Training for the Next Triathlon. Insights for You?

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This landed me in an intense discussion with my trainer and my doctor about blood flow into the brain through endurance training, and how that might reduce the risk of me getting Alzheimer’s. I started training six hours a week and lost 37 pounds. I have never been an athlete.

Responsible Sourcing! Making Sustainability Happen for Real!

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Sustainability is created at the source of our products, services, and consumption. Sustainability is created from Responsible Sourcing. How can you make Responsible Sourcing a Reality? in this case, responsible sourcing. Source Smarter. Source: Purina.

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Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #10 Failure to adequately train your supply chain planning staff


Reason #10: Failure to adequately train your supply chain planning staff. Don’t want training and aren’t interested in learning. One very good source of supply chain training is APICs (American Production and Inventory Control Society).

Creating a Sourcing and Procurement Process Plan


What are the key elements of a sourcing and procurement process plan? Strategic sourcing is a fact based and systematic approach that organizations use to optimize the management of their supply chain. Creating a sourcing and procurement plan.

How COVID – 19 Might Shape the Future of China Sourcing and Manufacture

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COVID-19 and the Future of China Sourcing and Manufacture. Factories in developing countries, where costs would be lower, don’t have the technology or trained workforce to cope with modern demands. Covid 19 Global Sourcing

Go All-in with Hands-on Training at Explore 2020


What’s more, QAD subject matter experts will lead on-site, hands-on training courses—helping you discover how QAD Adaptive Applications can address your specific business needs. The post Go All-in with Hands-on Training at Explore 2020 appeared first on QAD Blog.

Supply Chain Management: How Businesses Can Increase Resilience and Mitigate Disruption

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Ken Glasser, a global sourcing contracts manager at Axcelis Technologies, told Supply Chain Dive that dual sourcing has made supply chain disruptions easier to manage. ” Dual sourcing serves as a hedge against supply chain risk.

2017 – The year of learning


by Bill DuBois Education and training – What’s the difference? In this case the two modes would be education and training. A number of years ago I was in a session with a client when someone asked, “What’s the difference between education and training?”

Why Businesses Should Implement Measurable Training Programs


While many companies will consider hiring new employees in order to address rising business pressures, sourcing the right candidates will only become more difficult as […]. The post Why Businesses Should Implement Measurable Training Programs appeared first on SYSPRO US. The rapid pace of today’s business means that relevant skills are becoming outdated more quickly than ever before.

3 Reasons to Join the Train Industry

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When many people think of trains, they think of the past. But by the mid-to-late 20 th century, a boom in air travel and personal vehicle ownership caused travel by train to decline. For a time, trains weren’t as prominent in popular imagination. Why Work with Trains?

Supply Chain Talent: The Missing Link in Your Future?

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It is the sourcing and development of mid-management talent. Only 23% of companies responding to the study have a planned cross-functional training program for existing employees. Supply Chain Supply chain excellence cross-training supply chain talent

Procurement Cockpit – Strategic Sourcing KPIs

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Today I will focus on KPIs that can provide deep insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, strategic sourcing efforts and how procurement systems are viewed internally. Their approach was a combination of better tools, training and communication.

The Wisdom of the Crowd (Sourcing) Doesn’t Apply to Commercial Shipping

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More than a year ago, the Supply Chain Collaborator blog examined the trend toward crowd sourcing and wondered aloud whether an “Uber for commercial shipping” was imminent. People come in a predictable size, and fit in most car, train, bus or plane seats.

Supply Chain Education and Certification – What’s Missing?

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How Does This Impact SCM Training? Now I do believe that training in the basics is absolutely necessary. Before training and education in the basics was needed because the jobs to be done were transactional. Risk Management Training. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

What Remains the Same?

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On Wednesday morning, when I finished speaking at the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing in Fort Lauderdale, an executive from J&J pulled me aside and said, “Our strengths, are now our vulnerabilities.” It is Saturday.

New Generations, New Ways of Learning


However, videos are not just a source of entertainment for children and teenagers, but also a great education tool for the current working generation. By providing videos to train your new employees rather than the typical documentation, they will become operational quicker.

The Silk Railway: freight train from China pulls up in Madrid

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[link] The longest rail link in the world and the first direct link between China and Spain is up and running after a train from Yiwu in coastal China completed its maiden journey of 8,111 miles to Madrid. The first train was met by the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, and Spain’s minister of public works, Ana Pastor. Those trains link Chongqing, the huge industrial city in south-west China, with Duisburg, and Beijing with Hamburg.

Spain 40

Shale Gas on the Rise: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Energy Company for Unprecedented Production Growth

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Bolster workforce training. Oil & Gas Supply Chain Digitization Process Improvement Skilled Workforce strategic sourcing Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Optimization Workforce TrainingInternal and external forces are catalyzing change in the global energy sector.

PRO Point of View: Pascale de Felix, Global Sourcing Director – Methods, Tools & Responsible Sourcing at the Bel Group


Global Sourcing Director – Methods, Tools & Responsible Sourcing (Bel Group). She is the Global Sourcing Director – Methods, Tools & Responsible Sourcing, and she has 10 years of experience in Responsible Purchasing.

What I Have Learned Teaching Courses on Market-Driven Value Networks

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It senses, translates, and orchestrates market changes (buy- and sell-side markets) bidirectionally with near real-time latency to align sell, deliver, make and sourcing functions. In our training, we try to build it down and combine the research with experiential exercises.

Course 252

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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Provide company employees and management, who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, training on human trafficking and slavery, particularly with respect to mitigating risks within the supply chains of products.

Will You Be Able to Drive Your New Sourcing Platform in a Week?

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Shouldn’t you be able to drive your new sourcing platform in 5 working days or less? This may be a recurring nightmare for you as you evaluate multiple sourcing tools. How is training conducted? Is any training provided one-on-one?

Are your L&D programs reaping the outcomes you need?

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We’ve all been there—days spent away from our jobs completing required training programs that ultimately left us disappointed, confused, marginalized and with no new learning assets. But the most successful learning and development teams also understand how to measure the success of each training course and react accordingly. Traditional training models address performance issues only when there is a lack of knowledge and skills. What type of training is available? ?

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Decision-Making in Procurement


It goes on to recommend that vendors trial such systems at selected customer sites by developing robust procurement workflows from multiple sources of data and validating these in short, focused proofs of concept. Procurement Resources Source-to-Pay Supplier Management

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations


The shortage of workers is causing companies to look at non-traditional sources, including individual with a criminal record. When Mr. Wilson, 59, was released in 2013 he sought out training at Goodwill, where he learned to drive a forklift. The DRIVE-Safe Act updates federal law to empower the trucking industry to fill these gaps with a qualified, highly trained emerging workforce.

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Made in “I Really Don’t Know”

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As reported in USA Today : [In a sourcing practice nicknamed “China plus one”], big brands like Rip Curl send their specifications — what they want made and how much they’re willing to pay for it — to sourcing agents, who find factories that agree to fulfill them. poor training); and Process issues (e.g., Supply Chain & Logistics Trends Supply Chain Risk Management global sourcing North Korea Rip Curl slavery supply chain mapping supply chain visibility

Transportation Education: Gaining Confidence with Social Media

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There are certain sources you need to take full advantage of in order to find the confidence needed. This is a great source of information. Logistics Management freight broker gaining confidence in logistics learning logistics education logistics education logistics training transportation education using Transportation industry confidence and being new to transportation is almost an oxymoron at first.

A Diverse Supply Base Isn’t About Procurement…It’s A Leadership Issue!

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The most important and common method for driving diversity objectives in the survey (in 73% of firms) involves explicitly building in diversity as an objective into sourcing processes. It is not uncommon to find that sourcing managers do not view diversity as a priority. It is also important to note that every single sourcing category has some level of diversity spending, and none are exempted.

Sustainability pays off, but it’s not always traceable

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The higher yields are the direct result of training. Starbucks is one company at the forefront of sourcing sustainably produced commodities. The global demand for natural raw materials such as coffee, tea, cocoa and palm oil continues to grow robustly.

How to Protect Your Supply Chain from Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities


Training, training, training. While technology is crucial, do not underestimate that human error remains the primary source of data breaches. Make sure that your staff is properly onboarded with continuously updated training to understand cyber risks.

How To 195

6 Practical Supply Chain Education Tools for Employers

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That’s why it seemed a good idea to highlight some very practical and in most cases, inexpensive ways your company can keep employees hungry to learn, and to satisfy their appetite with readily accessible sources of supply chain education and knowledge.

GTG Technology Group - Untitled Article

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What to Do When Your Train Tracks Flood. When flooding happens, many forms of infrastructure are heavily impacted – railroads and train tracks included. Many sections of train tracks are below ground level, in tunnels and cuttings. The name or numbers of the train(s) affected.

Ensuring Workers’ Rights in Global Supply Chains

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The solution lies in adequate training at the most important level — the workers themselves. If you start on the factory floor, you start creating change step by step,” says Sofie Nordström, co-founder of QuizRR , a Swedish training and education venture for ensuring corporate social responsibility (CSR). A former journalist, she first became aware of the need for an intensive training regimen in Bangladesh, site of multiple labor violations and worker deaths.

Is Procurement a True Profession….Yet?

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Those who enter the profession must first undergo a program of broad general education as well as further education and training for a career in the specialty. Organizing for Supply Chain Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Talent Supply Market Intelligence Gerard Chick and I are working on a new book, that is effectively questioning whether procurement, as we know it, is on the right track, and if not, what it will take to get it back on track.

Regaining control: Inventory management best practices (Part four)


Training, reducing latency and identifying errors. Train your warehouse staff – I am frequently amazed (or, dismayed ) at the level of training supplied to workers in warehouses, or in shipping and receiving departments.