Interview: Get ready for Supply Chain Outlook conference!

Supply Chain View from the Field

The Supply Chain Management Review, one of the leading practitioner journals in the field of supply chain, is hosting their first ever conference in November at the Rosemount Hilton at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The conference, titled Supply Chain Outlook promises to be an exciting event, with many leading speakers and academics attending.

Five Predictions (About Prediction) that Every Procurement Professional Should Consider

Supply Chain View from the Field

Most spend management looks at historical spending – which is interesting, but doesn’t tell you where the puck is going! Other indicators included data pulled from the Federal Reserve economic database, the Producer Price Index, the Purchasing Managers Index, as well as internal metrics such as the size of the company’s own sales force. As we’ve noted in prior posts, talent is the key to procurement organizations.


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“Procurement at a Crossroads”: Spot On and Makes You Think


They delineate the groups of procurement talent as traditional buyers, Generation Net, and second career professionals. The importance of social media as an indicator of supply market changes is also explored, and the emergence of cloud-based procurement as the new standard technology. Book Reviews Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Supply chain Relationships Supply Chain Talent Management Supply Market Intelligence

A “Swiss Army Knife” of Supply Chain Talent Requirements: Views from a Former Wolfpack Student


He started in supply planning, overseeing over $100M of spend in batteries and other categories. Marsh did not have centralized approach to supply chain management. But because of their less mature supply chain organization, the net income percentage was in the low single digits. Stuart discussed the need for a supply chain Swiss Army knife skill set.

Future of Procurement Study Available

Supply Chain View from the Field

The earliest traces of this can be linked to materials management. i] By 1866, the Pennsylvania Railroad had given the purchasing function departmental status, under the title of Supplying Department. The purchasing function was such a major contributor to the performance of the organization that the chief purchasing manager had top managerial status. [ii]. I recently completed a study of 25 CPO’s, each providing their view of what procurement will look like in 2025.

Study 60

Interview on Buyer’s Meeting Point BlogTalk Radio: Creating Procurement Value is a Lot of Work!


The issue around managing people was a strong theme – as was the need to think about adopting analytics into the core abilities that help build a business case that allows people to influence and drive change within their stakeholder community. Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Organizing for Supply Chain Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Talent Supply Chain Talent Management

Insights From Procurement Leaders Conference Part 1 – Making HR Your Friend!

Supply Chain View from the Field

There were hundreds of brilliant individuals in the room and in the space of two minutes, I had run into two fellow Wolfpackers: the Chief Procurement Officer of DeutscheBank, Ken Litton (an NC State engineer) as well as one of my former NC State research assistants, Chandra Kujinthapam, who now works as a supply manager at RJ Reynolds. Today’s knowledge forum focused on Talent Management and featured one speaker who really inspired me.

Winning Student Posters Focus on Visibility, Total Cost of Ownership, and Procurement Processes

Supply Chain View from the Field

John Deere – Supply Chain Visibility – MBA Team: Jessica Newsome, Nithin Seshandri, Delia Smith, Bo Zhang – Project Sponsor: Mark Burton, John Deere. Strategic Sourcing Manager – Tires, Wheels, and Mounting Systems. John Deere World Headquarters – Enterprise Supply Management. We had another great set of student projects during our Spring SCRC student poster session.

Boston Procurement Leaders part 3: Talent Management Challenges

Supply Chain View from the Field

One of the most interesting panels from the Boston Procurement Leaders conference was focused on Talent Management. We heard from a number of speakers on the subject of how the need for talent is shifting dramatically in the years ahead. He shared with us what is happening in the procurement talent space: “What I was hiring for 10 years ago is very different for what I am hiring for now. The Vendor Management team are starting to sound like banking regulators.

SCM is smoking hot!….Why students should consider NC State for a supply chain major.


An article published in the Wall Street Journal identifies what I have been saying for years now… Supply chain talent is a hot commodity! Many of the skills that we’ve identified in prior posts on this site have discussed the key skills and knowledge that recruiters are looking for in supply chain students. In fact, Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, came directly out of their supply chain organization.

SCM 40