Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Shell’s current shift to the global supply chain is impacting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China. To prove the concept, Nick decided to run a simulation and tested the North America market.

7 Guidelines to Achieving Growth Through Globalization

The Network Effect

eBay expands in Russia. E-commerce focus in North America, UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, and Brazil is intense. Nicolas A. Tonelli/Flickr. Global headlines anticipating growth through globalization are plentiful.

Finn-Tack implements inventory and demand management solution

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It also has a further four warehouses in The Netherlands, North America, Russia, and in Finland. Finn-Tack, a global su pplier of equestrian and trotting clothes and equipment for riders and their horses, is in rapid growth.

Logistics Services Providers Shift Investment Focus Outside BRIC Markets

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The emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China that make up the ‘BRIC’ acronym continue to forge ahead. In particular China and India, with annual economic growth rates many multiples ahead of North America and Europe.


Nike’s Global E-Commerce Distribution Center in Leuven Belgium


The DC serves as the hub for Nike’s global e-commerce business, and orders taken from are shipped to consumers all over the world from this DC, including North America.

RELEX Solutions Partners with Strategix CFT to Support Continued Growth and Increase Customer Reach

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Under the new agreement, RELEX Solutions and Strategix CFT will offer the combined solutions and services, with Strategix CFT having existing presence in the US, Germany, Poland, Russia and Turkey, and RELEX in 20 countries worldwide including North America, UK and Germany. It employs about 200 people worldwide, with offices in Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the USA. Read PDF.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The End of Made In China Manufacturing


Six of the 10 are in Asia, while several others are in North America and eastern Europe. The phrase “Made in China” embodies cheap labor, the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs, and China’s transformation into one of the world’s economic superpowers.

China 343

Shipping Prospects Heat Up in the Arctic


Shorter, more direct routes between Asia and ports in Europe and eastern North America would mean faster trips, reduced shipping costs, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions per trip. Most consequential with regard to the melting ice caps is the Northern Sea Route, which lies within Russia's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Russia has also demonstrated its resolve to capitalize on newly-liberated shipping lanes.

Major Trends Impacting the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Ecosystem

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Russia and India enjoyed similarly impressive uplifts. This is already happening outside of North America and Europe. As “Obamacare” continues to plow forward, the effects on the healthcare environment are slowly but surely being felt. One of the biggest recipients of this trend is the pharmaceutical environment. Several trends have shaped the pharmaceutical ecosystem in the last few years, and Obamacare is only one among many.

Jaro Caban: “Establishing S&OP is a challenging journey”

Supply Chain Movement

Cargill Animal Nutrition (CAN) is clustered around five major regions: North America; Latin America; EMEAR, including Russia; South Asia and East Asia. Nine questions about the topics on the supply chain agenda of a supply chain professional.

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Join BVL International at the North American chapter kickoff on August 12, 2013

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Handfield will discuss nine key trends from the study and related topics at BVL’s first North American chapter meeting to be held in Goldsboro, N.C., In sum, globalization clearly amplifies other trends and leads to an increase in complexity, particularly in regions of growth such as Russia, Eastern Europe, India, and Africa. The event is being hosted by Volvo Group North America.

Rapid Change is Driving the Automotive Industry – Part I

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In North America it’s linking with Canada and Mexico. In Europe it’s linking with Russia. Russia often invests in infrastructure, but they’re poor on world trade issues, for example. There is no question that the automotive industry has seen rapid change and improvement over the past three years.

Are Retail Executives Fighting the Last War?

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PwC surveyed over 400 retail CEOs from North America, Europe, Russia, China, South Africa and Australia to find out more about their priorities and investment strategies to win the retail war. There is a common complaint about admirals and generals—that they are always fighting the last war.

List of Top 65 Marketplaces Across the Globe in 2019


1) North America. 2) South America. North America. Amazon operates in 16 other countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania region. South America. It has a presence in Spain, Russia and Indonesia as well.

MayTag Trucking Software Sales


I know that everyone had decided that they were going to go on the metric system around the world – North America bought off on it. MayTag Trucking Software Sales US Thanksgiving – it’s a bit quiet around here.

A Green Future For Freight: Eric Beckwitt at COP22


We’re looking at emission control zones that basically only cover a narrow zone off the East and West Coast of North America, Europe, the Mediterranean and Japan and in those zones, ships are required not to use low sulfur fuels and to use scrubbers and outside the zone, it’s business as usual.