Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016

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Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016. URL: sapinsiderevents.wispubs.com/2016/Vienna/SCM-PLM-MFG-Procurement-CRM/. Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016, sponsored by SAP, is the most important educational event of the year for organizations using SCM, PLM, manufacturing, and procurement solutions to fortify their business operations and infrastructure with proven methodologies and measurable, value-driven results.

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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? (Video)

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What Exactly Is Procurement? The term was coined over 35 years ago but still to this day there are a large number of different definitions of SCM. To someone who is starting out their career, or who is new to the field of Supply Chain, it is understandable that there may be confusion as to the definition of SCM. Are they really that different or are there just subtle nuances in what some people consider SCM that others do not? Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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New SCM Cloud eBook

Oracle SCM

Download the latest SCM Cloud eBook to learn why supply chain leaders are moving their SCM applications to the cloud. Read how cloud can help throughout every step of the supply chain process, from design, planning, procurement, and manufacturing through to execution and delivery. To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications, please visit www.oracle.com/scm.

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What is SCM and Why is it Important?

Oracle SCM

The acronym SCM stands for supply chain management. It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance. SCM systems provide a strategic advantage and business insight to companies and their operations. SCM Fundamentals.

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Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course for Procurement!

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Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation! . When you run a central Procurement organization you are trying to get the best deal for your company. Procurement people are proud professionals. As mentioned previously Procurement people are very proud.

Blockchain: The Technology Reshaping SCM!

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especially procurement and logistics?—?in If SCM tech were a summer reading list, Blockchain would be the Twilight trilogy. For this reason, blockchain technology has been viewed as the perfect match for business application within procurement and logistics. Blockchain technology won’t just enhance the way procurement and logistics professionals work today; it poses the ability to reshape the functions entirely. Blockchain in Procurement. Subscribe Here!

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Apple Procurement Leader Hails from NC State


Today’s WSJ front page shares the important role of one of Apple’s top senior executives who runs much of the procurement and supply chain activity for Apple – Tony Blevins. He wanted to weaponize procurement in a short-term way.

Video: Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle SCM

Hear customers at CyraCom International, Transit Wireless, and Rancon Group describe how they are using Oracle Procurement Cloud to control employee spending, streamline their procure-to-pay cycle, source more effectively, and reduce supplier risk. To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications visit www.oracle.com/scm. Value Chain Planning chain cloud customer management procurement scm supply testimonial

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Trends & Strategies in Logistics and SCM

Supply Chain Movement

Proactive strategies should include research and development, procurement, production and sales. 2013 Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Embracing Global Logistics Complexity to Drive Market Advantage. The key results of this study by BVL International on trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management are summarized, as follows.

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What the 2020 Nobel Prize Means for SCM

SCM Research

Practice Research Award ProcurementThis year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics goes to Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B.

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E2open Acquires icon-scm: Five Reasons Why You Should Care

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She cannot count the number of SCM software acquisition announcements that promised 1+1=10. icon-scm was founded in 1992. The company partnered with SAP to launch a product offering, SAP Supply Chain Response by icon-scm, in 2010. In 2012, icon-scm had revenues of approximately $10 million. Based in Germany, icon-scm and the company leadership team was driven by a very product-based mentality. They were one of the first SCM vendors to move to a SaaS model.

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Procurement Outsourcing – Keep your Integrity!

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Like so many professionals Procurement people are very proud. But at some point in their careers, especially in the age of Outsourcing, they are likely to have to deal with potential suppliers who provide Procurement services. Procurement typically negotiates deals for other functions like I/T, HR, Manufacturing and every other area in the company. When selling Procurement Outsourcing services you need to have a lot of credibility to begin. Subscribe Here!

First NCSU Procurement Leadership Program a great success!


We held our first ever Procurement Leadership workshop this week, hosting a group of executives from Altria, American Red Cross, Cheniere Energy, Smith & Nephew, RSCS (YUM! Projects presented by participants included specific market intelligence research, ERP implementation, Supplier Relationship Management, Supplier-led Innovation, Workforce Change, Requisition to Pay and AI in Procurement.

The 3 Pillars of Digital Procurement!

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Procurement professionals have the same question looming over their head on a daily basis: “How do you plan on dealing with digitalization?”. Recently I had the pleasure of attending EBG Network’s 8th Annual Source to Pay Summit, which gathered some of the Nordic’s largest organizations and procurement profiles. Regardless of the sheer amount of content one could chose to consume, the theme for the day was apparent and held strong: Digital Procurement. Subscribe Here!

Procurement Experiences, Trends and the Future!

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Check out What is Virtual Procurement and Why Should You Care? Where is procurement, outsourcing, sourcing, supply chain, and purchasing going? Secondarily, we will include information from other procurement professionals and procurement firms about their experiences, what they forecast, and what they are seeing. We have worked in hundreds of different industries and spend areas over many years in thousands of procurement projects. The Next in Procurement.

Using Procurement Analytics to Simplify Your Supplier Reconciliation


However, with a simple software-based supplier reconciliation process using procurement analytics in place, an organization can automate this cumbersome process to save hundreds to thousands of man hours every year.

Procurement Bots – Transformer or Destroyer?

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Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? The last few years have seen a lot of real (and over) hype associated with the emergence of Software Robots (called Bots/Bot) which are disrupting the legacy procurement processes involving human interface. In summary – Bots will have a high appeal on the transactional and digital side of procurement processes and will gain exponential growth in the coming years with the advent of cognitive and machine learning tools. Subscribe Here!

SCM Cloud at Oracle CloudWorld DC - March 24

Oracle SCM

It will be part of the "Modernize Finance, Procurement, Projects and Supply Chain” track. To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications, please visit www.oracle.com/scm. The Cloud World DC event, taking place at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC on Thursday, March 24 , will feature a session about Oracle Supply Chain Cloud entitled "Path To Supply Chain Cloud”.

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What is Change Management’s Role in the Digital Transformation of SCM?

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The digital transformation of supply chain management, more specifically procurement and sourcing functions, is becoming a part of the new normal in business. The book is a masterful composition and guideline of how a procurement and sourcing organization can start building a quality infrastructure by gaining inspiration from IKEA’s triumphs and failures. Value is starting to be created, and your organization can feel the impact of your digital procurement strategy.

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Indirect Procurement – It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

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Yet the lack of attention and focus that Indirect Procurement is often given is inconsistent with the true importance of this area. Indirect Procurement takes a back seat to Direct Procurement unfortunately. But it is time for Indirect Procurement to stand up and be counted! The Importance of Indirect Procurement! Indirect Procurement is referred to by many different names. It might be called Non-Production Procurement or MRO for instance.

Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation!

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Check out Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective. We discussed these in greater detail in our post Procurement (Part 1!) – The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! I have been in the Procurement organization trying to get our arms around spend. This may be the head of Procurement, the CFO, the COO or the CEO. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is Becoming Younger, More Educated, More Diverse!

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. As a recruitment company specializing in Supply Chain and Procurement, Argentus sits at the nexus of a lot of these demographic changes. When we speak with SCM professionals from the baby boomer and Gen X generations, it’s really common for us to hear, “I didn’t plan on going into Supply Chain, but I fell into it.” Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement.

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Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course!

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Check out Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation! When you run a central Procurement organization you are trying to get the best deal for your company. Procurement people are proud professionals. One of the key issues in having areas give your Procurement team spend control is expertise. The Procurement team needs to take measures to show that they understand and are accountable to the local teams. Procurement #Purchasing #SupplyChain #SCM.

What is Virtual Procurement and Why Should You Care?

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Then you need Virtual Procurement! We are too small and can’t afford to hire a full-time procurement person. We are busy and just don’t have the time to focus on procurement.”. “We Many began looking hard at their expenses, how they were buying, often tactically without leveraging their full procurement power, and began centralizing the procurement function rather than leave it to each individual department to buy on their own. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

50th Symposium Procurement and Logistics

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50 th Symposium Procurement and Logistics. More than 2,200 decision-makers from procurement, SCM and logistics. Events 5oth symposium procurement and logistics Berlin BME buyers Germany hans-dietrich genscher helmut schmidt interconintal logistics logistics experts ProcurementDate: 11-13 November, 2015. Location: InterContinental, Berlin (Germany). Organisation: BME Verband. URL: www.bme.de/en/all-events-en/50th-symposium-purchasing-and-logistics/.

Procurement Integrity Breach – A Sure Way to Get Fired!

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Check out Procurement Outsourcing – Keep your Integrity! I was shaken by the reality that our people, our trusted procurement professionals, were being implicated for fraudulent behavior towards our suppliers. Is there anything worse than cheating your suppliers as a procurement professional? . The Most Fundamental Attribute of Procurement – Honesty & Integrity. The procurement and engineering teams knew this. Ethical Procurement Links.

IKEA’s IWAY Has Lessons For Every Procurement Team!

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Check out Procurement Report Card: Most Executives Think Procurement Isn’t Strategic Enough! Looking back on the training process, our research, strategy, implementation and evaluation methods closely mirrored supplier relationship management and procurement management. If you don’t have a Supplier CoC, I’d strongly suggest looking into developing one with your sourcing and procurement team. The post IKEA’s IWAY Has Lessons For Every Procurement Team!

OPTSUM 2015: Where SCM meets Science


Sreedevi Gannae and Vishal Agarwal from Cognizant provided insight on how predictive analytics is transforming procurement through the five pillars, namely: price forecasting, cost modeling, spend and contract optimization, risk modeling and behavioral analytics. The second edition of the optimization summit (OptSum) was held amidst a scene of unprecedented enthusiasm in Bangalore on March 10 -11, 2015.

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SCM Highlights from IBMs New Corporate Responsibility Report

Supply Chains Rock

Logistics Procurement (in support of our hardware and logistics business operations) occurred with 50 firms and in Services and Every year or so IBM, the company where I am employed, issues its updated corporate responsibility report, which always contains a section on supply chain. Here are a few notable updates: In 2012, approximately 90 percent of IBMs global spend in Production and.

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Improving the Lives of Apparel Workers by Creating an Ethical Apparel Index


Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing Director's Blog Production Labor Sourcing SCM Procurement SCM Research Supply Chain Sustainability UncategorizedThe Supply Chain Resource Cooperative is proud to announce the award of a major research grant ($1.2

How Are Counterfeit Drugs Procured?

MIT Supply Chain

A new approach focuses on the way these products are procured. The research explores a new approach to combating drug counterfeiters: devising mitigation strategies based on the way dispensers procure medicines. The thesis is being supervised by Dr. Mustafa Çagri Gürbüz, Professor of SCM at the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, and Prof. Second, the procurement of counterfeit product is often the result of an inadequate supply of authentic medicines.

What Exactly Is Procurement? And What is Purchasing?

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For his entire career my Father worked in the field of Procurement. But the job titles that he had during his career alternatively included either the word Procurement or the word Purchasing. But was that Procurement or was it Purchasing? Procurement sounded like a somewhat loftier and more sophisticated word than Purchasing but by the same token it also seemed like Procurement and Purchasing were synonymous and interchangeable terms. Procurement.

The Future of the Chief Procurement Officer … Is Already Here!

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Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? Kodiak Rating’s CTO was recently in attendance at a Procurement Leaders event held in London, titled DITx?—?Data As written by Procurement Leaders, “DITx is Europe’s ONLY event specifically designed for procurement professionals wanting to capitalize on a whole new set of opportunities that disrupt yet provide new transformative, value adding capabilities” ( Procurement Leaders 2017 ). Subscribe Here! Email Address.

What’s the Difference between Procurement and Purchasing? (Infographic)

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? We often see these terms used interchangeably, but there are some concrete differences between Procurement and Purchasing such that we think they are two different practices, each with their own set of concerns and skills. In short: Purchasing is an activity that’s a subset of the overall Procurement process. Check out What Exactly Is Procurement?

Career advice for supply chain professionals


Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cognitive computing, and Augmented Reality are creating new challenges and new opportunities for supply chain management (SCM) professionals. This asymmetry between the demand and supply of SCM talent creates a great opportunity for those who are willing to go the extra mile, making them extremely valuable within their organizations and in the broader market. Deep SCM domain skills are very hard to come by.