Hostess Brands Turnaround Driven by a Supply Chain Transformation

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as a supply chain guy, I just love hearing about a business turn around that was largely driven by a more effective supply chain. Food & Beverage Industry Logistics Outsourcing Replenishment Transportation Hostess Brands lean logistics supply chain transformationThat, as Tuesday's financial news proves, was clearly the case with Hostess Brands.

Supply Chain Transformation in the Digital Age

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Company executives are increasingly aware of the importance of supply chains in making companies successful. A couple of years ago, however, a McKinsey study concluded companies weren’t investing enough in supply chain transformation technologies. Only 2% of companies are applying digital strategies to the supply chain.”[1] Technology and supply chain transformation. … Supply chain managers can’t stand still.

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Digital Supply Chain Transformation Still in Early Stages

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Supply chain expert Mike Mortson ( @mmortson ) believes it’s still fair to ask, “What is the digital supply chain?”[2] ”[2] Steve Banker ( @steve_scm ), Vice President of Supply Chain Services at Arc Advisory Group, agrees it’s a fair question. He writes, “Companies mean different things by the term ‘digital supply chain transformation.’

Supply Chain Transformation is a Journey not a Destination

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Supply chains have been around since people realized they had things worth trading. As new technologies emerged, supply chains transformed to take advantage of these technologies. As a result, transformation has been and remains an essential characteristic of supply chains. and the supply chain is an essential part of this revolution. Technologies Driving Supply Chain Transformation.

The Internet of Things and Supply Chain Transformation

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Early IoT adopters in the transportation, retail, energy, agriculture, healthcare, and city management sectors are proving the IoT’s value every day. IoT Benefits for the Supply Chain. Brittany Martincic predicts, “IoT will eventually have some impact on all aspects of the supply chain. … Every supply chain business, from manufacturing to logistics, should be taking a close look at the Internet of Things now.”[4]

People, Processes, and Technology All Required for Supply Chain Transformation

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Everyday technology seems to be assuming a greater role in the business world, including in supply chain operations; but, technology alone will never achieve the kind of transformation required in the years ahead. Paul Myerson ( @Paul_A_Myerson ), an instructor in Management and Decision Sciences at Monmouth University, asserts, “It’s not your dad’s supply chain anymore.”[1] ” People: Fostering Supply Chain Talent.

How BT is Building a Connected Supply Chain Amidst Ongoing Transformation


Behind the scenes, BT Supply Chain has been the backbone of the company’s operations for 30 years, making sure customers get the best experience. The supply chain division fulfills 40,000 individual customer orders every day, making sure that 32,000 engineers get the tools, parts and equipment they need to deliver support and services. In recent years, BT Supply Chain underwent a transformation to provide its services to businesses using the company’s existing network.

How Cloud Investments are Fueling Manufacturers’ Digital Supply Chain Transformations

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Digital innovation across every node of the supply chain is occurring – and fast. Smart factories, smart warehouses and smart transportation are becoming a reality as manufacturers invest in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and more. One key element of advancing supply chain digitalization is cloud technology.

White Paper: Strategic Sourcing in the Aviation Industry – How to Increase and Accelerate Savings


White Papers Digital Transformation Hospitality Procurement Supply Chain Transformation TransportationIn aviation, strategic sourcing can reduce the cost and fix the nuts and bolts of existing processes with the help of a well-performing sourcing team. It also helps companies develop the opportunity to better manage their global network of suppliers, build new procurement models and improve speed to market.

Blog: SAP NS2 and Bristlecone Come Together for Integrated Business Planning, a Cloud-Based ITAR-Compliant Supply Chain Solution


SAP NS2 and Bristlecone have partnered to provide supply chain process optimization for customers in aerospace, defense and similarly regulated industries. Through this partnership, customers will have access to supply chain advisory, implementation and integration services as well as accelerated implementation methodologies for SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Blog Digital Supply Chain Transformation Partners sap ibp Supply Chain Planning

The Strongest Predictor of TMS Strength Isn’t What You Think

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It’s no surprise that there’s a growing interest in transportation management solutions. Transportation is at the heart of supply chain operations, and as more companies expand their products and services to conquer new markets, the more they run up against the limitations of their legacy systems. At its core, today’s transportation management solution must at least be holistic and multi-modal.

Business Rule Framework – Empowering Businesses to Run Process Automation in Meaningful Ways


It also supports functions such as trace, simulation, production transport, and XML export and import. Blog Automation ERP Execution SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain TransformationPrashant Mehta, Senior Manager, Global Practices, SAP – Technical. Software applications have come a long way from the time when data, business processes and the rules feeding changes in business processes were all combined. These three components were all part of the software code together.

ABB’s Daniel Helmig: “We are moving to virtual centres of expertise”

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this is a huge company-wide transformation that will put more focus on its customer offering as it aims to become leaner, faster and more agile. Daniel Helmig, head of ABB’s Supply Chain management, is currently busy implementing supply chain transformation throughout the company’s 450 plants and many project sites as the company consolidates back end processes and establishes ten global transportation management centres. “It

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends of 2014

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Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends. These trends stand to impact the transportation and logistics industry, with some already taking hold and others unfolding gradually. Each trend has the potential to transform the logistics industry. Cloud computing shows promise for further growth and transformation in 2014. Each trend has the potential to transform the logistics industry. This lays the groundwork for supply chain transformation. .

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Second Annual GLOBE Awards Honor Excellence in Transportation Logistics

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Awards Program Sponsored by UltraShipTMS Honors Transportation Excellence at Tyson Foods, Omnimax and Castellini Group. February 4, 2019 – Fair Lawn, NJ – Renowned provider of transportation logistics management software platform UltraShipTMS is proud to announce the recipients of their annual GLOBE awards. The post Second Annual GLOBE Awards Honor Excellence in Transportation Logistics appeared first on UltraShipTMS.

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Tailwind Transportation Software Launches Fully Web-Based Enterprise TMS


Tailwind Enterprise is a flexible, cloud-based Enterprise Transportation Management Software (TMS) for fast-moving logistics companies. March 14, 2018 – Vancouver, BC – Tailwind Transportation Software is pleased to announce the launch of their new fully web-based Enterprise Transportation Management Software (TMS). Tailwind offers three tiers of Transportation Management Software : Standard – at $69/user/month. About Tailwind Transportation Software Ltd.

Bristlecone Flash – November 2019


SUPPLY CHAIN RISK MONITORING APP – TRY IT FOR FREE. is an AI-fueled, cloud-based app that monitors, quantifies and proactively recommends a response to mitigate supply chain risks. can elevate your supply chain’s overall performance with end-to-end visibility of the supply chain ecosystem, proactive monitoring of external events that threaten the supply chain, assessment and quantification of risks and opportunities, and prompt and actionable recommendations.

Supply Chain Management:A New Lens for Supply Chain Roadmaps

Infosys Supply Chain Management

TradeEdge – Demand Chain Management. Supply Chain Management. The Infosys global supply chain management blog enables leaner supply chains through process and IT related interventions. Discuss the latest trends and solutions across the supply chain management landscape. « Supply Chain Agility - Is it for Real? Main | Make your Assets Green, as Dollar is Green » A New Lens for Supply Chain Roadmaps.

Top Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes (Q1 2016)

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Chipotle: The Latest Example of Why Supply Chain Risk Management Matters. Using Modeling and Analytics to Design a Resilient Supply Chain. Is Workforce Planning the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain Transformation Journey? 3PL Transportation Management Transportation Management Systems augmented reality Chipotle omni-channel parcel shipping Sears SOLAS The Boston Globe TMS top episodes top posts transportation workforce planning

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Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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For example, 3PLs and software vendors did pay more attention to serving the needs of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and companies in the Energy and Process Industries (see TMS for SMB: Breaking Down the Barriers , Oil & Gas Companies Focus on Eliminating Supply Chain Waste , and Collaboration and Optimization in the Oil & Gas Industry ). Making supply chain and logistics predictions is like throwing darts at a moving target.

The basics of customer-centric multi-channel retailing (Part 1)

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In most cases, they are trying to tweak parts of their existing supply chains to somehow fit the new all-channel reality. Instead, a holistic view and a major supply chain transformation is needed in order to serve the end-user at all times, at any location and, above all, to remain profitable. Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Transport & Logistics Start where the customer can’t see.

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This Week in Logistics News (August 1-5, 2016)

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Now, on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news…. And we have more than enough package supply to utilize the 40 planes we’ve procured.”. Moving on to transportation management software news, private equity firm TPG Capital has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a majority interest in Transporeon from The Riverside Company and other shareholders.

AI Solutions and Digital Supply Chains


Imagine you can control your production lines with a mouse click or a touchscreen swipe to optimize your supply chain in real-time – along with the ability to enjoy a seamless, customized experience. . bias in every aspect of the supply chain .

This Week in Logistics News (April 4-8, 2016)

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Moving on, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Trucking Stocks Tumble on Downgrade, Pricing Outlook (WSJ- sub. New Study: 70% of Executives have started Digital Supply Chain Transformation. Marten Transport Ltd. Shippers are under enormous pressure to cut transportation costs and seem not to be satisfied with the massive fuel surcharge reductions racked up over the past year and a half.”.

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“Curve Shifting” on the Efficient Frontier


Regarding supply chain trade-off curves: trade-off, shmade-off…if you don’t like your current frontier, change it. Over 300 people, including SC Digest Editor-in-Chief Dan Gilmore, listened as Willems re-drew the classic graph of trade-off assumptions for pairs of co-dependent supply chain variables such as service level vs. total supply chain cost, stock-out rates vs. inventory levels, on-time deliveries vs. transportation costs.

:o9 Solutions announces a strategic partnership with vTradEx to enter the Chinese market

o9 Solutions

This partnership will see vTradEx, the leading brand of intelligent, mobile internet and hybrid cloud solutions in supply chain execution, as o9’s official reseller in China. Operating successfully in today’s complex supply chain networks requires a new mindset.

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Supply Chain Movement 22 – Logistics Outsourcing

Supply Chain Movement

Contents Supply Chain Movement 22 – 2016 Q3. 8 | Snapshots: Launch Supply Chain Executive Club. these are the main conclusions from supply Chain movement’s annual study as the basis for the 3pl Subway Map Europe 2016, which shows the specific services of the most important logistics service providers. 14 | Profile Daniel Helmig, Global Head Supply Chain Management, ABB. 20 | Management: Transport Collaboration starts with regional partners.

Top UltraShipTMS Application Developer Named ‘2016 Pro to Know’

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Director of Application Development and 10-year Veteran of UltraShipTMS Team Recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine . March 15, 2016 – Fair Lawn, NJ – Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, the executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, recently announced the 16th annual listing of ‘Pros to Know’ in the supply chain industry.

Managing Change – Adopting TMS, Supply Chain Tech Projects

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As recently as ten years ago, transportation leaders viewed cloud-based logistics automation technology with great skepticism; even outright ambivalence. The disruptive tech vexing today’s harried supply chain practitioner is “ blockchain for supply chain ”. Transforming supply chain users’ perspectives on this new technology from anxiety to adoption will again rely on the same critical ingredient – effective change management.

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BluJay Solutions Named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s SDCE 100 Top Supply Chain Projects for 2018

BluJay Solutions

Customer Cooke Aquaculture recognized as top project for innovative supply chain transformation enabled by BluJay. Holland, MI – June 29, 2018 – Supply & Demand Chain Executive , the executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, has selected BluJay Solutions as a recipient of an SDCE 100 Award for 2018. About Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

Time to Think about Your Supply Chain’s Future

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One business area undergoing constant change is the supply chain. Supply chain transformation is not a new phenomenon. As new technologies emerged throughout history, supply chains have transformed to take advantage of these technologies. As a result, transformation has been and remains an essential characteristic of supply chains. Nevertheless, the rate of transformation today is breathtaking.

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Top Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes (Q1 2018)

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But as you can see from the list below, technology-related topics and trends — such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and “the digital supply chain” — are also attracting a lot of interest and attention. Supply Chain Control Towers: Visibility, Collaboration, and Optimization. Digital Supply Chain: Hype, Confusion, and Reality. Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain: Solve the Data Problem First.

Saving Supply Chain Planners from Chaotic Spreadsheets


Are you using spreadsheets as a supply chain planning tool to collect and manage your data and perform analysis? Here are 5 reasons why spreadsheets are not the best alternative as a supply chain planning tool anymore : 1) Lack of end-to-end visibility to the overall supply chain.

It is about time that we leveraged supply chain analytics


Are you using spreadsheets as a supply chain planning tool to collect and manage your data and perform analysis? Here are 5 reasons why spreadsheets are not the best alternative as a supply chain planning tool anymore : 1) Lack of end-to-end visibility to the overall supply chain.

Top 3 Supply Chain Planning Buzzwords


When it comes to supply chains, certain words seem to be bandied about like the ball at a championship tennis match. Back and forth, over and over, these supply chain buzzwords seem to have an endless lifespan. But are they just creative marketing spin (after all, developing them is kind of part of the job), or is what they stand for actually making a difference in your supply chain planning? Transformation – HYPE.