Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winners for Sept. 28, 2016 Contest

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Matt Ryan of Wichita, KS and Ken McKeever of PLS Logistics Services Take Home the Prize

Multi-Sector Integrated Business Planning/S&OP Summit: Going?

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Unilever – not many years have passed since Unilever did not have a Supply Chain presence on the main board. We are banking on Barclays to deposit some interesting insights and notes on Supply Chain Finance related to planning. Pizza Hut – the well known fast food outlet started by Dan & Frank Carney that has grown from having one store in Wichita, Kansas to being the world’s largest restaurant company. How many times do you find this happening?

S&OP 164

2019 recap: eventful times in America’s Aerospace and Automotive industry


During AIA events in Wichita and Ft. Worth, one ongoing theme was the pressure to deliver this many plane how important it is to tighten the handshake between OEM’s and their supply chain. In Wichita we visited the plant where the fuselages for both the 737 and 777 are made. It was great to meet and learn about how global the supply chain really is.