europe. Cabotage with Mexico is even more constrained. Mexico border. A carrier from Mexico must take the shipment to its final delivery within Mexico. The same works in reverse when carriers from Mexico have shipments bound for U.S.


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The Big Texas Chemical Freeze Raises Issues on Resiliency of the Petrochemical Supply Chain


Christoper Matthews points out that a number of critical areas were impacted… “The power outages brought the world’s largest petrochemical complex to a standstill, forcing more plants in the Gulf of Mexico region to shut down than during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Texas 52

The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


Low-cost country sourcing is a procurement strategy that falls under a broad category of procurement efforts called global sourcing. Shipping costs. Business Tips inventory control logistics shipping supply chain

To build a stronger supply chain, U.S. should look to its neighbors


political leaders and geopolitical analysts advocate procuring more goods from other democratic countries. Here’s how and why it works: Mexico and Canada already rank as the United States’ second- and third-largest trading partners: Mexico provided 13.9%

The Benefits of Onshore Supply Chains


While companies have capitalized on globalization over the last few decades, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a number of weaknesses within supply chain and procurement industries.

The Supply Chain Detective™: The Case of the Unpaid Invoices!

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“I need you to go down to Mexico right away. And they were dealing with Invoices and issues from every site around the world, not just the one in Mexico. We got on the phone with the Supply Chain team in Mexico to try to get our arms around the problem and develop an action plan. For the foreseeable future we were all committed to spending our time in Mexico solving the Case of the Unpaid Invoices. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Bipartisan Consensus on Chinese Threats: U.S. Must Build New Supply Chains with Allies


While the pandemic has given procurement managers fresh ammunition to advocate for greater resiliency within their corporate supply chains, geopolitical experts and a bipartisan coalition of legislators argue that the U.S. From ships to drones. and Mexico moves on land,” he said.

HWI Unleashes Continuous Innovation

Logistics Viewpoints

The company has 18 plants and operating locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico as well as plants and labs in the UK, China, and Indonesia. They also have 20 sourcing locations across North America from which they can ship make to stock products.

A True Supply Chain Transformation Requires the Proper Talent

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Mr. Frasquet is the executive director of corporate procurement, although his responsibilities include a much broader set of supply chain responsibilities than just sourcing. In Belcorp’s case they have four factories located in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador.

Re-globalization, Trucks that Talk, and a True Pan-American Highway


After almost 40 years in procurement, Tom Linton is still excited about the business of supply chains. This approach cut costs but added time in shipping, which often inflated balance sheets. Highlights from our Live Chat with Tom Linton: The State of the Supply Chain .

This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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CombineNet and Transplace Extend Partnership in Delivering Advanced Transportation Procurement Solution to North America. FedEx Helps Small Businesses Streamline Shipping with fedex.com Integration Manager. Mexico trade. According to the press release: Con-way Truckload today derives 35 percent of its revenue from shipments destined for or originating in Mexico.

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Report Points to Increase of Shippers Outsourcing Transportation Management Due to These 4 Core Benefits


A distributor or manufacturer’s strength is in making product—its focus is procurement and streamlining production, but without the capability to fulfill orders, it is doomed. Mexico, in particular, is becoming a preferred locale for manufacturing services, due to its close proximity to the United States. And while the way you ship and the prices you pay will have a big influence on it, there are other elements involved as well that all need to be looked at.

New Nintendo Switch, old chip problems

The Supply Chain Journal

ARS Technica reports, “Nintendo forecast a 12 percent drop in sales of its flagship Switch in the financial year ending in March 2022, citing potential issues with procuring important components.” Fortunately, the ship was refloated by four tugs after only a few hours.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 23, 2020


Carriers are starting to see that more shipping facilities are requiring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Mexico and Cross-Border. This past week, some states announced a mandatory shut down of manufacturing plants in Mexico until April 30.

How Freight & Transportation Data Can Trim Your Transportation Spend


Work with upstream suppliers to analyze their supply chain —including shipping costs, modes and mode-shifting opportunities, and order frequency—and how it affects your business. These functions must integrate easily into current logistics, invoicing , and procurement processes. Recently, as we do each quarter, we updated our transportation management system (TMS), we call the Cerasis Rater to provide even more reports using the data you create from shipping activity.

Outsourcing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Lessons from Nortel Networks


Jeff Townley, former Chief Procurement Officer at Nortel Networks, provided some fantastic insights in my MBA class this evening. PCB’s were outsourced in the 1990’s, and final assemblies not long after, but the system house where it was all consolidated, putting it through your systems test and shipping it – was all outsourced to Penang.” ” The BAD – “Back in the 90s a lot was going to Mexico. Nortel had a plant in Calgary, that had to be moved to Mexico.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


The expectation is that two mega ships will arrive at the ports to pick up empties this week as the equipment is needed in China. Industrial and chemical sectors are maintaining at seasonally expected shipping volumes as of this time. Mexico and Cross-border.

The Massive Opportunity Waiting for Oil and Gas in Asset Disposition


12 trillion: the annual procurement spend by the Global 2000 (our estimate based on several sources, see image below). $3 To preserve schedules, procurement typically errs on the side of caution, ordering more than they need.

Mitigating the Impact of the Coronavirus on Supply Chains with Machine Learning and Real-Time Visibility


Lucky are the companies that can shift production to other countries like Mexico or Vietnam. By using AI and ML, companies can better model and predict demand and fine tune their inventory from procurement to transport to warehouse to routing supplies to locations ahead of demand.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Research from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement shows that organizations without formal SRM programs report 121 percent longer supplier lead times. That might mean diverting from Los Angeles/Long Beach to Canada or Mexico. Work with your broker to see if you can get priority on unloading the ship and inland transport. Companies of all sizes have been capturing the value from Global Supply Chain to increase the economies of scale and scope for years.

Global 216

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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There are so many potential issues that can impact a supply chain to cause delays (such as fluctuating availability of raw materials, hold-ups in customs, adverse weather, staffing problems, political issues, procurement problems, changes in legislation and so on) that being able to realistically foresee and safeguard against each of them will only ever be partially successful, and it takes up a lot of resources. And not just in Mexico.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 2, 2020


There is now a focus on educating shippers to not ship unless the consignee has confirmed they are open. Mexico and Cross-Border. Some shippers are having trouble shipping as they are having high percentage of employees not showing up to work.

Supply Chain Manager for Global Supply Chains

Murano Corporation

Those days were gone forever when manu-facturers in pursuit of cheap labor first went to Mexico and then to China. Disjointed Supply Chains Every supply chain partner uses one or more systems to handle its Order-To-Cash and Procure-To-Pay business processes and of-ten times their internal processes are frag-mented. The “Sell” and “Buy” side capabilities of Supply Chain Manager is encapsulated in its Advance Ship Notice (ASN) module.

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

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The amount of fuel used is dependent on the speed of the ship. The smaller Panamax ships (~5,000 TEU capacity) will consume ~63,000 gallons of marine fuel per day when operating between 20-25 knots. An update on how things are developing with IMO 2020/VLSFO. .

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

Freight Plus

The amount of fuel used is dependent on the speed of the ship. The smaller Panamax ships (~5,000 TEU capacity) will consume ~63,000 gallons of marine fuel per day when operating between 20-25 knots. An update on how things are developing with IMO 2020/VLSFO. .

26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy

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To survive the increasing customer demands you need shorter lead times and faster shipping and delivery times. It will also track your goods right from the moment an order is received, its journey through the supply chain until it leaves the warehouse for shipping. Dave Munson @saddlebackbags Dave Munson is the founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather and of their leather factory, Old Mexico Manufacturing. Who should we source and procure from and in what quantity?

Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020


Carriers are continuing to see that more shipping facilities are requiring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Mexico and Cross-Border. Mexico border crossing restrictions for non-commercial, non-essential operations have been extended until further notice.

SCRC Meeting – Tom Linton’s “Supply Chain Eight” and Golden Winged Warblers : Questions Every New CSCO Should Ask Their CEO


You can either ship it by boat from China (30 days) or by plane (FedEx). Experts believe the warblers sensed it through infrasound noises that storms make, and picked it up while the storm was still over the Gulf of Mexico.

InSight, InControl: Real-time position and quality monitoring for production material transports


But generally speaking, not even the shipping agent transporting the production material to the nearest port has this information. Here’s an example: an adhesive arrives by ship at the port of Marseilles in the south of France. Or another example: a shock-sensitive component made of carbon fiber is to be transported to a plant in Mexico by truck. This significantly optimizes the procurement process.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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The new facility will allow the company to offer two-day shipping to most (about 90%) of the U.S. The company is also focusing on freight savings, expanding its TMS to include more destinations and vendors, shipping more volume through a consolidated network (instead of direct to store) and working with suppliers on various savings strategies. When customers order items not stocked at one of Belk’s fulfillment centers, those items are shipped directly from the vendor.

Day 3: Lenovo Goes About Creating the End to End Transparent Supply Chain


So procurement will buy ahead, and work with suppliers to understand the situation in the market, and that may drive up inventory in one sector. We can also build a product anywhere and ship directly from the plants, as most of our products are build to order, with a 3-4 week order entry to delivery day. OE to ship is about 5 days. We know the product is available, and industry standard, and can be shipped in 7-12 days.

What Exactly Is Reverse Logistics?

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The CEO said that the supplier had shipped us a poor quality product. Our Mexico based operation was completely dedicated to this capability. Selected as one of the Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs, and one of the Top 25 Procurement Blogs, on the Internet. © Copyright Mortson Enterprises Inc, 2018. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Check out What Exactly Is Supply Chain Management? 10 Different Definitions!

Why SMEs May Lead a Shift Away from China Sourcing

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Heading the list of alternative manufacturing hubs are Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Mexico. Small businesses may be nimble enough to rapidly shift away from China, but larger businesses may take longer to turn the ship onto a different trajectory.

Podcast: Rob Handfield on Suppliers, Data, Tech, and Talent


Meanwhile, salespeople for suppliers were trying to work around procurement. For example, if we’re manufacturing something in China there are labour costs, the costs to ship, plus tariffs. In the post-COVID world, suppliers in the US, Mexico, and Canada will become much more integrated.