3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


The average Supply Chain management professional measures their Supply Chain by reviewing cost reduction. Is cost reduction all that there is in measuring Supply Chain performance? What about measuring working capital in the Supply Chain?

Want to Improve Supply Chain Performance and Profitability?


Acknowledge and Address the (Real) Root Cause of Your Supply Chain Data Silos. In a well-optimized supply chain ecosystem, information flows in all directions, as well as to and from suppliers. Especially the digitalization of an entire supply chain ecosystem. .

Want to Improve Supply Chain Performance and Profitability?


Acknowledge and Address the (Real) Root Cause of Your Supply Chain Data Silos. In a well-optimized supply chain ecosystem, information flows in all directions, as well as to and from suppliers. Especially the digitalization of an entire supply chain ecosystem.

Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

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The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning. As companies prepare for Supply Chain 2030, we think that it is time to rethink the basics. Seven Predictions for Supply Chain 2030.

Supply Chains By the Numbers

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When 2015 rolls in, for me, it will mark a decade of quantitative research focused on understanding the evolution of supply chain management. Insights on Supply Chain Organizations. In the early years, there were no supply chain organizations.

S&OP: Five Steps to Get Started

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I will also pen my 95th report for this week’s Supply Chain Insight’s newsletter. We now reach 23,000 supply chain leaders globally with our newsletter and have over 50,000 views/month on Slideshare. Economic Vision of Supply Chain 2030.

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5 Global Transportation Themes to Look Out for in 2015

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Two major shifts are changing the face of global transportation management as we know it: Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, relying on partners and data beyond the four walls of the enterprise; The very definition of global transportation management is broadening and expanding well beyond the traditional TMS scope. Transport optimization typically reduces spend by 5-15%.

This Week in Logistics News (July 20-24, 2015)

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There was a lot of supply chain and logistics news this week, so let’s go straight to it. Transplace Launches Supply Chain Consulting Practice. LEGACY Supply Chain Services Launches Grader Tool and eBook to Evaluate Supply Chain Performance.

Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS)!

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The 3 Pillars of Digital Procurement! This was my first experience with Outsourcing, or what I refer to as “Supply Chain as a Service” (SCaaS). But beyond just software virtually every other aspect of Supply Chain is available as an outsourced, on-demand service.

Health Check Your Supply Chain for Inefficiencies

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Even in 2019 many companies still underestimate the importance of their global supply chain and above all, how their logistics and supply chain performance can beneficially impact their marketing, ultimately leading to healthier financial results.

Five Ways to Be a Shipper of Choice: Lessening Capacity Crunch Impact with a TMS

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One of the most impactful tools in a shipper’s arsenal toward this end is a Transportation Management System (TMS). Ensure your supply chain is on schedule. A recent report by the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General said that the trucking industry loses between $1.1 With a control tower view of your entire transportation network, you can create plans that take into account all relevant factors and are most likely to stay on track.

InSight, InControl: Real-time position and quality monitoring for production material transports


By combining real-time asset tracking and condition monitoring of production material during transport, you can initiate appropriate countermeasures to keep your production running long before goods receipt. But generally speaking, not even the shipping agent transporting the production material to the nearest port has this information. This is even more true if the transport is intermodal, i.e. where land, air and sea freight are combined.

When Cupid’s Arrow Hits the Supply Chain


Cupid’s work isn’t done alone, however – he requires a little help from the supply chain. This delicate supply chain requires special attention to ensure product quality and timeliness of delivery. Globalization Supply Chain Efficiency

Letter from the CEO: 2019 Outlook & Strategies to be Successful


The confluence of a high performing economy with finite trucking capacity that had already been impacted by regulatory changes, a driver shortage and severe weather events, resulted in capacity constraints and, ultimately, exorbitant freight costs.

How to Capture Full Divestiture Value with a 3PL

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A divestiture is a major transition that impacts all areas of a business, including supply chain reliability and efficiency. A 3PL provider offers customers with outsourced, or “third party,” logistics services for part or all of their supply chain management functions. Step 3: Develop a Customer-Centric Supply Chain Model. Step 4: Integrate New Model, Review Progress and Improve Performance.

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Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management


Naturally, to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need a well-functioning supply chain, which you happen to have. Do you think that your supply chain management is good enough for this market? Are you confident that it’ll perform well and you’ll meet all the requirements of your target audience? Without a doubt, managing supply chain is nothing but easy. Its scope is extensive and spans all areas of the supply chain.

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Guest Post by Arun Gupta, PhD

Supply Chain View from the Field

The TPP has major ramifications for supply chain performance, especially in situations where supply chain components fall within the TPP participant countries. Trade, trade barriers, and market access involving all types of goods (including agriculture), services (including financial and foreign investments), and small- and medium-sized enterprises also are under the umbrella of the TPP and can impact the performance of supply chains.

Why a network model makes sense for today’s automotive suppliers

The Network Effect

Today I want to talk about the challenges faced by today’s automotive suppliers, and why a network model for their supply chain can help. Today it is possible to fully engage the knowledge and capabilities of an extended enterprise across their supply chain in real time.

2016 Supply Chain Trends: 7 of 12 Trends that Will Drive Supply Chain Management in 2016


We kick off today a month-long focus on trends in the following categories: Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Management. 2016 Supply Chain Trends: The First 7 of 12. But, Wait.What is the Digital Supply Chain?

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Jobs and Career Paths in Supply Chain and Logistics

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Are you fresh out of college or university and planning to enter the supply chain or logistics profession? Perhaps you are considering a mid-career move into the supply chain theatre. Source: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2017 Survey.

How Machine Learning Is Redefining Supply Chain Management


Bottom line: Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain management data by relying on algorithms that quickly pinpoint the most influential factors to a supply networks’ success, while constantly learning in the process.

8 Uses for Supply Chain Benchmarking and Their Most Valuable Benefits

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If not, you might be surprised at the many ways supply chain benchmarking can be used to understand performance, identify areas for improvement and actually turn those improvements into reality. 8 Most Beneficial Uses of Supply Chain Benchmarking.

3 Tips for Placing the Customer at the Center of Your Hospitality Supply Chain


Customers want what they want, and there should be a supply chain plan in place that supports those needs. But what happens when your hospitality supply chain isn’t flexible enough to provide for the customer? Green Supply Chain.

Three Predictions for the Supply Chain in a Trump-led America

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I’ll refrain from making political commentary, but I can venture some predictions on what will come into focus for supply chain performance in 2017: Prediction 1: Manufacturing won’t move on-shore. Company supply chains have been collecting data for years.

Could Looming Supply Chain Risks Sink Your Company?

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Supply chains are suddenly under threat. But some fast movers have begun taking important steps to improve their agility and reduce their exposure to supply risk. Procurement: Buy Better, Spend Better. Supply Chain: Rethink Distribution and Transportation.

7 Reasons Why the Supply Chain Matters to Business Success

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The success of your business is inextricably linked to the performance of your supply chain. you have to make your supply chain successful too. The success of your business is inextricably linked to the performance of your supply chain.

Sorry, I’m Not Sure: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2018

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I will be wrong again,” I stated last year before making my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2017 , and I was right. It echoed the title of my September 2016 post, “ The Day a Cyber Attack Brings the World’s Supply Chains to a Halt.”. Source: Evan, Flikr. “I

Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Executive Conference Recap


Gartner 2019 SCC: A New Era: Convergence of the Digital and Physical Supply Chain Savi attended the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference again this year in Phoenix. who shared how IoT and real-time visibility enabled them to improve delivery performance.

5 Supply Chain Mistakes that Handicap Business Performance

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The impact of supply chain performance on the success of a business is significant, but often underestimated, even within companies well-versed in supply chain management. Is Your Company Making These 5 Supply Chain Mistakes?

7 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

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If you were to tell me that your company had never looked at its supply chain costs and sought to deliver reductions, I would be mightily surprised. Supply chain costs of around $5.50 At the same time, though, supply chain costs rose by more than $75 million.

Elevating the Heavy Building Materials Supply Chain (Takeaways from Command Alkon ELEVATE 2017 Conference)

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I also learned that there are a lot of similarities between the Heavy Building Materials supply chain and the Domino’s Pizza supply chain. Streamline, automate, and compress Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay processes.

This Week in Logistics News (February 29 – March 4, 2016)

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Before diving into this week’s supply chain and logistics news, I want to share a couple of quick news items of our own. Second, we just released our second Talking Logistics YOUniversity course, Building a Strong Transportation Management Foundation.