How Cummins Power Generation Used Lean Six Sigma to Achieve Significant Transportation Savings

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This often requires a major shift in thinking – from the top down – and for many, implementing a formal process improvement methodology such as Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Lean Six Sigma is about not simply accepting the old way of doing things, but asking “Why do I do that?” A worldwide provider of electrical power generation systems, Cummins Power Generation (Cummins) uses Six Sigma (6S) as its primary continuous improvement methodology.

10th Pan-European Conference in the P2P Series

Supply Chain Movement

New topics discussed will include creating a strong Purchasing Master Data Management fundament, delivering additional value through dynamic discounting, discussing the best strategic P2P function models and experiences with outsourcing vs. in sourcing.

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Customer Service: The Source of Supply Chain Innovation

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Customer Service: The Source of Supply Chain Innovation. In December’s issue of InBound, editor Keith Biondi cited customer service as the source for supply chain innovation. Some examples of some popular BPR tools are LEAN, Lean Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, etc. Customer Service: The Real Source of SCM Innovation. The post Customer Service: The Source of Supply Chain Innovation appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics.

7 Supply Chain Transformations at SAMSUNG

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2) Adopt Six Sigma Methodology : based on "quality movement" in the electronics industry, Samsung believes they can improve the internal operations drastically using Six Sigma. Then they study various Six Sigma approaches from GE, Dupont and Honeywell.

Supply Chain Management


Strategic Sourcing. Strategic Sourcing. Six sigma theories suggest that the number of suppliers we have should be minimized in order to reduce complexity and the associated costs. Project management is the backbone of any lean six sigma initiative.

5 Skills Necessary For Maximizing Logistics Effectiveness


Be ready to rationalize the process of Six Sigma within your organization. The tools and techniques of Six Sigma put team’s heads together and stimulate innovation. With the correct application of Six Sigma, an enterprise shall not forfeit modernization to maintain high quality. . The reality is being changed very fast, so people are sharing their knowledge and experience as well as are providing their gains as the open source.

7 Best Supply Chain Books of All Time

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Therefore, the challenge to establish the ranking method is to find a more economical data source and the unbiased metrics. Books We Recommend - Purchasing Book - Six Sigma Books - Operations Management Book - Inventory Control Book - Lean Books - International Business Book Last review and update: January 30, 2020In this article, we rank books based on their influence, popularity, recency and practicality and then we come up with the list of the best supply chain books.

Robots in the Building: The Positive Influence of AI for Supply Chain Planners


A recent, typical job ad for a demand planner lists technical criteria including APICS and Six Sigma certification, alongside “negotiation, communications, and presentation skills”. . Have you looked at a job listing for a supply chain planner recently?

Robots in the Building: The Positive Influence of AI for Supply Chain Planners


A recent, typical job ad for a demand planner lists technical criteria including APICS and Six Sigma certification, alongside “negotiation, communications, and presentation skills”. . Have you looked at a job listing for a supply chain planner recently?

Supply Chain Management Services


When sourcing supply chain management services, think about the provider’s approach to people and processes. Do they embrace a methodology like lean, six sigma, or operational excellence? 3 Tips in Choosing Supply Chain Management Services.

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Warehouse Cost Reductions: 3 Understandings Driven By Inventory Management & Lean Principles


Use the Item Master of the ERP System to set inventory turns to six to eight turns, set minimum/maximum inventories, re-order points and lead times. Source: [link].

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Mitigating the Effect of Natural Disasters on Your Supply Chain

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Mr. Moore is a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt and has successfully led several joint LSS projects with Transplace customers. It has certainly been evident this year that natural disasters can significantly disrupt the supply chain.

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Developing Standard Work is one of the more difficult Lean Six Sigma disciplines; however, if efficiently developed, it should allow virtually anyone to perform the work without any variance in the desired output.

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A perfect supply chain?


by Matt Benson If your 3PL supply chain problem was to deliver 400,000 items daily from supplier to customer and your on-time in full metric was a six-sigma target standard of 1 failure per million, how would you do it?

Warehousing and Logistics


Warehousing and Logistics – Quality at the Source. In warehousing and logistics the goal is minimizing cost and fulfillment times, and initiating quality at the source is key to fulfill these goals. Quality at the source teaches us to detect errors as quickly as possible.

Outsourcing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Lessons from Nortel Networks


That put customers on hold, and then GE guys came in and “over-rotated” on six sigma, and should have focused more on the Big Y of getting rid of some divisions.

Supply Chain Planning


Additionally, quality at the source and error-proofing are necessary in effective process development. Team members gain on-the-job training as well as career development with training in lean, six sigma, logistics, supply chain, leadership, and management skills.

The Branded Supply Chain

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And Whirlpool’s supply chain embodies its brand value of innovation with Six Sigma accuracy and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. A primary objective of the act is to eliminate slavery and human trafficking as a source of cheap labor.

Using Managed Analytics to Build a Next-Generation Supply Chain

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Most systems are flexible enough to merge data from external sources into the algorithm architecture. For years, supply chain leaders have struggled to achieve a sophisticated level of supply chain visibility that would drive continuous improvement, optimize spend and reduce risk.

Warehouse Cost Savings: 5 Key Areas of Focus and 13 Practical Objectives


The backbone of Lean Six Sigma methodology, DMAIC ensures sustained, defect-free performance and highly competitive costs. This is the heart of Lean Six Sigma : reducing variation to make a process more stable and predictable. A Director of Operations, Warehouse Director or Manager, or even the Director of Supply Chain or Logistics, are always in the pursuit of continuous improvement as well as warehouse cost savings in both time and money.

Supply chain pain points in the Aerospace and Defense industry


Lean manufacturing and six sigma initiatives have significantly cut waste and inefficiency in the production process. by Alexa Cheater 7 barriers to aerospace and defense supply chain success.

What is the Best Lean Book?

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We are requested by a reader who is a new lean manager to suggest good lean manufacturing books or lean six sigma for his leadership development. In order to recommend lean books to read, - First, we search for lean manufacturing books, books about Toyota Production System, lean thinking, six sigma and lean six sigma on,,, News Sites and blogs related to lean manufacturing.

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Supply Chain Management


Therefore, even while inputs might be gathered from the same source, the final product can be differentiated and so can the services provided to that favored customer. An Excerpt Taken From the Book, Lean Six Sigma Logistics. Supply Chain Management: Bigger Picture, Bigger Gains.

Do You Have a Proactive Supply Chain Design or a Reactive One?

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While the Greenfield optimization approach doesn’t consider aspects like building capacities, inbound costs, transportation, or sourcing policies, it does offer a smart recommendation for the optimal amount and placement of your distribution centers. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt specializing in process layouts and equipment implementation.

3 Inventory Control Techniques to Improve and Maintain Inventory Accuracy


There are various programmes of quality inventory control available for companies to adopt such as JIT , Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. Traceability is the capacity to track items back to their original source, together with information on each place the stock moved, or any time it was handled. Inventory accuracy is vital to an organisation’s long-term success.

Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

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There are two things Boeing and Airbus have in common, utilization of lean manufacturing system and strategic sourcing concept. However, the overall implementation of strategic sourcing is a bit different between the two companies.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Steve Radewych, Director, Supply Chain at Precision Global!

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Spearheading lean/six sigma programs on a large scale, both across sites and the supply chain function, helping build a continuous improvement mindset. Large scale remapping of sourcing strategies to enable global (multi-geography) sourcing for a multi-geography manufacturing footprint.

Lean Warehousing


The next principle is quality at the source. Lastly, we focus on quality at the source and error-proofing processes. Standard work and quality-at-the-source go a long way to accomplish these things. Lean Warehousing – From Paradox to Operational Excellence.

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POV: 3 Ways Layered Technology Differs from the ERP Add-On


For example, our Demand-Driven Manufacturing layers help manufacturers achieve a leaner, more agile environment by implementing philosophies like Lean, Six Sigma and constraints management. Source agnostic; big picture. How do we combine the data from multiple sources?

VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Very early on, I made it mandatory for all supply chain leaders to study Six Sigma to a green belt level. Every time new housing starts stop, there is a pattern that the market will tank in six months. Slowly, more and more companies are waking up to the cold, and hard facts.

What is the Best Supplier Vetting Process?

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Search Sources of Potential Suppliers. Next, use reliable sources to find good candidates for your shortlist. Commitment: This includes both their commitment to being a reliable partner for you and their commitment to standards of high quality, such as Six Sigma.

ThroughPut Inc. Appoints World-Renowned Just-in-Time, Lean & Kaizen Expert Mr. Takao Sakai to Executive Advisory Board


” When prompted about how software can influence the future of manufacturing & supply chain, Mr. Sakai shared “I believe through software, we can now democratize Just-In-Time to be available at unprecedented scale to all Kaizen professionals and related areas such as Lean Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma. SOURCE ThroughPut Inc. NEWS PROVIDED BY ThroughPut Inc. Dec 03, 2018, 18:00 ET. MENLO PARK, SILICON VALLEY, Calif.,

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Sheri Hinish, The Supply Chain Queen®!

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Supply chains also add tremendous value in mitigating environmental impacts e2e by influencing product design, sourcing responsibly in supplier networks, rethinking how we make products, how we share information with trading partners, network optimization in transportation, etc.

Lean Defined: What is Waste? (In Logistics)


Quality can always be improved if the focus is on quality at the source and mistakes are not passed down the supply chain. For more resources on lean logistics and total logistics cost, check out Robert Martichenko’s books Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream and Lean Six Sigma Logistics.

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2018 Parcel Oversize Changes: Tightening of the Vise

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Below is a comparison of 2017 vs. 2018 parameters for oversize shipments: Source: enVista. Use the table shown below to help quantify the number of packages you have in each of the indicated categories: Source: enVista. Mark also has a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.